There are various materials with which chess sets are made up of. Out of all those, it is always the glass material that is more eye-catching and fascination. Everyone loves to hear the sound of a glass chess piece striking the other to remove it out of the board and take it position. If you are one of those people, we have listed the top 10 best glass chess sets in 2019 that are sure to encourage you to play more chess games and provide food for your brain.

List of Top Best Glass Chess Sets Reviews

10. TMG Deluxe Glass Chess Set


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There are two sets available, one is completely transparent and the other is frosted so that you can distinguish them easily. There are lined bottoms for stability and there are rubberized feet for non-slipping. The adults and children can enjoy them and the dimensions of the board are 13.625 x 13.625 inches. Even the board was transparent white and frosted white combination. The bottom side of the board has rubberized feet for great grip. The king measures 3 inches in height.

9. Gracav Clear Glass Chess Set


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This is an ideal glass chess set that you can play in a dark room with a light focusing only on the board. Playing a chess match in the darkroom is quite popular across the world as it helps to increase the concentration and focusing power. The markings on the board are clear and there is gloss finish on the surface. The sets are transparent and frosted respectively and when light passes through them, you look exquisite. The board size is 10 x 10 inches.

8. Maxam 3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set


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This is truly a unique chess set and rather than having the usual shape of the pieces, all of them are replaceable for small shot glasses. This is really fun as the player who overcomes a piece gets to drink the shot of the other player. It is also referred to as drinking chess. It requires some level of mastery over playing chess to get the game completely as there are no recognizable shapes and everything is based on memory. There are high chances of cheating and that is where the game turns interesting. You will also get a checker and a pack of cards to play with. The area dimensions are 13.75 x 13.75 inches.

7. Trademark Games Glass Chess & Checker Board Set


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This is a classic looking glass chess set with 16 pieces of transparent and 16 pieces of frosted chess items. Accordingly, the board has been designed and the board has foam feet so that it does not skid by any chance. This is a compact board with 9.75 x 9.75 inches. The pieces are sturdy and durable. There will be no scratching and it looks elegant when light falls on it. It is a perfect gift item for the kids.

6. Maxam 33-Piece Glass Chess Set


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This is a perfect chess set for all levels of chess players starting from beginners to professionals. The pieces are quite large and they are easy to hold and make moves. The board is also made up of glass entirely and there are rubber feet at the corners of the non-skid property. As a matter of fact, these feet help the surface of the glass board to prevent any scratches. The board measures 13.75 x 13.75 inches.

5. Ideal Checkmate Glass Chess Set


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This is an elegant set of chess pieces and each piece has felt bottoms due to which they will never make any scratch on the chess board. As usual, there are 16 transparent glass pieces and 16 frosted glass pieces. The size of the board is quite decent with 13.5 inches on each side. This set is suitable for kids above 8 years to adults. The board has the traditional black and white checkboxes which will help people make a smooth transition from the traditional sets.

4. Avant-Garde Glass Chess Set


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The main attraction or selling point for the chess set is its mirror finish chess board. You can see the reflection of the pieces on the board which makes it highly attractive. Instead of transparent pieces, there are semi-frosted pieces and see-through black pieces. The board is on the larger side with 15 x 15 inches area. This is a chess set that you can show off proudly and it is preferred by even Grandmasters.

3. Black and Clear Glass Chess Set


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This glass chess set looks very much like the traditional chess set because it has black and white pieces. Not only that, even the board has the black and white pattern and the mirror finish shows the reflection of the pieces on the board. Even though the board is super elegant and instantly eye-catching, it is slightly fragile and needs to be handled with caution. If you are making a transition for a wooden or plastic chess set to glass, this is the perfect one to buy.

2. Trademark Games Elegant Glass Chess


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This is another unique chess set with frosted white and black pieces and the checkbox pattern is having frosted and complete white texture. The safety of the chess board has been given priority and it comes with rubberized feet to adhere to the surface and prevent damage by not skidding and slipping. A separate checker game is also provided and the pieces are of convenient size.

1. GamieTM Glass Chess Set

GamieTM Glass Chess Sets

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This is undoubtedly the best glass chess set you can buy it terms of its design and elegance. The pieces are made up of high-quality glasses and when light falls on them, they look mind-blowing. They will certainly add flair to your match every single time. The craftsmanship is commendable along with superior finishing. There are three different sizes available so that you can buy the piece for everyone according to their age.


If you are planning to buy a chess game set, you can opt for glass chess set if the aesthetics matter to you the most. They will encourage you to play that game and at night, you can play in a dark room with one light focusing on the chess board only. While buying watch out for the size of the board and the pieces so that you are comfortable with it completely.

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