Buying Guide for Hair Dryers

We know that many customers find it difficult to decide among plenty models of hair dryers on the market. In order to ensure that you can have the right one, we have listed down below the main criteria needed to take in consideration when choosing the best hair dryers. Have a look below.

Lightweight: One of the convenience features that we are always looking for in hair dryer is the weight of the hair dryer itself. You should search for the one with lightweight so that you can carry it easier than those heavy one. As we can see that, drying hair can take sometimes so the light one won’t make your hand tired.

Heat and Power Control: Another important point to look into is how flexible the hair dryer can be. You have to select the one with multiple settings both in terms of heat types and speed as it can bring great styling to your hair as well.

Different Hair Styling: By this, we refer to the one that can make your just look stylist more than just offering the result of a dry messy hair. So, you should look for the one that can bring you with more than just a drying option but to straighten your hair or curly your hair for different situations and needs. Moreover, you have to look for hair dryers that can maintain your hair quality, instead of damaging your hair.

List Of Top 10 Best Hair Dryers to buy in 2021

10. Trezoro

 Professional Ionic

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This Trezoro hair dryer is very portable and easy to use as you can hold it in your hand very comfortably and bring it with you anywhere. You can become a hair stylist with this small design of hair dryer as well as enjoy a lot of features of it. This one offers fast speed and quiet sound of drying hair always.

Moreover, it also comes with three options of drying styles including some heat air and cool air choice. If you are looking for a reliable hair dryer with  less power consumption, you can choose this one as it has got a powerful motor of 1500 Watts.

9. BaBylissPro

 BaBylissPRO Ceramix

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BaByliss Pro is also one of the top rated hair dryers that we want to introduce in this list because it is equipped with a lot of useful features to meet users’ needs. This strong and powerful 2000-watt dryer comes with earthenware innovation and high volume of heat that at the same time can shield hair from damages.

It will gently dry your wet hair in a very professional way with its four types of temperatures. You can either choose to blow with hot air type or cool air type. The dryer itself is not too big which is easy to hold and its weight is only 1 pound.


 KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer

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Another ceramic hair dryer is from KIPOZI Pro, which is also a powerful hair dryer that you can rely on. Its power is about 1875 watt and its voltage is about 120v. The KIPOZI is an expert for hair salon highlighting; great for smoothening your hair and ensuring no damage from warmth. It takes out frizz, making your hair smoother, shinier, healthier. Moreover, this type of hair dryer also brings adjustable styles of settings in terms of speeds and heat settings.

You can choose to dry your hair with either fast or slow speed. One thing that people are always looking for in the best hair dryer is the options of its heat. For example, this one can go with 3 heat levels which is low, medium and high.

7. Jinri

 1875w Professional

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Equipped with prroficient long-lasting motor, this 1875w hair dryer offers such an ultra-solid breeze, blowing your hair dry within a couple of minutes. This hair dryer only weighs 663 grams. The Jinri hair dryer is one of the special hair dryers because it has the additional features to make your hair straighter or curlier with its concentrator and diffuser tools.

You can get your hair dry after a heavy shower in a very quick way with the superb speed options and 3 adjustable heats. More than that, it can protect your hair from any damage and harm.

6. Revlon

Revlon One-Step

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This one looks like a comb but it is actually a hair dryer with modern technology which is very attractive and super cool for long term use. Most of us might have known Revlon brand. So, this is a Revlon hair dryer with its one step function. You can dry your hair very quick with just one-time blow.

For a clearer picture, this one has got a brush of oval shape. You can style your hair either straight or curly up to your desire with this Revlon hair dryer. This kind of oval brush can also blow your hair in style with its flexible air speed and various types of heat.

5. Arsen

Arsen Professional Hair

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Just like other professional hair dryers we have mentioned, the Arsen hair dryer is also one of best options with faster drying ability. This one is designed in pearl gray color which is very charming. You can depend on its quality to dry your hair and maintain your hair quality.

In order to gain greater customer’s satisfaction, the Arsen hair dryer is also backed by a one-year warranty on its quality. Just like other models, this one is equipped with 3 types of air flow and 2 additional speeds.

4. Magnifeko

 Magnifeko 1875W

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Invented in three colors including shiny black, blue and red, this type of hair dryer looks very sexy and professional by just its look. More than that, it also can perform great in blowing your hair with quality air flow.

By having this one in your home, you don’t have to go to salon and spend more money as you can get your dry and in style by yourself. It is very convenient for using at home as it is very light in weight and flexible to place it anywhere.


SIAU Woman Light

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Here comes another comfortable hair dryer that you can find on market. You can either use it at home or during traveling as it is very flexible in size and has got its adjustable folding style. Talking about weight, this one is also light; it weighs only 450 grams.

In addition, it also has options for hair drying style as what you expected. You can have both cool air or hot air. The hair dryer treats your hair very well because of its high-quality concentrator motor and filter net.

2. Jinri

 JINRI 1875w Professional

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This one is also another brand of hair dryers from Jinri. It has quite similar features as the other Jinri model, but some parts like size and model are a bit different. With this hair dryer, you will get to experience high quality hair drying style with lower noise and strong motor of 1875 watts. Our elite quick dry hairdryer offers two speeds, three warmth settings and 1 cool air shot to offer ideal control and flexibility while drying your hair.

1. SanMoz hair dryer

SanMoz One Step

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We can also call this type of hair dryer as air brush as it has its shape just like a brush. It can perform two features at the same time, one as a comb and the other one as a hair dryer. By this, you can save your time as well as your budget from not going to the salon.

You can get your hair treatment with this 1000W power hair dryer. You can get your hair done for a party with just one step of drying style. Cold and hot air are also included as well as different speeds are available for multiple desire for its customer.


As mentioned from the beginning that there are 3 important questions you need to ask yourself. 1- what is the quiet hair dryer? 2- what is the strongest hair dryer? and which hair dryers are most affordable ones? If any of the hair dryers above can answer your questions, I am certain that they are the best hair dryers you may need.

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