GoPro accessories are designed for lifestyle and travel purposes. They are not only fashionable but also functional and durable. Most of this company’s accessories are waterproof and even the most of the weatherproof, this makes this company special.

List of top best Gopro accessories (GoPro Officials)

10. GoPro Camera Bag


This is a backpack which has many ideal qualities to buy it. This is a bag made up of a soft lined cloth which protects the camera well. It can store nearly up to 5 GoPro cams. It has storage for their batteries, storage cards. It keeps them well in a place. It has a chest mount option which helps to get shoot footages without using hands. That too in a perspective of how we see. The shoulder mount is very adjustable and it is always easy to capture. Over the shoulder, the stand provides us a large variety of shots too anyways this should be purchased separately. It has a light weight and even can be used in any weather. This is a limited color bag so may not be preferred by many people around. This serves multipurpose as travel bad too.

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9. GoPro Karma Grip


This acts as a stabilizer for the camera. It helps when we are in actions. This is best suggested when you go out for an adventurous trip and go for sports. It has good compatibility with many with many GoPro cameras, both for detachability and attachment. It controls almost everything on the camera right from power on off to changing the modes, starts or stops the record and we can even add tags to the video. We can buy its attachments to an extension cable which gives us an optional grip. This can even be attached to the shoulder strap of the backpack. This gopro stick is easily rotatable for views in different angles.

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8. Micro SD card for GoPro


This has a wide range of memory space according to the budget and requirement of the user. They have 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Can be used for multipurpose for mobile or anything. It has high speed of reading and writing can be used for many models of GoPro. It even can support 4k videos and HD videos. It has a lifelong warranty.

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7. GoPro dual charger


This is a very special accessory as it has a specialty of charging 2 batteries at a time that too very quickly. Can charge two batteries side by side. Can be charged through any USB port. Using go pro supercharger the charging gets done very soon. Can charge other devices like smartphones and all. Can know the battery percentage of both the batteries through the LED lights. There is even an extra 1220mAh lithium-ion, can be recharged. We can even charge the camera while it is in use. This battery is really good for travel purposes. It is must for the people who love to capture each moment of their life in camera. The provided USB port helps us let anything charge quickly.

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6. GoPro weather resistant case


This serves the similar use of a backpack, but this is much handy as it has small dimensions. This can be used if we travel in local. It is 4 inches high. 7 inches wide .it holds all the necessary things along with GoPro together and content. Can fit any setup gear. Has a good durability. It has a semi-hard covering with the soft padded interior which keeps accessories safe without any destruction and without any damage. This can be used in any weather including snow, sun, and rain. Has an interior removable sac to store the batteries, memory cards, screws and all other small things. It is good and comfortable stylization helps people to carry it easily where ever they want.

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5. GoPro head straps mount


This is a gear used for the head to cover views in a height. This can be adjustable to fit any head size. Can be worn directly or on any kind of head gear which is already in use such as the helmet. A quick clip will help you to adjust the head strap more. This clip is so compact. This has light weight.

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4. GoPro chest mount


This is attached to the GoPro karma grip for a better grip connection. This is a metal case which is both attachable and detachable. Gives a new angle to the video. Perfect when you go for sports where you can use hands to hold this. Can be adjustable to a large range too. This gives a view from the chest level of the person who uses this. Little lower than the head strap. Good to cover journeys and travel and such things. This gives a good grip and can be a helping one if your hands require some kind of rest.

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3. GoPro waterproof remote


This product is named as Remo and very useful for people who travel a lot. This gives them a special experience. We can control it from the very long distance such as 10 kilometres. It is easy to use. Let us record a video, click photos and change mode. It is voice commendable. This even recognizes the voice in worst situations like the wind and noisy surroundings. It can be used as a single button operation. As this is a waterproof gadget you can even use it while sporting in underwater.

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2. GoPro portable power pack


This helps a lot in long journeys where we can’t access to charging points. This lasts for the really long time. Can charge anything like GoPro, mobile or any gadgets. 6000mAh battery which can really charge so quickly. Long lasting battery power for enabling us to go for a long recording process such as time lapse and all. It has two USB ports by which we can connect and charge one or two drives side by side. This is portable. It can fit easily in your pocket.

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1. Hero 5 + Karma

 Hero 5 Karma

This is the most recommended choice. There are two options that are the Kit with or without GoPro camera. It consists of all the items which are required for a GoPro set. It is used for aerial shots, caught by hand or fixed to the mount. The drone is of less weight and easy to manage. Stabilizer is useful to capture videos without any disturbance. The grip helps us for the same reason and gives us few of the best shots when even not touched by hand. It has cases to hold it while traveling. Mounts and different kinds of straps help us to have views in different angles. This GoPro karma kit is an essential for the people who are planning to buy all accessories separately as it gives us everything at less cost rather compared to single pieces from the market. It consists everything which is must needed for a traveler. So, it is always better.

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