Are you on the hunt for a quality inflatable air mattress; whether for home, camping or any other purpose? Where else would you get this other than intex manufacturers? From the brand name, this enough proves of the greatness of what you are considering to buy. Intex mattresses occur in different qualities though all from the same maker.

Make the ultimate choice to set you, your family and even quests praising you every morning after spending their night on an Intex airbed. Where will I get this product? Let not this question nag your mind, instead make you step of going through our reviews of the top 10 best Intex air mattresses for 2019.

List of The Top 10 Best Intex Air Mattresses for 2019

10. Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

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Key Features:

  • Built-in electric pump
  • Soft flocked surface
  • 18″ high with a 300-pound weight capacity
  • Raised pillow board

Do you find yourself tone in though mostly when you get sudden quests, and you don’t know where they will rest for the night? Relax! All you need is the intex deluxe pillow rest raised airbed which lives you and your guest grateful. Why?

  • Quickly deflates and inflates

Although it features as an inflatable mattress, this shouldn’t scare you away since most think it’s a nightmare to grow it up. No! Intex deluxe mattress will take only four minutes to set up with the built-in electric pump. Also, after use, collapse it comfortably without any difficulties.

  • Design and quality

In the purchase of any mattress, comfort and durability are vital things to consider. Speaking of comfort, this model offers this unlimited. How?  The inflatable bed features built-in pillow compartment that sets you to a bed-like resting position. Plus, the indented top gives a proper body conformation. Inflate the mattress effortlessly and use it in all-weather seasons thanks to its incredible durability; have flocked water-proof surface sturdy vinyl beam makeup.

  • Storage

Deflation is a breeze! The mattress merely collapses to a compact size which will slip into the inclusive carry bag. Not only does this facilitate its storage but also transportation. A bonus, its lightweight makes all this possible.


  • Easy to inflates and deflates
  • It’s lightweight, portable and foldable
  • 18″ high with indented sides for easily fitted sheet spreading
  • Raised pillow rest and waterproof surface

Bottom line; comfort is a priority before the purchase of any bed. Thus this explains why this pillow rest raised twin air mattress has such popularity among the people.

9. Intex comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

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Key Features:

  • 600 pounds weight capacity
  • Built-in deflation/inflation electric pump
  • Have fiber-tech construction
  • Measures 60 by 18 by 80 inches

Who would wish to buy an inflatable mattress then after few uses it’s no longer functional? No one of course! Therefore, this plus more are the reasons why you need the intext comfort push airbed.

  • Quality construction

When it comes to quality, we mean both looks and durability. The intex comfort plush edition has a unique material makeup which is an evidence of its lifetime performance. It features flocked sides; this adds up to its stability and makes its abrasion/puncture resistant. Also, the fiber-tech interior construct enhances the strength to the point that it’s able to carry up to 600pounds.

  • Size

Not only its durable makeup but also the airbed’s size will call for your attention. Measuring 80by60 by 18 inches, this is big enough to fit comfortably in your traditional queen bed. Slip on the fitted sheets, and the indented flocked edge will hold it securely.

  • Portability/affordability

About its mobility, this isn’t breathtaking, unlike those traditional models. Why? Intex plush comfort inflatable bed deflates simply with the electric pump and folds to a compact size. Not all, its impressive lightweight and pretty duffel bag sum up everything. On the other hand, its price tag is incomparable the benefits. The mattress sells at peanut cost so why not make this you today’s special offer.


  • It’s quite strong; 600-pound capacity
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Engineers with fiber-tech design
  • Ultra-large, lightweight and affordable

Bottom line; having such remarkable strength (600-pound capacity), this is enough proof of the product’s durability.

8. Intex Pillow Rest Queen Air Bed

Intex Pillow Rest Queen Air Bed

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Key Features:

  • Has fiber-tech construction
  • Indented top/bottom sides
  • 15″ high, 15.5″ wide
  • 600-pound capacity

A must-have product constructing with the sense of quality and convenience! Isn’t this what you are looking for in that air mattress you want to purchase? You go all this plus more in the intex pillow rest queen airbed.

  • Construction

Intex pillow rest queen airbed edition engineers with outrageously durability material. This gives it the sense of durability as well as quality. Featuring the perimeter frame both on the top and bottom; its vertical stability is unquestionable. More, with the fiber-tech construction and dual chamber design, this upholds its balance as well as strength.

  • Size and load capacity

The airbed is large enough: 60 by 80 by 20 inches, giving you a chance to share with your family/friends in outdoor activities. Besides the ample space, its strength isn’t jeopardized. How? Its dual-chamber design makes it quite robust such that it will withstand up to 600ponds without deformation.

  • User convenient

We wouldn’t want you to experience hard moments each time you want to use the airbed, no! Thus to comply to you maximum comfort satisfaction, the manufactures set this product to be easy to inflate as well as deflate; integrates powerful electric pump that sets everything within 4minutes. Plus, a duffel bags include in the package offering great storage and transportation whenever you wish


  • Top/bottom perimeter enhance vertical stability
  • Great load capacity
  • Large size and 15″high
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Includes a quality carry bag

Bottom line; why a prime pick among all our customers, the intex pillow rest queen airbed comfortability game is high.

7. Intex comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Air mattress

Intex comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Air mattress

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Key Features:

  • Powerful inbuilt electric pump
  • Has sturdy fiber-tech construction
  • Lightweight, carry bag and AC cord
  • Measures 75 by 54 b 13 inches, full-size bed

Does your current inflatable mattress consume all your precious time before it’s all set up? Discard this quickly and have a better and user-friendly model at such an affordable price today.

  • Setup quickly

Featuring with the AC cord, plug it in any home adapter, give a simple push on the power button and watch the pump do miracles. Not only inflation but also deflation is a breeze too.

  • Design and construction

Comfort plush mid-rise air mattress designs with the fiber-tech construction. Meaning it got sturdy material makeup which enhances its long-lasting functionality. Use it in the humid weather and the waterproof flocked top and sides will keep you and the mattress free from dampening. More, the bed included the indented side that secure the fitted sheets throughout the night.

  • More features;

In the accessory kit, we got the duffel carry case. This provides a safe storage room for the mattress when not in use plus helps to make its transportation easier.


  • Setup within 3 minutes
  • It’s weather resistant
  • Have load capacity of 600 pounds
  • It’s 13″ high

Bottom line; buying this product will be the best decision ever. This is because it sells at a low price and also its durability gives the mattress an economic value thus proving it to be both time and money saver.

6. Intex Dura-Beam Standard series air mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Standard series air mattress

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Key Features:

  • 16.5″ high and queen size
  • Built-in pillow rest and electric pump
  • Carry bag, charging cord

Settle for the Dura-beam deluxe standard series version and save more money. Who doesn’t like this? More benefits:

  • Inexpensive

Mostly, people associate low price with an inferior product, but this isn’t the case all the time. That is, like for this airbed, it cost only peanuts, yet its qualities are incredible. Not only for the pricing but also the airbed is a 2 in 1 version in that besides offering a comfortable sleeping surface, it has a built-in pillow compartment therefore no more extra expense in buying them.

  • Easy to transport/store

Press the bottom to deflate the mattress, a process that takes less than four minutes. Later, the flexible bed folds readily to a small load that slips comfortably into the carry bag available. Not only for storage but also this enhances its easy handling when you want to relocate the bed with you anytime you wish. Plus, its lightweight; weighing only 14pounds, spices up everything.


  • Has built-in pillow
  • Has a durable and quality fiber-tech construction
  • User convenient and affordable
  • Available as a queen size air mattress

Bottom line; what makes it unique, the deluxe standard series airbed built-in pillow remains everyone’s song after their purchase. This gives the economic value of your budget.

5. Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit

Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit

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Key Features:

  • Twin size inflatable bed
  • 300-pound load capacity
  • 3in1 valve
  • Have a handheld battery pump

Here comes your salvage if budget is too tight on your side. The intex prestige downy twin airbed kit. It’s advantages;

  • It’s versatile

With the twin size, prestige downy mattress creates a suitable environment for use in the rugged exterior as well as all home needs.

  • It’s sturdy

Unlike some of the traditional models, this one has impressive quality. Speaking of which you can share it with your friend busking in the morning sun thanks to its ample large size. Also, with 300-pound load capacity, everything just got better.

  • Durable construction

The airbed kit features a flocked top. This adds up to the cheerful resting mood when you lie on it plus it plays a role in maintaining the product quality. How? The flocked surface is water/weather resistant thus suitable for all season use.

  • Money Saver

Firstly, its price alone is overwhelmingly calling your attention. Secondly, no more extra power bills as with the prestige downy, it uses a handheld battery-driven pump.


  • It’s economical
  • Weather resistant
  • Incredibly low pricing
  • Ultra lightweight

Bottom line; simply because you got power blackout doesn’t mean that you spend the whole night inflating the air mattress, no this is all sorted by the battery-driven hand pump. Thus you can use it wherever you want even at the camping site.

4. Intex cozy kidz inflatable air mattress

Intex cozy kidz inflatable air mattress

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Key Features:

  • Assorted bright colors
  • Inflatable pillows
  • Age limit for over 15months

Travel with your kids to the countryside and add this fantastic inflatable bed in your car for emergency reasons once no enough resting rooms at grannies.

  • It’s Attractive

Kids/children are fun to be around, and thus their products need to bring up this enlightening moment without the sacrifice of its comfort. Therefore, Intex cozy kidz inflatable beds feature with three different bright, fun shades to give that lively environment

  • Durable construction

To ensure lifetime functionality, this amazing product engineers from some quality and durable material. Also, the flocked top gives the waterproof function and brings about the luxurious feeling when one sleeps on it.

  • Accessories

Besides the soft flocked top, this package comes with an inflatable pillow that sets your kid in the ultimate resting position always


  • Available in three different bright colors
  • Has a free inflatable pillow
  • Are ultra-cheap

Bottom line; it sells at a meager price that you won’t feel a pinch withdrawing from your wallet. Plus the bright color display give the childish fun look.

3. Intex Pull-out Chair inflatable bed

Intex Pull-out Chair inflatable bed

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Key Features:

  • Multi-functional
  • 2 in 1 wide valve
  • Easy setup

Purchase of the intex pull-out chair inflatable bed is like killing two birds with one stone how? Check out this multiple advantages;

  • It’s multi-functional

The inflatable mattress folds up readily to display a chair that includes the high backrest, arm/footrests, and a large sitting area. If need to have a nap stretch it out to form a twin size bed effortlessly. No more expenses whether for the home, college dorm, etc.

  • Cost

Spend less than forty dollars, and in turn, you will take home a premium quality product. Not only the purchase price but also its maintenance is undoubtedly cheap thanks to its quality material make up.

  • Easy setups and storage/transportation

Assemble the bed within minutes with the 2-in 1 valve system (has a wide opening) that will leave you done within minutes. When not in use, the airbed smoothly folds to a compact load thus enhance its space-limited storage. On transportation, the foldability, and lightweight;10 pounds ups the game.


  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Function as chair and bed
  • Available in multiple colors

2. Intex Recreation 67765E Comfort-Plush Mid Rise Dura Beam Airbed

Intex Recreation 67765E Comfort-Plush Mid Rise Dura Beam Airbed

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Key features;

  • 13″ high
  • Powerful built-in electric pump
  • Water resistant flocked surface
  • Twin size fiber-tech airbed

Experience the taste of comfort and quality simultaneously while using this impressive air mattress.

  • Size/strength

Being a twin size inflatable bed, this makes it ideal for use in multiple areas due to the easy of its transportation and storage in limited space rooms. Speaking of strength, the product designs from durable material plus the fiber-tech construction upholds its greatness. This gives it the large load weight of 300pounds.

  • Mattress design

For better and faster-fitted sheet spreading, the 13″ high bed includes some indented sides that help keep the sheet in place after making it. More, a flocked surface gives it a water-proof property thus adding up to the lifetime durability


  • Easy to set up
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • It’s a twin size inflatable bed
  • Have a pretty indented appearance
  • Comes with a sturdy carry bag

Bottom line; what makes it’s a top option for you, the mattress will only need 2 minutes of your time to have it all inflated with the powerful built-in electric pump

1. intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed

intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed

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Key Features:

  • Ultra large size
  • Double as a sofa and bed
  • Two-quick inflation/deflation wide valves

Lastly, we got this outstanding product. Have a look at it, and for sure you will find it fits all you need with the advantages below.

  • Versatility

Here, you can utilize the product either as an inflatable sofa or bed. This takes only second to deform it depending on the position you require thanks to the robust 2 in 1 valve system.

  • Bed size

Being a queen-sized bed, you can share it with another person and enjoy the comfort its flocked soft surface relays in turn. No more painful backs after spending your night on this fantastic product as your body have free space to relax.

  • Foldable/ lightweight

Deflate the airbed when not in use via the wide mouth valves, fold it smoothly and slip in the carry case available to make its handling and transportation easier. A bonus, weighing only 17 pounds, you can travel with it wherever you want anytime.


  • Easy to handle
  • Large enough to accommodate two people
  • Doubles as a sofa and bed

Bottom line; reasons why it’s every customer’s choice, the multifunction property give this product an incredibly economic value unlike most models by the same manufacturer.

Our final word

By choosing one of this top best and selling air mattresses from Intex, you got all your needs covered. i.e., intex offers incredible and incomparable inflatable products when it comes to price to quality ratio. Weight your options and make your and everyone using this airbed happier than before.

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