Give your dress a ring
No, we are not talking about a phone call or an engagement ring. Just a normal ring that allows fasteners to accessorize your clothing, banners, or whatever. With the top 10 best grommet tools in 2022, you can retire your hammer and do the job safely.

Attaching grommets is also easier with the top 10 best grommet tools in 2022. No mess, no fuss, no sore fingers. If you are not sure which grommet tools are the best, simply keep reading. Our reviews will provide the necessary information you need.

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List Of Top 10 Best Grommet Tools in 2022 Review

10. Yescom 3 Die Hand Press Grommet Machine

Yescom 3 Die (#0 #2 #4) Hand Press Grommet Machine

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This 15.2 x 10.7 x 6.5-inch manual grommet machine will handle different sizes. From #0 to #2 to #4 sized grommets. Its long lever handle provides plenty of torque to snap the grommets deeper into the material.

You get 300 pieces for each size of grommets, but this machine is not compatible with leather materials. You can secure the tool to your work station through the 3 pre-drilled holes in its base.

9. Jaketen Hand Press Grommet Machine

Jaketen Heavy Duty Hand Press Grommet Machine

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You can fix anything anywhere with this under 10-pound, 9.8 x 8.3 x 6.4 inches grommet tool. It is light enough to pack in a suitcase for emergencies. The tool is compatible with #,0,2 & 4 sized grommets and they are easy to put in place.

The grommet tool can be mounted for stability and better working conditions. Plus, it will work on most materials except leather. It handles banners, curtains, shoes, and much more.

8. Clevr Hand Press Grommet Machine

Clevr Hand Press Grommet Machine

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You can keep your grommets from spilling by using the built-in base. The little table helps you keep your fabric smooth as you work on it. Its padded handle is also easy on the hands as you press the lever.

It is easy to fasten this 14 x 14 x 15-inch tool to your workbench and use the 900 grommets that come with the tool. The tool works with the standard 0, 2, 4 sized dies.

7. Yescom Grommet Machine

#2 Grommet Machine 600 Nickel Grommets

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These 10 x 4 x 21-inch grommet tools only work with the #2 die. But you get 600 nickel-plated grommets to work with. Only 4 screws will hold this to your workbench, providing you with the stability you need. The screws are included in the package.

The 14” handle has a rubber grip makes working much easier on your hand. Its curved body allows you to go deeper into your material instead of restricting you to the edge.

6. Tenive Heavy Duty Eyelet Maker

Tenive Heavy Duty Eyelet Maker Grommet Machine

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Measuring 7.5 x 3.7 x 11.8″, this grommet maker handles 3 different die sizes. You can use the #0, 2, & 4 dies to attach the 900 grommets that come with the tool. Its curved body allows you to get deeper into the material and away from the edge.

It is a safe way to install grommets on your project. To keep your tool stable, all you need to do is attach it to your workbench with 3 screws.

5. Yaheetech Manual Grommet Banner Press

Yaheetech Manual Grommet Banner Press Machine

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A versatile machine as it can be used as a punch, eyelet, rivet tool along with other options as well. Measuring 10.6 x 3.3 x 14” you can secure the tool to your workbench in minutes.

It has the standard curved body for deeper application, will work on leather, and comes with 1500 grommets. The tool also works with the standard 3 die sizes- 0, 2 & 4. Works on banners and other projects as well and comes with an instruction book.

4. Flexzion Grommet Machine Kit

Flexzion Grommet Machine Kit with 3 Dies

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The long handle provides plenty of leverage to make grommet making easy. Its 13 x 12 x 5-inch frame fastens easily to your work station. Also, it has the curved body needed for better grommet placement.

900 brass coated grommet in three different sizes come with the tool. You can work with # 0, 2, & 4 dies to make the perfect attachment to your project. Plus, placing the grommet on the die is easy, saving you time.

3. Hardware & Outdoor Handheld Hand Press Gromment tools

DSM Handheld Hand Press Portable Grommet

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This handheld grommet tool is for those light jobs that do not need a stable work environment. It uses the #3 die and grommets and comes with 500 pieces to start you off.

One note, the die is fixed and cannot be changed. The die is made of steel while the rubberized handle protects your hand. Its no-slip grip is just what you need to handle those handheld projects. It is good for a variety of materials.

2. CRAFTMEmore Grommet Tools Setter Punch

CRAFTMEmore Set of EYELET Grommet

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Don’t retire your hammer just yet. This grommet tool is more like a punch and needs the extra oomph to get the job done right. Along with being a grommet setter, it will punch holes in the cardboard and other materials.

You get 100 eyelet pieces with this 6 x 5 x 2-inch tool. This particular tool works with 7mm eyelets and is not interchangeable with other sizes. It seems that no instructions come with the tool.

1. Pangda Grommet Tools Kit

Grommet Tool Kit, Grommet Setting Tool

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In this set, you get a hole cutter 10mm die, about 100 grommet pieces, and a storage box. The die has a non-slip texture for easy placement of the grommets. Plus, it works on canvas, textiles, shoes, and much more. Very portable and easy to store when not in use.

Its metal construction is designed to last you for a long time. The plastic storage box measures 5.5 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches.

Some Final Words

Doing it yourself can be a lot of fun as well as save you a lot of money. Using your own tools is easier on the mind as well. To do a hobby or any job well you need the right tools. Purchasing one of the top 10 best grommet tools in 2022 is a step in the right direction.

It is the right tool for the job, just get the one that suits you best.

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