Hoverboards have become one of the most stylish, innovative and affordable modes of transportation today. Not only are they classy, the hoverboards run on electric motors which make them very environment-friendly, apart from being inexpensive. Here are the top 10 best hoverboards that made headlines in 2016.

#10. Swagtron T5:

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The Swagtron T5 earns high marks and is unmatched in terms of speed and travel time, also providing high-end features such as in built Bluetooth speakers, a reinforced protective coating, along with a built-in carry strap. The sports body of the board of ideally designed to provide extra protection for the electronics and battery when compared with most other models.

#9. Hoverzon XLS Self-Balancing Hoverboard :

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This two-wheel self-balancing scooter maintains dynamic equilibrium using two gyroscopic motors which control the hover board by shifting the body weight. It comes equipped with LED headlight, rubber bumpers, battery indicators and two modes for riding. A patented armor provides multi-layered hover board protection.

#8. Jetson V8 Self-balancing scooter:

 Jetson V8 Self balancing scooter

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The Jetson delivers enhanced control with an independent Gyros to deliver dynamic equilibrium, along with three-speed models than can be controlled using an app. It the safety features included is LED and rear braking lights, along with nonslip foot pedals and inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. The Jetson is designed to handle almost any terrain such as grass, gravel or other surfaces.

#7. Skque X1:

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Fitted with an improved motherboard for a smooth ride with tuned gyro sensors, the Skque offers an enhanced shell chassis for premium durability with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers and LED lights for night rides.

#6. Swagtron T1:

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A more budget-friendly alternative to the T3, the Swagtron saves money while providing high-end features along with being UL 2272 certified to protect against short circuiting, overheating and overcharging. The rubber bumps are fitted to cushion impacts.

#5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0:

 Razor Hovertrax 2 0

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The smart scooter meets the highest electrical safety standards and can provide 60 minutes of use with an easy to charge 36V lithium ion battery. The Ever Balance technology automatically helps stabilize the mount for a smooth ride.

#4. SagaPlay F1 motorized scooter:

 SagaPlay F1 motorized scooter

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Saga plays F1 meeting every safety regulation and comes equipped with two 250W motors to help climb slopes inclined as steep as 15 degrees. It lasts for an hour on one charge and has a LED battery indicator, non-slip foot pedals, and rubber tires to handle any terrain.

#3. EpikGo Self balancing Hoverboard:

 EpikGo Self balancing Hoverboard

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The Epikgo is twice as powerful as most hoverboards with a 30 percent larger foot space for control and a stable ride. It can last for 2 hours when charged and can handle most terrains with the equipped solid rubber tired. The 400W dual motors also help navigate steep slopes at an 18-degree incline.

#2. Surfus Waterproof hoverboard with Buffing Shell:

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The sturdy build of the UL certified board has safe and enhanced battery protection, an ergonomic design with non-skid footpad and a cruise up to 6.2mph. It includes a bright blue LED headlights, battery indicators and solid rubber tired with aluminum rims.

#1. Official Halo Rover Hoverboard:

 Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

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Featuring a UL and hologram certificate, the Halo Rover includes Halo technology sensors for a safe and smooth ride with three different modes. The halo rover app lets you control music played and it can handle pretty much any terrain: mud, sand, snow or gravel.

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