GoPros are great cameras. Anyone who has every used one can attest to that fact. However, their ability to record amazing footage is debilitated by the fact that they tend to shake.

And the shakiness tends to distort the images being recorded, which can only lead to some less than pleasant results. But that is where a dedicated stabilizer comes into play. GoPro stabilizers are lightweight devices that are easy to install and which make it possible to get stable moving shots like the kind taken by professionals.

Not all GoPro Stabilizers are the same. Some are simply better than others, and if you want to capture the best possible images with your GoPro, you are going to need the best stabilizer on the market.

Luckily, great stabilizers aren’t that hard to come by, with the best to come out of 2020 including the following

10). Adika Aluminum Telescoping Selfie Stick

ADIKA Aluminum

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This telescoping selfie stick definitely stands a few classes higher than many of its competitors. Capable of collapsing to a GoPro hand grip at 19cm and extending to 49cm, the item makes a number of shooting options and possibilities available to users.

The selfie stick was designed to ensure that you could take your GoPro camera to any location and get the best quality videos without encountering any complications. While the item is called a selfie stick and might confuse some people, this Adika tool also operates as a GoPro stabilizer.

The Solid ABS plastic used in its construction ensures that the camera will be completely stabilized while you record your videos. And it doesn’t take much to lock the camera into place, just a simple twist lock system.

9). Neewer Light Blue Handgrip Holder

Neewer Light Blue Handgrip

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You do not hear much about the Neewer handgrip holder, which is a shame because it is a great stabilizer. Typically blue in color and constructed from plastic and an aluminum alloy, one of the biggest attractions of this item is the fact that it has a waterproof case.

Not that the holder doesn’t have any other attractions besides its waterproof case. It doesn’t take much time or effort to mount the camera, and the fact that the handle is so sturdy means that you do not have to worry about unexpected slip ups.

8). ProFloat Waterproof Floating Hand Grip

ProFloat Waterproof

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The Profloat, as its name suggests, was purposed for use in wet conditions. The design says as much, especially the handle which has been crafted to resist slippage even in wet conditions.

The high-quality non-slip foam is to blame for the added grip that the handle boasts this along with the additional comfort. You are guaranteed complete control and stability while taking pictures and recording footage, regardless of the angle from which you are taking your shots.

And despite all that the Profloat brings to the table, it is ridiculously light and portable, coming in under 80grams. And if that doesn’t pique your fancy, you should know that this item has a floating body in which the camera is designed to sit, allowing it to float on water rather than sinking while you capture your footage.

Effective for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and any other water-related activity, the profloat is a very wide-ranging tool, useful in a myriad of situations.

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7). Premium 3 in 1 Telescopic Pole and Tripod Base Kit

Premium 3in1 Telescopic

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What sets this tool apart is the fact that it constitutes two accessories made available within a single package, and both are very useful accessories. You have the high profile fixed mounting used to cater not only to your GoPro camera but other devices with which you can capture images such as a smartphone.

You also have a 16-inch pole that can extend to 47-inches. The pole is designed to boost your reach, making it possible to take some truly impressive shots from great heights. It should be noted that the Tripod which forms part of the fixed mounting has a ball and socket mechanism that allows you to move your camera through 180 degrees, giving you more variety when it comes to the sorts of shots you can take.

6). Zeadio C-Grip Stabilizer Hand Grip

Zeadio Professional Action

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You do not find many stabilizers like this, the kind that can contend with the needs of both amateur and professional filmmakers. Professional videographers will love the sturdy grip of this stabilizer’s handle.

The handle makes it possible to take footage from angles that would, otherwise, be difficult to reach. The Zeadio Hand grip is compatible with a lot of accessories, this including a microphone, flash, and a video light.

5). Pinty Video Camera Stabilizer

Pinty Video

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This stabilizer is compatible with GoPro Cameras, Smartphones as well as any camera from brands like Canon and Nikon that is no heavier than 2.1lbs. That makes the stabilizer a very attractive tool for a variety of filmmakers.

Constructed out of an aluminum alloy, the stabilizer is not only lightweight but quite durable, capable of minimizing camera vibrations as one captures sound and video.

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4). Portable Video Stabilizer (Gimbal)

Portable Video Stabilizer

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This stabilizer is compatible with any device you have that captures video; that includes ordinary cameras and smartphones. The device’s primary attraction, other than its comprehensive compatibility, is the fact that it is very light and portable.

Moving it is so easy. More importantly, the stabilizer is very easy to use. Effective as it might be for professionals, beginners won’t have a problem learning to use the stabilizer.

Using the capabilities it brings to the table, anyone can shoot videos with a professional sheen in no time at all. Keep in mind that this stabilizer doesn’t even need batteries.

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3). iFLight Switch Mount Adaptor

iFlight Switch Mount Adapter For Gopro

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The iFlight Mount adaptor is constructed from aviation aluminum alloy. Highly portable because of its negligible weight, the mount adaptor is most effective when used with the HERO5. You will have to put a counterweight on the gimbal every time you are using the switch plate.

2). Opteka X-Grip Professional Action Stabilizing Handle

Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing

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Any compact camera and camcorder you can think of will work with this stabilizer, which boasts an NBR padded handle that has been cushioned, eliminating the stress of filming during lengthy shoots.

The plastic used is a high-grade ABS impact-absorbent type that can guarantee the best possible results.

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1). IMORDEN Carbon S-40c Handheld Stabilizer

IMORDEN Carbon S-40c Handheld Camera Stabilizer - GoPro Stabilizers

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This stabilizer is very easy to set up. Boasting a comfortable handle that has been ergonomically designed to appeal to the specific needs of videographers, the stabilizer is very light and portable, yet more than capable of housing a camera and all its related accessories.

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While most people often choose to use their GoPros without stabilizers, there is so much that a stabilizer brings to the table, so much so that one would be foolish to not invest in one of the items above for their filming project.

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