Gas ranges are now more improved with certain features and modifications that make them more valuable. The additional features can add up the cost from hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. If you are in the market and you are looking for a gas range, you have to figure out the features you want in one. Do not go over the budget or get something that does not suit your needs.

List Of Top 10 Best Selling Gas Ranges in 2022

List of Top Best Gas Ranges Reviews

10. Thor Kitchen 6 Burner Gas Ranges with Double Oven

Thor Kitchen HRG4804U 6 Burner Gas Range

This gas range is actually manufactured to help you prepare meals as if you are a professional chef. With its capabilities of 2.5 and 4.2 cubic feet, this unit is just the right to consider for it has its space allowing you to get things all done. The power will just allow you to get it done fast and easy.

Its features include six high powered based gas burners allowing you to cook from a high heat for frying, searing and boiling. Its backsplash which can be removed could provide it the flexibility for freestanding and slide-in range.

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9. Cosmo Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Ranges

If you want to transform your kitchen from an ordinary look to a more modern and high class one, you can look up this Cosmo gas range. As we can see, this Cosmo contains five burners with a seal and single oven. The material for this gas range is very strong. It is made from high grade stainless steel which is highly resistant to scratches and stains. It can also be easily wiped clean. With five burners on its top, you can have different types of cooking with different fire levels as well. It features 5 functions including roasting, broiling, baking, lighting, and fan convection.

Just like other cookers, you can control the level of fire either with high heat or lower heat depending upon your type of food. You can always cook food in a very safe and healthy way with Cosmo gas range. What is special about this one is the ability to cook food in less time but with stellar results.

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8. Cosmo 5-Burner Gas Range and Oven

Here, we’re going to introduce another standing-free type of gas range which is from Cosmo. This Cosmo F965 has 5 burners at the top of this gas range with durable sealing. It is made of high quality stainless steel for longevity of use. At the lower part, there is one one spacious oven for food warming. The oven is equipped with a glass door, offering a see-through style. More practical than the previous Cosmo brand mentioned, this one features dual fuel ranges and 8 functions such as high broil, defrost, pizza, traditional bake, convection broil, light, convection  bake, and low broil.

For the controller, there is also a timer controlling as well. The height of this gas range and oven is about your waist high, which can be very convenient for various cooking positions. For better customer satisfaction, this gas range also provides two-year warranty on labor and parts.

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7. Kitma 2-Burner Gas Ranges

 Commercial 36

Kitma brand always has their emphasis on the quality of your food and cooking spirit. From the brand, we mostly see this kind of gas range in restaurants where there is a lot of food production as this one has a multi-cooking set capable of cooking. At the top of this gas range, there are two burners and one flat area for a frying pan. For the flat area, it is about 12 inches x 12 inches. Both burners boast 46000 BTU energy which will provide you enough fire and stable fire for cooking.

Moreover, this gas range double oven also features one big oven in the lower part which allows you to warm your food there. Each of the cooking settings contains different controllers which allow you to perform different tasks at the same time. This gas range with electric oven is made of stainless steel that resists scratches and damages.

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6. Thor Kitchen 6-Burner Gas Ranges

This gas range from Thor Kitchen is made from stainless steel and ABS, which is especially resistant to scratches and stains and provides a solid construction for durability and stability. It comes with 6 burners to multiple tasks. The capacity of the oven is up to 4.6 plus 2.2 cubic feet, which is total in 6.8 cubic feet.

The unit works well with the gas fuel. Its quality is guaranteed with a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer, and therefore, users can enjoy working with it with peace of mind.

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5. Frigidaire Gas Ranges

This gas stove from Frigidaire is definitely a valuable asset to your kitchen. It is made of stainless steel with 5 premium burners. The gas types is natural gas. The gas range comes with large capacity at 5.6 cubic feet, and its power output is 18,000 BTU. As a result, users can finish the cooking process faster, more efficient, and healthier. The cooktop is made flexible for the users to work on all the 5 burners at the same time. Last but not least, the gas stove also features fast-steam cleaning mode.

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4. Samsung 5-Burner Gas Ranges

Similar to the other Samsung model mentioned above, this gas range is constructed of stainless steel. It includes 3 pieces of grates and a griddle designed especially for the center burner. The capacity of the gas range is large enough, at up to 5.8 cubic feet. The cooktop is equipped with 5 gas burners with both 17K BTU and 5K BTU.

All the 5 burners are sealed properly. The features of the oven includes, auto shutoff, auto clean, auto light, and delay start. The drawer comes with the capacity of 0.7 cubic feet.

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3. GE Gas Ranges with Clear Window

This gas range from GE is designed to be freestanding, with steel as the made constructing materials. The gas range itself consists of spills, and therefore, its cleaning process is easy and fast. It also features a clear window which is very convenient for the users to see the interior clearly. Therefore, they can check the food and look for the situation inside.

For the cleaning, users can simply wipe it to eliminate all the messes to maintain its good and new condition as always.

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2. Thor Kitchen Gas Ranges with LED Light

This gas range from Thor Kitchen is one of the best gas ranges among the top ten list. It is highly recommended by the customers with the ratings at 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is constructed of stainless steel to provide a good look as well as a solid structure. The interior is made with blue porcelain, and it is equipped with a re-ignition safety system to ensure more safety.

The controller knobs are coated with zinc alloy and equipped with blue LED light to make the board more illuminated. Overall, it comes with 4 burners with different cooking power, ranging between 12000 to 22000 BTUs. Its capacity is measured at 4.2 cubic feet which provides enough space for many dishes cooking at the same time.

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1. ZLINE Gas Range Oven with Adjustable Legs

ZLINE 30 in. Professional

Here comes the last one gas range oven on the list for today. This number one product is from ZLINE. This one has got four heaters above; each can serve a different purpose of cooking style. Each one of heaters has its own energy. At the front of this cooker, there are various knobs for fire controlling. You can cook with high heat or lower heat up to your preference. Moreover, there is one big oven coming along this cooker as well. It positions the lower of the heater. The oven itself contains a crystal clear glass to allow you to see your food while cooking.

The glass is very thick that can prevent you from the high heat when you open it. The size of this cooker is about 28 inches in width and 30 in length and 36 in height. In addition, it also comes with four adjustable legs to support any movement.

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Buying Guide for Gas Range

In order to finalize your decision on how to choose the right gas range, we can offer you with some more guiding points. If you are looking for the perfect gas range or cooker for your new house, you cannot just look at the brand itself but to look for the one that can offer you multiple functions and deliver you the perfect cooking ability. So, please take a look at the below points.

Type: There are many gas ranges that you can choose from. But for today;s suggestion we would like to recommend you to get a free-standing one. It is the easiest for installation.

Size: Referring to the size of gas ranges, most electric and gas ranges are 30 inches wide while some pro-style ranges start at 30 inches wide but can climb to 48 inches if you custom-configure them with extra burners and ovens, or with add-ons such as integrated grills or more. We test that most buying types are between 30-inch and 36-inch.

Capacity: We cannot ignore the quality of the product when it comes to everyday -use items; especially, for the ones that we cook our food with. A cooker that you should choose is the one with superb capacity to cook your food effectively and within a short period of time. Moreover, we can see that the most demanded ones are the ones with lower power consumption but higher performance at cooking food.

Other Features

Fire Controller & Timer:  One more thing that you should take into consideration is the knob that comes to control the level of fire as well to start the power. You can also look for a gas range with auto ignition for safety when starting the fire for cooking. If possible, you should also look for a timer as well. Timer can boost your time of cooking and avoid overcooking as well.

Oven: As most food cannot be cooked in one setting; we can see that cooking equipment like the gas range should have multi-functions as well. For most modern gas ranges today, we can see that it comes with an oven as well. So, besides cooking your food with a heater, you still get another setting of food cooking in one product. An oven sometimes is very important when it comes to preparing breakfast as you will get to warm up your food in a quick way.


This is the end of our gas range reviews. It is not easy to make a decision for a good gas range. Yet, when shopping for one, we recommend you check the cooking capacity and number of burners so that you could fit to your home demand. Your much needed gas range could be the one in our list as well. As a result, you should also take a thorough look at each of our descriptions of the products. After all, we respect your decision and wish you all the best.


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