We all love playing guitar. It is our first musical instrument we get in our childhood and gradually we develop a passion for playing it. The melodic sound of the guitar touches our emotions. It removes stress and brings freshness in our mind. The guitar is a medium to express our feelings without any words. For guitarists, it is an important musical instrument of their life. Anyone interested in playing guitar would like to keep the guitar safely. So we thought of compiling a list of top 10 best guitar stands. It will be amazing for you to know about it and make the best choices for yourself.

List Of Top 10 Best Guitar Stands in 2020

10. Ultimate Support GS-200 Genesis Single Guitar Stand

Ultimate Support GS-200 Genesis

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The product offers many helpful features to a guitarist like leg-locking system for firmness, a protective padding and a pick keeping slot. This collection consists of two GS 200 stands. The GS 200 stand has a head stock which provides extra protection during hanging of the guitar. The manufacturer has also given supported arms for conventional use.

The arms bent down to hold the instruments and bent up for smooth transferability. You will get 2 pack free cables along with this stand.

9. Red Rooster Walnut Guitar Stand

Red Rooster Walnut Guitar Stand

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The best part of this stand is its design. The design is beautiful. You can keep this stand in your living room or studio. The guitar polish is hand waxed. The special circles pattern gives it an aesthetic look. The stylish wooden finish draws your attention towards it. It serves you the dual purpose as a piece of decorative material and guitar stand. You can use it for electric guitars and acoustics.

8. Fender 5 Multi Stand

Fender 5 Multi-Stand

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If you have a collection of the guitar, then you can go for it. The guitars come in three and five instrument model. You can select as per your need. This stand can be transported anywhere as the part can be folded easily. The stand is strong. It has a lot of padding to protect it from scratch. The best part of this stand is it doesn’t take lots of space. You will love to add this one for your collection.

7. Taylor Guitars Sapele/Mahogany Stand

Taylor Guitars Sapele/Mahogany Stand

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You will be surprise to know that this guitar stand was made for the trade shows but due to the huge demand Taylor made it public. It is made up of Sapele/Mahogany, beautifully crafted and looks attractive. This stand has a laser engrave the Taylor logo, a rich smooth finishing and rubber pads to protect the guitar finish. You can keep it in the living room. Only thing to keep in mind is to be careful during its assembling process.

6. Guitar Rack String Swing CC34 Holder

Guitar Rack String Swing

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If you have multiple guitars like electric, acoustics, bass you can think of buying this one. It is strongly built to hold up to six guitars. The stand is made up of solid ash hardwood and easily transportable. The natural wood gives it a beautiful look. You can keep it in home as well as in the studio.

5. Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Stool with Built-in Guitar Stand

Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Stool

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This guitar stand comes with a pretty foldable stool that offers the privileges of practicing while sitting in the room, studio, club or any venue. The stool is robust and has head stock for holding the guitar and arms for supporting. It takes little space and good for guitarists who keep travelling.

4. StrapStand Premium Wooden Folding Guitar Stand

StrapStand Premium Wooden

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A strapstand is a good multipurpose guitar stand for keeping acoustic, electric and bass guitars. It is adaptable, consistent and condensed. This guitar stand consists of 2 heavy duty and easy to assemble pieces. The stand is portable, small and can be kept on the floor in any room. It is made of highest-quality wood which gives it a classic stylish look. The beauty of this stand will catch your eye. There is no need of wall mount tools as the guitar stand remains upright vertically.

3. Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Stands (6-Pack)

Musician's Gear Electric

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This guitar stand is great for keeping electric, acoustic and bass guitar. It is inexpensive, lightweight and has durable steel. The soft rubber padding on steel tubes includes rubber security strap and non-slip rubber feet wide. These added features provide extra security to the guitar. You can fold the secure tripod base for easy portability of the stand. However, one thing you need to keep in mind that it is not beneficial for vintage or nitrocellulose-finish guitars.

2. Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand Fold Neck

Hercules GS415B

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This is a fantastic guitar. A true innovation reflects in its design. Hercules GS415B comes with a folding yoke characterises new Hercules Auto Grab System. The guitar stand can be folded down easily for packing. The stands consist of Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber to protect the guitar finish. The Hand Grip Height Adjuster makes adjustment simple and easy with a locking pin to keep the stand in place.

1. K & M Heli Electric Guitar Stand:

K & M Heli Electric Guitar Stand

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K& M Heli Electric Guitar Stand has a brilliant design. The one word which you can use to describe this stand is terrific. It is simple, robust and reliable. You can keep this in gig bag pocket. It can be open and folded easily. The supportive rubber protects the finish of the guitar. The plenty of space in the bottom allows for the cable to stay plugged in the side of the guitar.

We have discussed the top 10 guitar stand that you can select for your guitar. Every stand has some cool features and usability. The choice depends upon your needs and preferences. If you have more than one guitar, then you can go for multiple guitar stands. You would like to have an elegant classic stand that you can put in your living room you can opt for the stand made of woods. A guitar stand adds values to your guitar. It is your decision which one you chose as per the occasion to rock the stage.

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