Realistic features

Have come into vogue ever since the movies became more realistic. Oe realism has come to your child’s play time with one of the top 10 best full body silicone baby doll in 2019. These realistic dolls help your child learn how to handle a real baby.

Plus, they give your child lots of fun as they play with the silicone baby doll.

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List Of Top 10 Best Full Body Silicone Baby Doll in 2019

10. vollence Realistic Real Baby Doll

vollence 14 Inch Realistic

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Measuring 14 inches high, you get a very realistic looking baby doll. Green eye, a belly button and other features are included on this anatomically correct baby doll. The baby doll is filled with silicone, so it reflects a real baby’s weight.

Plus, its arms and legs are made to be as soft and flexible as a real baby. Kids 3 years old and up should have a great time playing with this doll. It is a safe toy for your child to play with.

9. vollence Realistic Reborn Baby Doll

vollence 16 inch

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This anatomically correct 16-inch baby doll can be used for a variety of activities including teaching a child how to care for a baby. Made from solid silicone, the baby weight is similar to a child’s weight.

Plus, its arms and legs are made to match the softness a baby’s arms and legs have. You can even see the wrinkles in its feet. If anything happens to its eyes, you can replace the eyeballs with new parts.

8.  vollence Realistic Reborn Baby Doll

vollence 22 inch Realistic

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At 22 inches in size, this baby doll will help you teach your children that babies grow up. Plus, you can show your child how to dress it, care for it and have a lot of fun with this growing doll. Its blue eyes should have your child falling in love with it.

Also, the baby is weighted to make sure it matches the weight of a real child at that size. Then the silicone arms, legs and hands are made nice and soft.

7. vollence Realistic Reborn Baby Doll

vollence 18 inch Realistic

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Made from solid silicone, this 18-inch baby doll is safe to play with. No harmful PVC or other chemicals are used to construct this baby doll. Once you give this baby doll to your child, he or she should have hours of fun playing with it.

Also, with the soft feel of the hands, arms and legs, your child gets to learn how a real baby feels. It even has a life-like belly button.  Replacement eyes are available if anything goes wrong.

6. Silicone Snuggle Babi Full Body Silicone Baby Girl Doll

Micro Preemie Full Body

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Not every baby is born full term. You can teach your child valuable lessons with this small preemie baby doll. This 12-inch baby doll, comes with tiny hands and feet, and is anatomically correct. It resembles a baby born too soon.

In addition to that feature, you can open her mouth and insert a soother. Also, she will wear standard 12-inch doll clothes. The baby doll is very realistic an done your child should love.

5. NPK Lifelike Reborn Doll

Lifelike Reborn Doll

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This 23-inch baby doll comes with the basic accessories. It has a bottle, clothes, hat, and a magnetic pacifier. The pacifier should stay in place till you pull it out. Plus, you can move his arm and legs making him sit up or lie down.

Unfortunately, his eyes won’t open because this is a sleeping baby doll. The waterproof doll is constructed to be durable and long lasting. This baby doll can handle a lot of different activities including bath time with your kids.

4. Mr. Chaos Girl Baby Doll

Doll Handmade

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A full head of hair is part of the realistic look this 22-inch baby girl doll brings to your home. Also, its bright blue eyes should have your child falling in love with it almost immediately. The baby cannot blink its eyes or go into sleep mode.

But you can wash her hair and play dress up with her. The soft silicone is made just right to make sure the baby doll does not lose any parts while remaining soft to the touch.

3. NPK Full Body Silicone Toddler Girl Doll

NPK Full Body Silicone

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One nice feature this girl baby doll brings with her is that she can wear real baby clothes. Those clothes should be for a real baby aged 0 to 3 months. Then you can move her rms and legs. Help her to sit and lie down but she cannot stand yet.

Plus, her waterproof properties provide your child with lots of play time options. Her hair is made from durable polyester but be careful with the hand drawn nails and eyebrows.

2. Oumeinuo alive tiny Reborn Baby Doll

Oumeinuo 26cm

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This 10 or 16” girl baby doll comes with hand drawn hair and anatomically correct features. It is a girl doll made from not too soft silicone for lots of durability and fun. Her baby blue eyes should have your child falling in love with it and wanting to care for her.

Plus, you get a doll that can do lots of female child activities and may even survive bath time. This doll should handle the treatment your little girl gives it.

1. Silicone Snuggle Babies Preemie Full Body Silicone Baby Boy Doll

Micro Preemie Full Body

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This 7” boy baby let’s you teach your child about how to care for tiny babies. He gives your child real life lessons they can use later on in their lives. Plus, your child can have a lot of fun taking care of this little child.

Also, the tough and durable silicone construction remains soft to the touch and feels like a real baby boy. The realistic looking boy baby doll should provide your child with hours of baby fun.

Some final words

Learning how to care for babies starts early. Using one of the top 10 best full body silicone baby doll in 2019 is a great way to get your child on the right path t bay care.

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