Unless you have a home-based business, you are likely to spend the major part of your day away from home. Yes, we are not omnipresent, so we cannot know what’s going on in our homes while we are away. This brings some sort of a fear factor and many questions. “Is my home secure?” and “are my children safe with the babysitter” are the questions that would keep on ringing in your mind all day until you come back home.

The good news is you can easily keep up to date with the happenings in your house. And all you need is a home security camera. These units are powerful deterrents that check any malicious or unlawful activity in and around the house. They are highly advanced with a good number of them featuring IR LEDs for night vision up to a certain distance. If you are here to look for one, we say you are at the right place; thanks to this compilation that talks of the top 10 best home security cameras in 2020 reviews.

Table Of The Best Home Security Cameras Reviews

6. Nest Indoor Security Camera

8. Nest Indoor Security CameraIs everything at home okay? Are you sure? If you doubt, then the Nest Indoor Security Camera should be a frontier for you. With this unit, you will be able to experience 24/7 live streaming. And you will not be worried of dead batteries that cause all sorts of inconveniences. Ideally, this camera features a versatile magnetic stand that allows you to place it anywhere. Don’t miss anything, especially with the Nest Indoor Security Camera within easy reach.

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5. Blink Home Security Camera System

5. Blink Home Security Camera SystemMeet the Blink Home Security Camera System! Thoughtfully designed, this home security camera is easy to use and ideal for homeowners or renters. It is stylish and boasts a wire-free design that houses motion and temperature sensors as well as innovative HD video technology to help it deliver instant home insight through the Blink app for your Android device or iOS. The fact that it is wire-free means this security home camera system can be placed anywhere.

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4. YI White Security Surveillance System

4. YI White Security Surveillance SystemMake sure you know the progress of your home regardless of where you are. Well, all you need is the YI White Security Surveillance System. This unit features an advanced night vision up to three meters of viewing range. This means you will be able to see what’s happening in the dark. Ideally, the surveillance system displays images in an 111-degree wide-angle glass lens. And it has a 720p HD resolution that makes everything crystal clear for optimum performance.

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3. KAMTRON Black Wireless Security Camera

3. KAMTRON Black Wireless Security CameraDo you think your home is secure while you are away? Or do you think your kids are safe with the babysitter? If you are not sure of any of these, then you better grab the KAMTRON Black Wireless Security Camera. This unit has a powerful IR LED for night vision up to 20 feet. As such, the dark will not be a barrier when it comes to finding out what’s going on at night. In addition to this, the wireless security camera has 2-way voice built-in speaker and mic.

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2. Canary White Home Security Device

2. Canary White Home Security DeviceAt Canary, people believe that you should know the affairs of your home despite where you are. And to help you achieve this, they have come up with a stunning home security device. Packed with everything you need, the Canary White Home Security Device will make your home secure and keep you up to date anywhere, anytime. It does not have additional sensors and this makes it easy to install. The Canary White Home Security Device is ideal for renters and homeowners.

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1. YI 1080p White Security Surveillance System – Best Home Security Cameras

1. YI 1080p White Security Surveillance System​ - Best Home Security CamerasThe YI 1080p Home Camera is arguably the best in its class. Its celebrated 1080p HD resolution delivers crystal-clear videos and images for ultimate convenience. This unit also features an enhanced digital noise reduction as well as advanced Baby Crying Detection. Its smart motion detection uses advanced motion computation algorithms to detect any movement. Furthermore, the camera has a 2-way talk that allows you to keep your loved ones entertained with your own voice.

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Be at peace knowing that both your kids and house are secure even if you are not around to monitor them. These top 10 best reviews bring you some of the best products for 100-percent satisfaction. Therefore, go through it to find a unit that best suits your needs.

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