Hexagon Glass jars are outstanding in more than one way. They have genuine functionality in storing liquids as they never steal away from their authentic flavor, taste and color. One can never so sure about plastic or metal jars to do the same. To top it off plastic jars have BPA which make them not os safe to store food especially baby food. The same cannot about hexagon glass jars. Besides being stunningly beautiful they are incredibly safe. Here we will take a look at the top 10 best hexagon glass jars in 2019.

Here is Top 10 Best Hexagon Glass Jars 2019:

10 Cornucopia Brands Mini Hexagon Glass Jars, 1.5oz, Pack of 24

Mini Hexagon Glass Jars

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Cornucopia mini Hexagona glass jars come in adorable size but they versatility as a storage unit is comparable to none. Overhaul your kitchen look and bring impeccable organization to your kitchen cabinet. Add instant charm to your display of spices and herbs in these jars. If you’re a DIY specialist use hexagonal glass jars to display and gift your homemade sample and gift. Use them for candle making and organizing nuts, bolts, screws, beads, pins and clasp. Each jar weighs about 4.2 pounds. The pack comes as 24 high-quality hexagon jars made of food grade glass. They are ideal for storing baby food.

9 Nakpunar 24 pcs-1.5 oz Mini Hexagon Glass Jars with Gold Plastisol Lined Lids

Hexagon Glass Jars with Gold Plastisol Lined Lids

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Nakpunar mini hexagon glass jars are a compelling buy. They serve as wonderful gifts when filled with jam, jelly and honey for baby shower favors, wedding favors, and Christmas gifts. These mini hexagon jars are a whiz when it comes to organizing and storing spices, salad sauces, baby food and more. They can store up to 1.5 oz of liquid. They weigh 3.8 pounds, 1.75 inch wide and 2 inch high. The pack comes with 24 jars with 24 gold plastisol lined lids that seal in a hot water bath and are efficient for canning.

8 TrueCraftware 4 oz Hexagon Glass Jars with Gold Covers – Pack of 24

Hexagon Glass Jars with Gold Covers

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Use TrueCraftware hexagon glass jar for every occasion as these versatile units are simply easy to store homemade jam, jelly, sauces, dessert etc. they cm in perfect size and design. Use them as favors for wedding, baby showers and Christmas. The gold-lidded hexagon glass jars are sturdy and gorgeous making them essential for presenting homemade products such as candles, sugar scrubs, lotions and more to family, friends and neighbors. They uplift your work and customize your home made gifts. They are food safe making them wonderful for storing baby food.

7 Original Merchants 1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars, 24 Piece Set

1.5 oz Hexagon Jars

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Original Merchants hexagon mini glass jars are so marvelous that is it impossible not to wonder about their functionality. It is such an incredible combination of design and functionality. These mini items are endowed with airtight, screw on and safety button lids making them useful for reliable canning. These mini jars are leak proof and well suited to withstand hot water baths. These perfectly sized jars are fantastic for storing honey, jelly, spices, preservatives etc. These super jars from Original Merchants offer maximum value and utility, and come with lifetime warranty against glass breakage.

6 Cross Hexagon Glass Jars with Gold Plastisol Lined Lids (15pcs, 4.0 oz)

Hexagon Jars Gold

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Cross hexagon glass jars are built of premium quality glass that is BPA free, vinegar-proof and food grade. These lovely jars hold baby food, chutneys and pickles, jam, honey, jelly, spices and herbs. The pack comes in 15 hexagon glass jars with gold lids with plastisol liner. Plastisol lined lids makes these hexagon glass jars airtight and watertight, perfectly designed for canning and hot water baths. The lids are corrosion resistant and the jars are dishwater safe. These jars can be repurposed multiple times to store bath salts, body butter, lotions, essential oils, buttons, beads, candy, nuts, and other homemade gifts. Furthermore, their versatility make them ideal for wedding favors, baby shower favors and party favors.

5 TrueCraftware Large 6 oz Hexagon Glass Jars with Gold Covers – Pack of 24

Large 6 oz Hexagon Glass Jars

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TrueCraftware large hexagon glass jars sports a robust built made of high-quality glass, air tight lids, and can store up to 6 ounces or 190 ml of fluid. They are classic gifts and souvenirs, which can be filled with jelly, sauces, candle, baby food, candied pecan, rum punch, spices, honey, jams, desserts, and more. They will never fail to impress as wedding and party favors.

4 Nicebottles Hexagon Mini Glass Jars- Case of 24

Mini Hex Jars 1.5 Oz

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The exquisite hexagon mini glass jars are effective for home canning and hot water bath. The pack of jars come with Lids with Plastisol Liner making them airtight and leak proof. They are beautiful and are easily personalized with bows or tags. Leverage the aesthetics of these mini glass jars with their functionality and use them party, wedding, baby shower or Christmas favors to please friends and family. Otherwise use them for storage at your home for Spices, Candies, Beads, candle, oils and more.

3 Cornucopia 6oz Large Hexagon Glass Jars (12 Pack)

6oz Large Hexagon Glass Jars

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Cornucopia large hexagon glass jars are impressive in their looks and utility. They are sturdy yet adorable. They can be used anywhere in the house. They look grand whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The pack of 12 jars come with a metal cam lock style lid, making them airtight, watertight and perfect for water bath canning. These classic jars are BPA-free, food safe, and dish washer safe. Repurpose these jars for multiple uses whether it is reorganizing your kitchen, storing your handmade crafts, or food, toiletries and more.

2 Homemade Perfect 1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars with Silver Lids and Labels (Pack of 24)

1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars

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Homemade Perfect hexagon mini glass jars packs in exceptional value by being food grade quality and dishwasher safe. It is a perfect amalgamation of technology, design and utility. The pack of 24 also comes with labels that make so cute and presentable. The mini jar is 1.75 inch wide x 2 inch tall and holds about 1.5 oz or 45 ml of fluid. This multifaceted jar is well designed to store baby food, spices, honey, jams, jellies, homemade cosmetics, bath salts, candles, and more. They are perfect for wedding and party favors.

1 Cornucopia Hexagon Glass Jars, Pack of 12, 4oz

Brands Hexagon Glass Jars-Hexagon Glass Jars

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Each of the hexagon glass jar from Cornucopia is sturdy, versatile, food grade, and weighing about 3.9 pounds. The jars can hold up to 4 oz of fluids, perfect for storing jellies and sauces. These beautiful, functional, and decorative elegant jars stand 2.5 inch tall, and 2.8 inch wide making them rather useful for storing good amount of spices, herbs, jam, jellies, honey, craft, homemade toiletries, and more. The pack contains 2 mini glass jars each with 12 airtight golden lids. The mini glass jars have a recessed area for a label on the reusable glass wall making them easy for identification. Overall the mnijar is meant to delight you with its form and function.

The hexagon glass jars stand out from ordinary jars for the uniqueness of their look. They are outstanding in terms of their built, utility and design. They are not only beautiful but are also proficient in storing food and liquid without leaching any chemicals into them. They are safe for infants and FDA approved.

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