Looking for the best golf rangefinder? This might be a difficult task considering the fact that most of them are offered for a variety of different purposes. We teamed up to help you find the exact one to suit your accommodations. Join us in the sections to come as we count down our top 10 picks and your ultimate choice for an ideal golf rangefinder.

List Of Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder review in 2020

10. Precision Pro Golf

Precision Pro Golf 

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The Nexus brand laser range finder can offer the exact range of distance that you can estimate the right point for your golf ball to land. The distance capacity that you can rely on this Nexus range finder is up to 400 yards which is equivalent to 365 meters from your standing point to the flag target.

Even if you play golf under rain, you still can estimate your distance with the Nexus Range Finder as it is water resistant. Moreover, if you have shaky hands. you still can measure the right spot for your target with this 6X magnification finder.

9. Wosports

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This golf range finder from Wosports is designed precisely for the measurement of speed at distance. It features various levels of reflectivity, including the high level for street signs, moderate level for building wall sand low level for trees.

When the machine has locked the flag distance, it will start the vibration automatically. The flag locking distance varies between 0 and 200 yards. Last but not least, the machine is supported by a CR2 battery which is provided in the package.

8. Callaway

 Callaway 300 Pro

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Callaway is produced to help you search for objects that are far away from you. With this Callaway golf range finder in your hand, you will be assured about the distance accuracy anywhere you go or during any sport you play. Mostly, we can see that people who need this rangefinder are a golf player because they have to search for the right spot to shoot the ball. So, talking about its capacity of measurement this one, it can bring you to about 1000 yards which is about 914 meters.

You can see any objects that you are searching for this far. The scanning ability is really great which allows you to catch numerous targets at once. In addition to this, it has water proof as well as fog proof feature so that you don’t have to worry about the weather when you are in a game.

7. Gogogo

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This laser rangefinder is made to be cost-effective which accommodates your demand for different purposes, including golfing, hunting and other related fields. It features the most advanced functions to spot the precise distance. When the flag is definitely locked, it will vibrate to notify you. The range of the distance measurement varies between 5 and 650 yards.

It includes +/- 1m accuracy and 6 times magnification. It is equipped with an optic lens to decrease the impacts of the reflected lights and boost the light transmission for better image quality. Its quality is guaranteed with a 1 year warranty.

6. AOFAR G2 Golf Rangefinder


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You will never regret having this AOFAR G2 Rangefinder with you every time you play distance sport; especially, do golfing outdoors. Once you purchase this rangefinder, you will get a full set of its accessories as your desire including the cleaning fabric, battery, case, holding string and more. The whole body of this distance finder is produced very lightweight which is about 180 grams and it is very easy to hold by one hand because it is designed in a small dimension.

For searching distance, it has the ability to find your target that is far up to 600 yard which is equal to 550 meters. With its starring style design and non-slip elastic structure, it also has the capability to resist dust and water.

5. Huepar Golf Laser Rangefinder

Huepar Golf Laser

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Another cute and very nice product for rangefinders that we would like to introduce today is from Huepar Golf Laser Rangefinder. This one has also got its far searching skill of about 1000 meters with 6 times zooming functions. What is different about this one from others is the color it is made in which is in seaweed color. Most golf players can rely on this model because it can provide accuracy in distance measurement toward your targets.

The full package of one rangefinder plus other necessary materials will be provided when you get this one. One wristband will also be provided for outdoor uses. Moreover, all of its functions can be controlled by one hand as it is very small in size and it has flexible switching buttons.

4. PEAKPULSE 6 Golf Rangefinder


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If you need a golf chasing partner you can consider this one as it can measure distance within four hundred meters and speed range measurement is about 20 to 300 kilometers in one hour. Perfect for conveying while at the same time playing golf or chasing, or for estimating and looking over without carrying additional weight. One best function about our PEAKPULSE rangefinder is the vibration ability.

Once you catch the right target, you will get a vibration alert. You can easily bring this one to anywhere you go as it is very tiny in size which is suitable for keeping in your pocket or in one hand. Plus, the whole weight is only 164 grams.

3. Wosports Golf Rangefinder at Best Value

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This rangefinder from Wosports appears in the attractive white color. It has an innovative and unique design with the battery as the cover. To change the measurement between using meter and yards, users can simply press the mode button for 3 seconds or longer. The range finder is able to lock the flag at the distance between 5 and 650 yards.

It comes with 6x magnification for the precision of the distance measurement for specific purposes, such as golfing and hunting. This rangefinder is guaranteed with an 18 months warranty from the manufacturer to give users peace of mind.

2. Bozily Folf Electronic Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder 

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Bozily rangefinder looks very attractive at first glance and even in another glance because it has got three colors in one such as black, white and red. Moreover, its technology is very up to date as it can scan objects very fast along with superb speed measurement and distance measurement. The distance range is about 900 yard that is about 822 meters. Even if you play golf under bad weather, you still can kill it with a single shot because it has waterproof and fog protection.

The bozily is very portable to use, bring and place anywhere you go as it is very little in size which you can hold in one hand or put it in your pocket. The best part for choosing this one is the warranty of one year and the company’s 30 days return back policy.

1. TecTecTec Rangefinder


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Our last pick of rangefinders is named TecTecTec model VPRO500; best used for outdoor sport play. With around 3000 of customers reviews for this product, most of them are very satisfied with the quality of this rangefinder. The distance measurement is about 500 meters including sensor locking technology and accurate scanning function. This is one of the most useful golf rangefinder for beginners as well.

This whole black rangefinder is only 185 grams in weight and small dimension to bring along. Once you buy this one, you will get the full package of its accessories and a 2 years warranty on its quality.

Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide

In order to ensure that you find the right product of golf rangefinders, we have listed some more guiding points below for your careful consideration.

Size: The size of the golf rangefinder is one the important parts to be evaluated as you will have to bring it along when you do outside sport as well as to search for your losing objects. So, a big and bulky rangefinder should not be in your list.

Our above mentioned rangefinders are all very small in size which you can hold by one hand and place in a pocket. Choose wisely among those types and bring it along with you anywhere as your desires.

Material: As of material chosen, we refer to how strong the product itself can endure heavy duty use. As we know, a rangefinder has to be brought outside for its performance as well as for it to function under the rain or fog if you encounter bad weather in your area. So, high quality materials must be chosen to build the golf rangefinder. Plus, check if the golf rangefinder is waterproof, fog resistant and dust resistant as it is relevant for outdoor sporting.

Package Accessories: We usually like to purchase those kinds of products that come with a whole set of its necessary materials so that you can save your budget. These picks above come with a case that includes a wristband, battery, cleaning cloth and more; that will bring you everything you need in just one package.


Using a golf rangefinder will benefit you in so many ways. We hope this list helped you find the ideal golf rangefinder for your accommodations. The list mainly included top picks available online and those models that customers found the best option for the golf fields in general. This list also includes some of the general product information so you could get the idea of what you want to buy when looking for the best golf rangefinder.


Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only - Read More

List of top best archived golf rangefinders

Leupold RX-650

This particular golf rangefinder takes up the first place with a reason. Although the official description states it ranges objects at 650 yards maximum, most of the consumers swear it also ranges the shiny objects at somewhat longer range at maximum of 900 yards. It comes packed up with the battery although it is only provided with two options and those being yards or meters, this rangefinder is an excellent choice by both the price and quality tag.


  • Rubber grip
  • Accurate readings
  • Works under low light conditions


  • Hard plastic body
  • Black display
Crenova LR600 (Waterproof)

While the first one on our list is a bit pricier option this one definitely beats that tag delivering on the impeccable built-in Pinsensor technology and great quality monocular range. This one is not an excellent choice for the price but also its multitasking making it also suitable for other measurements and wide range of different activities. Also it can identify all sorts of distances ranging from 4 to 656 yards. Certainly usable for tracking pitching speed and racecars as well this range finder is the second best you can find for your accommodations.


  • Waterproof model
  • Pinsensor technology
  • 1 year warranty


  • Not suitable to use when wearing sunglasses
Bushnell Tour X

This one being our third pick is probably for its PinSeeker with the exquisite JOLT technology that enables response at any time. This 2nd generation device gives you the unbelievable 6x magnification ranges between 5 and 1300 yards and comes with the mainly accurate class 1 laser with 0.5 mW power output, It has two options for display and it includes the red option one and the black display all based on the lightning conditions for the ultimate satisfaction and accuracy.


  • Dual display
  • Exchange technology
  • Faster and more accurate measuring


  • Mirror coated top lens

Our pick for the fifth place is this a bit pricier Nikon rangefinder with its hyper read technology and ranging from 8 to 650 yards that is definitely a class 1 laser product available on Amazon. Easily utilized power button and 8-secon scanning are definitely what got out attention in the first place. It is definitely a must and with the Nikon name on the tag, the quality is guaranteed.


  • Rapid results
  • Admirable range capability
  • Great power output


  • Not high optic requirements
  • It can experience difficulty when measuring the pin
Bushnell Tour V2 (Standard Edition)

With this model being among our top five the list itself is the sufficient one. Impeccable while compact design that comes with the pin-seeker mode and the adaptable LCD screen, this is definitely our number 5 for its 24mm objective lens and not to forget the Volt Lithium battery guaranteeing this model to deliver on the expectations for the reasonable price.


  • Compact design
  • SCAN mode
  • 5x magnification


  • Not durable case design
  • Badly designed mode button
TecTecTec VPRODLX golf rangefinder with slope

This model definitely delivers on the promise with the awesome flagseeker cutting-edge technology and the surprisingly long measurement range and the innovative multilayer coating for the bright and extremely clear images. The TecTecTec innovative design also includes the PinSlope technology and provides an accurate but flexible distance for your ultimate target giving you a desired result with easy operating framework.


  • Eyesafe rangefinder
  • Waterproof design
  • Diopter adjustment option


  • Targets only large objects
  • Not refundable
SereneLife Premium golf rangefinder with slope

One thing with this model that caught our eye is probably the smart pin seeker mode that is also one of the surprisingly accurate things about it. It utilizes smart slope technology and adjusts distance so you can trust it will provide the needed results. Ideal for golfers as it promises to improve your distance and depth perception and that makes it a must buy for any price range. Not to forget that one button operation that makes things way simpler than other mentioned models.


  • Smart pin seeker mode
  • Works on every golf course
  • One button operation


  • Black unperceivable indicator
  • Not that accurate after 3 months of use
Bushnell Tour V4

As we begin to close down our top 10 list this model is definitely worth of mention with its JOLT technology and impressive vibrating seizures that strengthen the laser fastened onto the flag. This model is one of the rare legally acknowledged for tournament play and it comes with a 2 year warranty and not to forget the fact it possesses class 1 laser for the absolute accuracy.  It magnifies the target and also switches from yard to meters with just one button click.


  • Compact case design
  • 5x magnification addition
  • Comes with battery


  • No slope adjustment feature
  • Pin seeking technology causes it to vibrate but only occasionally
Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11

This model is one of the Nikon’s best offers with it including the class 1 laser and the compact design that provides ultimate accuracy. Not to forget the ultimate portability and distant target priority mode and all that accompanied with the Nikon’s quality optics for the ultimate win when buying. Definitely hard to miss model that comes with Nikon’s quality tag and positive reviews from the customers. It unfortunately displays only the distance of the object but for the price it’s definitely one of our favorite picks.


  • Nikon case design
  • Easily portable
  • Battery included


  • Lacks button design
  • Limited features
TecTecTec VPRO500

This being our last mentioned model isn’t for the lack of things. This model has an amazing range of features as it measures up to incredible 540 yard with the innovative scan mode and also measures overlapping items on the golf field. With the newest pin sensor technology it is a must buy for all those who are looking for a versatile product at the reasonable price range and the lightweight design.


  • Portable design
  • Multilayered optics
  • Impeccable lens display


  • Pin lock only works when you use sky as backdrop

SUAOKI Golf Laser  

If you are having trouble playing golf without accurate  distance, you may need this kind of rangefinder from Suaoki to measure the right spot to shoot your golf ball. Suaoki rangefinder has distance capacity up to 600 meter which allows you spot any objects without getting closer to them. This type of rangefinder is very portable to use because it is designed very lightweight, so you can bring to anywhere with you. It is only 152 grams heavy, and the size is small equal to one palm which you can easily hold and place anywhere even in your pocket.

Moreover, this laser rangefinder also is of multi purpose use; besides being suitable for golfing; it is great for hunting and racing as well. It can catch a speed from 0-300 kilometers fast. With adjustable focus toward to your target, this one has the ability to zoom up to 6 times as well.

Nikon Coolshot

Nikon Coolshot

The Nikon COOLSHOT model 20 conveys world-class experience in a concise and lightweight body. With the speed, accuracy, and optical nature of the COOLSHOT 20, this rangefinder enables you to create golf sport club with skill management and distance measurement. It has the distance measurement capacity up to 550 yards which is about 500 meters. The whole dimension of this product is unexpectedly small that you can put in your pocket or hold in a hand very comfortably.

With its water proof function, you still can search for your target or any objects even in the rain without any concern. This is a battery powereds kind of rangefinder; you will be provided 2 additional batteries when you purchase it one.

KOTSO Laser rangefinder

KOTSO Laser Rangefinder

Looking for long distance targets? Is it your golf ball or important objects? Yes, you can choose this KOTSO rangefinder model G1 to catch them all in one. It is a battery rangefinder that you can find anywhere online shopping. So, when you buy this product, you need to get the 2AAA batteries as well. It can grant you the 600 meters distance measurement plus its 6 times zooming function that can ensure clear and bright picture.

In addition to this, this goft rangefinder is also equipped with auto lock and vibrate technology. This means that once you are on target objects, you will get noticed with the lock system and vibration alert.

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