Laundry is one of those things that can really sink a home. It seems simple enough, getting one’s laundry under control in the beginning. But it doesn’t take long for things to quickly run amok, which is why household laundry sorters are somewhat popular these days.

If you think laundry sorters are merely a luxury for the wealthy, you couldn’t be more wrong. These things are fairly widespread and can be found in a large number of homes.

List Of Top 10 Best Household Laundry Sorters in 2020

10. Internet’s Best

 Internet's Best

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This is a folding styled laundry sorter which allows you to put it anywhere convenient such as in your bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. You can fold it anytime when you are done using it or to free your space. It is made with 2 distinctive sides which you can divide your dirty clothes into 2 parts before laundry.

This simple laundry sorting item will cut down your time doing laundry and lessen your time in finding clothes as well. Moreover, you can store a lot of dirty clothes inside it and can move it to any space as it is designed very lightweight.


SEINA Heavy Duty

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Your laundry experience will get more easier and more exciting with this new way of sorting clothes. With the brand SEINA which eases heavy duty clothes sorting, you can divide your dirty clothes into three sections. Each of the sections is very big that can store a lot of clothes. Moreover, this sorting thing is movable as it has rolling wheels. So, you can move it to any place in your house to collect dirty clothes.

You may fold it back to flat after use or to save your space. Parts of the materials are made from super strong metal and high-quality bag fabric that can prevent any tear or damage.



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Another modern design of laundry sorting is from HYNAWIN rolling cart. This one also makes your laundry activities very easy because it can divide your clothes into its own different spaces. Specifically, this one has a total of 4 sections for different types of dirty clothes. As it has got 4 wheels, you can get to move it anywhere in your area to gather your dirty clothes for laundry. Materials used are heavy duty metal tube with polyesters bags.

As it is produced for household use purpose, after you purchase it you can just install it all by yourself without needing any help from the expert. This laundry sorting is ideal for those who are very busy with work that they find it hard to make time to arrange their clothes for washing so this sorting tool can help.

7. Barebear70

 NEW Household

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Here we would like to suggest another unique type of laundry sorters which is made out of wood. In order to align with eco-friendly purpose, this clothes sorter is produced from bamboo finish with natural color. However, even it is made from wood, it still can be folded flat after use just like the other sorters.

This is one of the great choices for laundry activities because it can separate your unclean clothes into two sections. Moreover, you can also teach your children to arrange their clothes with this top-rated bamboo sorter. The loading capacity of the storing bag is up to 22 pounds.

6. KP Solutions

 KP Solution BYC

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Are you feeling messy and fraustrated with your unwashed clothes lying down on the floor? If you are feeling so, do not hesitate to consider this laundry sorter from KP Solutions. This laundry sorter contains of 4 categories so that you can arrange your clothes in different area.

This is a mobility laundry sorter that sits on 4 wheels that you can move it anywhere possible. The storage bag is about 15 inches deep and can be washed out if becomes dirty. Plus, this laundry sorter can stand the load of many kilograms of clothes.



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Are you having trouble collecting clothes everywhere in your home? If you have this kind of problem, you should consider looking for a laundry sorter just like our SONGMICS rolling laundry sorter. This is called a rolling sorter because it has 4 wheels which allows you to roll it anywhere to collect your dirty clothes.

Moreover, it can help save your time doing laundry as well because you can divide your clothes into 4 different sections and make it neat and ready to wash. Each of the brown storage bags for your clothes can put up with a lot of clothes that avoid the piles from messing up your floor and bed.

4. Household Essentials 6028-1

 Household Essentials

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We know that you are searching any laundry sorter that could help arrange your dirty clothes before washing. So, here we found another heavy-duty household laundry sorter from Household Essentials. This one has a little bit a different design from the previous style since it is constructed from metal basket and steel hanging bar. This type of laundry sorter allow you to organize your dirty clothes in a very nice and tidy manner.

With this laundry sorter with hanging bar, you can choose to hang your clothes; especially, for the ones that are wet or you can fold them and place in the steel basket. Just like the other sorters, you can also roll it to anyplace with the sorter’s 4 wheels.

3. Sorbus

Sorbus Bathroom

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This self-installed laundry sorter is made very convenient to use inside your bathroom as it is made quite compact. The product itself is very light that you can move it to any place either to put in bedroom or laundry room. The laundry sorter from Sorbus is made out of durable steel to endure heavy weight of your dirty clothes.

This laundry sorter hamper contains shelves and one polyester bag. You can choose to put your dirty clothes in any options. The height of this sorter is about 42 inches tall. After use, you can always detach the bag and steel hamper and rearrange it back anytime.

2. Ollieroo

 Ollieroo Laundry

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You don’t need to worry about the dirty or any messy clothes in your room anymore as you will be satisfied with the quality and durability of the Ollieroo laundry sorter. With the trending design of this laundry sorter, this one looks very professional and handy in arranging your dirty clothes. This one has 4 bags to store all of your clothes and you can sort it as any type you want before doing laundry and avoiding messy environments.

Each of the bags is made for heavy duty purpose and you can also roll it as you would to collect all of the mess. You can put up to 61 kilograms of clothes in these waterproof bags.

1. Hosehold Essential 7173

Household Essentials

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This is another product from Household Essential of laundry sorters to be introduced today. It comes in a different model from the previous type with its code 7173. The laundry sorter contains 4 fabric bags to store your dirty clothes holding on the bronze type of steel.

With wheels, you will get to move it to any place and brake it on its wheel anytime. This laundry sorter’s height is about 33 inches tall. Do not hesitate to get this one as it will cut down the mess in your room.

Buying Guide for Household Laundry Sorter

In order to help you find the right laundry sorter, we will list down some of the essential guiding points for you to consider when shopping as below. Have a look.

Mobility: The laundry sorter that can be moved from one place to another is great. That’s because when we do clothes collection before laundry, we will need to bring the laundry sortter or roll it to places collect your clothes. Moreover, you should look for the one with lightweight and durable steel material.

Heavy-duty sorter: This one is also important because for placing your dirty clothes on the sorter you will need the sorters which can put up heavy weight. For example, for those busy with work won’t do have time to do laundry regularly, they will need to store the clothes until they have time. So, a durable one is a great choice to choose.

Size: Talking about size, we would like you to consider the one that is not too bulky or too big as it can save up your space like to  bathroom or laundry space. Also, coming in a small size, it will be easy to move the laundry sorter to places as well.

Easy Installation and detaching: Normally, for a laundry sorter to be installed, we don’t need an expert from the company to help us out. Also, you can save your time by just installing it by yourself with an easy-to-set-up sorter. Also, the ones that are easy to detach are also the best ones as you might need to move the laundry sorter to another place and install it on back later.



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Top 10 Best Household Laundry Sorters

What do you want out of your household laundry sorter in 2020? A household laundry sorter is certainly only as effective as the person using it; however, the quality of the laundry sorter also matters.

If you want to simplify the process of putting your laundry in order at home, you might as well invest in the best laundry sorters on the market, these including the following:


10). Whitmor 6056-545 HD Supreme Sorter


There are a few things that make this a pretty decent laundry sorter; it might not be the very best, but it is definitely among the best, especially seeing as it is so easy to assemble.

Once you purchase this household laundry sorter, it won’t be long before you are deploying it around the house. Made from 100 percent cotton, the canvas bag is removable which makes cleaning very easy.

Because the frame is built from chrome steel, it is very durable. The locking wheels add a sense of convenience to everything.

9). Apollo Hardware Heavy Duty Three Bag sorter


This laundry sorter has a white finish which most people will find attractive. The frame is also quite sturdy, especially considering the presence of heavy duty 3-inch caster as well as a heavy duty polyester laundry bag.

The laundry bag, if used properly, should easily save on space even while making it very convenient to organize one’s laundry.

8). StorageManiac Three Section Heavy Duty Sorter


There is a lot to love about this heavy duty steel rolling laundry sorter. The item has a pretty large capacity that should be able to contend with the needs of most households. Additionally, the shiny silver gray heavy duty frame it uses is very durable, complementing the extra thick polyester canvas.

The heavy duty bag has the capacity to hold one load of laundry. The laundry sorter comes with three decently sized hanging bags. Made of a polyester canvas that reduces odor, the bags will allow you to categorize your laundry as whites, darks, and lights.

For added convenience, it is possible to remove these bags from the sorter using the two metal handles that have been provided. Despite its large size and heavy duty material, the roller is easy enough to handle and maneuver because of its four rolling lockable wheels. You do not need to worry about the shorter rolling away as you work.

One cannot forget the mesh steel support provided at the bottom to ensure that the bags do not sag too much whenever they are overloaded with laundry.

Despite all the features it brings to the table, this sorter is very easy to assemble; it is even easier to use.

7). Seville Classics Laundry Sorter


This Two bag laundry sorter is made from 75percent polyester and 25percent cotton. Boasting heavy-duty chrome plated steel frame, this sorter is built for durability and endurance, especially taking into account the two large heavy-duty bags on offer.

The fact that they are removable makes the sorter even more convenient to utilize around the house; the steel handles provided to make things easy, even when one is dealing with a heavy load.

There are two locking wheels included here, this along with a supporting steel bar base.

6). Ollieroo Classics Four-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart


Because this is a large and heavy duty laundry sorter cart, it has four heavy duty wheels to provide the necessary support, making it easy to maneuver and position the cart. Two wheels, in particular, have braking functions that make the movement of the cart much easier and safer.

Despite having heavy-duty 600D Oxford cloth bags with such a high capacity, this cart is very easy to assemble. It is even easier to clean and dry. The cloth bags are removable. A mesh material is also provided at the bottom to ensure that the cloth bags do not sag to the floor whenever they are overloaded.

5). Seville Classics Heavy Duty Three Bag Sorter


This cart has a sturdy structure, constructed with a heavy duty chrome-plate frame. The three canvas bags provided are large and removable. They are supposed to help consumers sort their laundry into whites, darks, and lights, and they are quite durable, complemented with handles for added convenience.

Of the four wheels provided, two are lockable. This adds a sense of mobility and convenience. At the bottom, three chrome bars that will prevent the canvas bags from sagging whenever they are overloaded with laundry.

Each bag can hold up to 10lbs of laundry.

4). Whitmor Four Section Sorter


If you want to streamline the sorting of your dirty clothes as you go, this is the tool your need; the sorter has four bags whose handles make it possible to remove them with ease. The chrome plate of the frame is heavy-duty and rust-resistant while the commercial grade swivel wheels should make it easy to move the sorter from place to place.

3). SONGMICS Four Bag Heavy-Duty Rolling Sorter


Boasting heavy duty casters for added durability and convenience, a sturdy metal frame that is waterproof and rust-poof, and durable 600D polyester strong bags with inner PVC coating, made easier to lift with the handles provided, this sorter has everything you need to manage and control your laundry, no matter the load.

2). Oceanstar Two Bag Rolling sorter


Using 100percent polyester, this sorter has two removable bag compartments, hooks for organizational purposes, four castor wheels and handles for easy transportation. The metal steel frame is durable and should easily withstand most loads, even with frequent use. Large families will find this sorter very useful.

1). DecoBros Heavy Duty sorter cart


This three-bag heavy duty sorter is very simple yet very effective, its three large heavy duty bags and highly durable chrome-plated frame along with the lockable wheels making it a perfect fit for every household, regardless of their needs.

What are you waiting for? Why waste so much time trying to sort your laundry? Just buy a laundry sorter. The best ones on the market, such as the ones above, will make your life so much easier.

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