Are you a golf enthusiast experiencing a challenge during winter? Or are you having a challenge hitting golf balls on real grass? Worry no more no more. It is a challenge to play golf during winters but this limiting factor should not curtail your golf playing hobby. That is why you require best golf training mat to allow you gain skills that you will perfect during the field experience.

Best indoor golf training mat brings about convenience and relaxation when you are playing golf indoors without experiencing the blazing sun or chills.

If you are looking forward to taking your golfing skills to the high levels, then a good indoor mat should be your companion when training. The ideal golf training mat should replicate the feeling of the real grass.

When purchasing a training mat, go for the one that has two types of practicing turfs which allows different shots. Tee plugs in most training plugs can be adjusted to allow the ball teeing to the height whenever you are training. Coming up with the best golf training mat should be a breeze.

List of Top 10 Best Indoor Golf Training Mat:

10. Grassroot Par 3 Golf Putting Green by Putt-A-Bouts

10. Putt-A-Bouts Grassroot Par 3 Putting Green
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The Putt a bout mat offers a high quality surface that is perfectly designed to stay smooth making the training experience a bliss. It is a 3 by 9 foots foot putting, green in color and kidney shaped.

The 3 cups gives you plenty of practicing targets just like the real field. It is a great practicing aid for putting your stokes. The straps which are built in are ideally designed to catch the missed shots.

This material simulates a great surface designed to stay smooth for a long period. The foam is 50 poly/20 foam and measures 3 by 9 feet with non-skidding backing.

9. Premium Golfs Putting Green, Indoor Golf Training Mat by Shaun Webb’s

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If you are aspiring to improve your distance control and speed, then this is the right mat for you. This mat will keep you putting strokes sharp until the time you hit on the real golf course.

The premium golfing mat by far is the best solution to home practice. The balls roll true and do not at any time curve right, left or offline.

The mat is a 9 by 3 feet and its ideal to get you ready to the next tournament where you will showcase what you have achieved in your training.

The rubber backings prevent this mat from slipping on smoother surfaces and its works well with all floors. It is made for wider surfaces enabling you to take advantage of the three holes. It does not have bottle neck which prevents you to train well and use the corner holes.

8. Golf Putting Mat Green Indoor Outdoor Auto Ball Return by WINCANs

8. WINCANs Golf Putting Mats Green Indoor and Outdoor for Auto Balls Return Professionals and Portable Putting Trainers Set for Mini Training Aid.
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The mat has a gravity automatics balls return system where you do not waste any time walking to the front to pick the balls. The holes are well positioned on an uphill grade and trains you to putt twelve inches.

The Wincan mat is easy to store. The matt rolls super quick and the ProEdge dual track offer incredible durability. The true rolls turf provide realistic putting surfaces on par.

The high quality green golf putting green mat is 10.5 feet an extended length to enable you develop your training skill fast. The 2 sizes with 2 holes improve the putting game with the challenging cups sizes.

The mat has an additional auxiliary’s line. The line is conspicuously white which makes training golf become more accurate. The mat includes 3 golf balls.

7. Golf Puttings Mat by Putt-A-Bouts

7. Putt-A-Bouts Golf Puttings Mat, 3 x 11-Feet, Green
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The Putt a bout mat includes two movable putting’s cups. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor training. The 36 inches wide greens enable the trainee to stand on the putting surface and putt the golf ball from different angles.

It comes in a large 11 ft by 36 inches wide area for putting. The premium back also eliminates creases and folds that may occur in the putting surface.

6. Indoor/outdoor Golf Training Mat, Golfs Putting Green Mats System  by 77 tech

6. 77tech Golfs Putting Green mats System for Professional Practices and Green Long Challenging’s for Putter Indoor and outdoors
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The 77 tech golf putting green mat is made of simulated high quality grass turf just like the actual putting green. It has many balls holes that are suitable for different difficulties in the real putting practice.

The material is of high quality made of elastic EVA and does not deform easily. The double layered cups are stainless steel.

The surface is well designed to stay smooth enabling a smooth training. The premiums back eliminates creases and folds in the putting surface. It is ideal to use the mat both outdoor and indoor.

The product is easy to store and easy to clean. You are able to practice golf at any time which improves your training skills.

5. Golf Putting Mats, Indoors Golf Training Mat by OUTAD

5. Golf Putting Mats and OUTAD Indoors Golf Training Mats and Putting Green Systems for Professional Golf Practices
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The mat is made of high quality. The putting green surface is made to feel smooth and perfect for golf enthusiasts providing hours of training and entertainment. The mat in all ways simulate the real conditions in a green real field.

The smooth and field like nature allows the balls to roll smoothly for a perfect stroke. The premium back will eliminate ant crease and folds in the putting area.

There will be no instance the ball is swaying off due to creases.
The mat is made of EVA high elastics plastic and short grass like greens of 1 cm, the border is 4 cm long grass and 8mm thickness base.

4. Home Professional Golf Training Mat by LINSGROUPS

4. LINSGROUPS Golf Putting Greens System for Indoor and Outdoor Homes and Office Professionals Golf Training Mats
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The LinsGroup golf training mat is made of best quality you will get in the market. The golf putting surface is specifically designed to stay smooth, the 4 tone long grass simulates the real grass feeling just like the real putting green in a golf course.

The premium back with EVA highest elastic back of the plastics, allow to adjust the slope freely to evade any difficulty.

The training mat is easy to roll and store after the training sessions. It is suitable to use in the office. It occupies a small space and it’s ideal even to use outdoor. The size is 1.6 ft* 10 ft with 1 set of golf flags.

3. Golf Putting Greens System for Professional Practices Indoor Golf Training Mat by 77techs

3. 77techs Golf Putting Greens System for Professional Practices and Green Long Challenges for Putter Indoor and outdoor Golf Trainings Mat Aids Equipment
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Whenever you are training it is ideal to get a training mat that is smooth and not bumpy. That is why the 77 tech putting green mat is made of high quality to meet the requirements of a smooth mat.

The premium back is perfect in that it ensures the mat does not have any creases and folds that would hinder perfect training at any time. The putting mat can be used both outdoors and indoors.

The mat is made of EVA a high elastic back of the plastic with short green grass of 1 cm, the border is 5 cm long grass and the thickness is 10mm.
The base is rubber foam and there is no slippage when training. It compresses well on any surface.

2. Home Golf Putting Mats with 10ft Long by FORBS

Best Indoor Golf Training Mat - FORBS Homes Golf Putting Mats
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Looking for a professional training golf mat with high comfort? The Forb home is the ideal package for all the home comfort for your training. It has a professional putting golf aid that you use in any home. It is 10 ft.*2.6 ft. width and gives you plenty room for short gaming.

The mat boasts 50mm thickness foam and 3 holes which are inclined for added challenge. The Forb mat helps to improve on the stroking firmness and increase accuracy.
The rubber mating enables the mat to be used on any kind of surface without slipping. The material used is polyester and the foam thickness is 5mm.

1. Indoor Golf Mat for Putting Green Systems by hollyland

1. Indoor Golf Mats for Putting Green Systems and Professional Golf Practices and Mats Green Long Challenging’s for Putter and a Golf Putting Mat
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The mat has a true roll. The mat simulates the real green putting of the real course. The ball rolls straight enabling you to continue perfecting your golfing skills. Easy to store as you can roll the mat down when playing and roll it back when not in use.
The high quality putting green is made smooth allowing more hour of easy training and entertainment. The premium back perfectly eliminates the creases and folds on the mat.
This mat can be used both inside and outside on ay surface thanks to the rubber matting which makes it hold the surface well.

The high elastic EVA plastic is short grass of 1 cm, the border is 4 cm and the thickness comes to 10mm. The size is 1.6 ft.* 10ft and comes with one set of golf flags.


A great indoor golf mat helps to elevate your training skill and perfect them in readiness for the real course. Therefore, it is wise to purchase an indoor training mat that will offer all the convenience.

In this best indoor golf training mat reviews 2020, we have done a proper research on the best mats that drastically improves and sharpens your training skill. Remember, the market is flooded with all kinds of mats and you do not need to end up with a goofy product.

Practicing with a good mat is a rewarding experience and having the perfect mat only makes things much easier. Therefore, get a good training mat and save yourself from frustrations and headache.

Lastly, note that mats are not designed the same. As much as they are supposed to replicate the real putting green, some have adjustment that can confuse the trainees when they go to the real field.

So, before committing to purchasing a mat, be sure that it is the best type and it will help you achieve your golfing ambition.

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