If you find yourself having to adjust your stockings consistently, then you need a garter belt. Garter belts are a practical and comfortable way to keep your nylon stockings in a perfect position. Designed to mark a welcome departure from the era of the old-fashioned girdles, they are worn around the waist and then attached to the nylon stockings using suspender straps also known as garters.

Lately, their demand has been on the rise sparking massive production by manufacturing companies. Of course, this has created a situation where buyers are unable to identify the best ones precisely. For you to pick the crème de la crème, let go through this list

10. Yummy Bee garter belt

Yummy Bee garter belt

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A seductive masterpiece, this garter belt comes with three rows of completely adjustable hook and eye closure which makes it quite firm. What’s more, it boasts sturdy straps for ultimate performance. If you are tired of those half-baked garter belts which cannot firmly hold your stockings to its position, then you can always give this one shot. Featuring a fishnet design, it spices up your sexy essence and brings out that feminine ensemble in you. And yes, given its polyester-spandex construction, it offers a snuggly and comfortable fit.

  • It comes in a quality design.
  • It offers numerous sizes.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The fastening process requires some effort.

9. What Katie Did garter belt

What Katie Did garter belt Get it now on Amazon.com

A peach coloured garter belt, What Katie Did is another incredible garter belt boasting tip top durability and a cutting edge comfort. If comfort is of utmost essence to you, then you can trust this garter belt to deliver flawlessly on that. The satin and power mesh panels fitted with light tummy controls virtually eliminate your belly making dresses fit perfectly. With a hook and eye fastening design, you never have to worry about spending hours trying to figure out how to fasten your garter belt onto the stockings.

  • It comes with nine adjustable clips for adequate support.
  • Its design is impressive.
  • Made from a sturdy material; the straps are quite durable.
  • The snaps are a bit too hard to do them by yourself.

8. Mio Classic garter belt

Mio Classic garter belt Get it now on Amazon.com

Mio classic garter belt is made using 92% polyamid material which gives it unsurpassed durability and unmatched comfort. It comes in a smouldering sheer fabric to spice up the experience. And yes, its flat seams provide a smooth appearance eliminating those bulging and rough spots over the dress or skirt. What’s more, it comes with strong suspender ties for proper attachment to the stocking. The clips are adequately robust and reliable to offer total peace of mind.

  • It comes in numerous sizes.
  • Its garters are quite reliable.
  • The design brings back the 50s.
  • It’s a bit too small for some people.

7. Wishprom Bridal Garter Belt

Wishprom Bridal Garter Belt Get it now on Amazon.com

Designed for the brides’ special day; this wedding garter boasts a unique rhinestone appliqué which gives it an incredibly attractive appearance. Coming in numerous sizes, it’s a must have item for any bride on their special day. It has a maximum stretch length of 48cm which is convenient for people of various sizes. Of course, unless you want to ruin your special day, it’s advisable that you pay extra attention to the size you pick.

  • The lace stretches out and doesn’t return to the original place.
  • It’s extremely fashionable.
  • The size fits perfectly.
  • The clips and all its garters are made to perfection.

  • The appliqués are a bit too bulky.

6. Ivory Beach Wedding Garter belt

Ivory Beach Wedding Garter belt Get it now on Amazon.com

This is yet another wedding set which puts two garters into one for amplified experience. It combines keep and toss garters into one with rhinestone and pearl decorations thrown into the bargain. With an un-stretched length of approximately 18’’, it stretches up to a length of 221/2’’ which makes it ideal for anyone within that size bracket. Of course, that’s where most people’s sizes lie which makes this garter belt perfect for a larger majority.

  • It comes with a beautiful vintage appeal.
  • It has excellent colour schemes.
  • The lace is quite stretchy for comfort.
  • It feels a little too bulky.

5. Seven Til Midnight Garter Belt

Seven Til Midnight Garter Belt Get it now on Amazon.com

Made of 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane, Seven Til Midnight is, without a doubt, one of the best garter belts on the market. Designed for hand washing, this garter belt ensures that your stockings remain in position as you are busy running your errands. With a satin bow at the centre for incredible performance, this is simply a must-have garter belt. And yes, it comes with adjustable straps which are customizable to suite anyone’s particular desires and style.

  • It uses a high-quality material.
  • It comes with sturdy clips.
  • Adjustability makes it ideal for people of different sizes.
  • Connecting the garter to the stocking is quite a task at times.

4. Dreamgirl Sheer Garter Belt

Dreamgirl Sheer Garter Belt Get it now on Amazon.com

100% nylon, Dreamgirl hand-washable garter belt brings out your sexy side with a touch of style and elegance. Coming in a suspender style, it has a soft-stretch lace for unmatched comfort. And yes, it comes with attached garter straps and shapely thigh high stockings with a beautiful lace top to make it a complete package. The stockings are made from soft fabric for adequate comfort.

  • It offers black and white colour options.
  • It has numerous size options.
  • Being highly stretchy, it’s ideal for large-sized women.
  • The lace bands which join the garter belt to the stockings get a little loose after use.

3. Sofsy Mesh Garter Belt

Sofsy Mesh Garter Belt

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Sofsy is another great garter belt which comes in numerous sizes to ensure that every woman has a chance to use it. A quality masterpiece, it brings out that feminine essence and gives and ultra-sexy look. Whether you want to travel several decades behind in the fashion world or only want to showcase designs preserved for the future, this timeless garment will help you achieve that. Made from superior quality material, this garter belt is a must-have.

  • It comes with a soft and non-irritating waistband.
  • The clips are extra durable.
  • Its highly elastic material doesn’t cut into your skin.
  • It offers small, medium and large sizes.
  • Nothing

2. Seven Til Midnight Stretch Garter Belt

Seven Til Midnight Stretch Garter Belt Get it now on Amazon.com

Featuring hook and eye closure for quick usability, this is the second best garter belt on the market. It has a picot trim and satin bow to add to its elegance. Made from 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane, you’ll love it. Its garter straps are fully adjustable making it ideal for people of different sizes.

  • It fits perfectly.
  • The lace stretches for a perfect fit.
  • The colour combinations are incredible.
  • It comes with clasps to adjust the size.
  • – It runs a bit small.

1. Dreamgirl Sultry Garter Belt

Dreamgirl Sultry Garter Belt Get it now on Amazon.com

Another product from the renowned Dreamgirl Company, this garter belt is the best one on the market. It boasts incredibly adjustable straps which keep your stockings in position and ensure that you don’t have to keep adjusting them. The stretch laces with scallop edges give it a unique finish and add to its attractive design. The adjustable hook and eye closure guarantees total reliability and durability.

  • The colour combinations are quite attractive.
  • It’s tight enough not to fall and loose enough not to irritate one’s skin.
  • It offers numerous size options.
  • The straps are a little tricky to work with in the first days.
Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Garter Belts


The fit is an important aspect which should be put into consideration before you go for any garter belt. Garter belts which are too small will dig into your skin leaving strange marks while the ones which are too loose might have to be adjusted now and then causing discomfort.

The Number of Garters

The number of garters significantly affects how secure your stocking is. The higher the number, the better anchoring it provides for your stocking. If you want your stockings to anchor without twisting, bunching or wrinkling strongly, then you have to get a belt with numerous garters for adequate support.

The Clips

Clips are the structures which attach garters to the stockings. It’s advisable that you take note of the quality of the clips before you pick any garter belt. Metallic clips are stronger and better than plastic grips which tend to fail when you least expect. Of course, when a clip fails, your stocking is bound to start cascading thus resulting in an undesirable effect.

The Fabric

From cotton and spandex to lace and nylon, garter belts come in various material. It’s advisable that you take note of the quality, comfort and durability of the material before you pick it. We also have leather and PVC materials being used in the construction of garter belts thus offering a broad range of options for any prospective buyer.

The Stockings

Of course, a garter belt is never complete without a pair of stockings. Made from numerous materials such as fishnet, nylon and Lycra, comfort and durability differ from one type to the other. Stockings also come in varied colours and designs thus it’s advisable for you to grab the one which fulfils your desires.

Final Words

When you’re looking for the best garter belts, unless you want to get disappointed, it’s advisable that you pick the right size, the best material/fabric and the correct design. Although there’re countless options on the market, just go for the best ones.

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