iPads are not cheap

Plus, kids do not treat their toys very well. That is why you need one of the top 10 best iPad case for kids in 2020 on the job. These iPad cases work hard to make sure your kid’s iPad remains long lasting and functional.

With one the best doing the protective duty, your kid stands the chance of using their iPad for many years to come.

Our iPad case for kids review

List Of Top 10 Best Ipad Case For Kids in 2020

10. HDE Case for iPad

HDE Case for iPad 2 3 4 Kids

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The bright pink color on this iPad case for kids should appeal to many children. It is eye catching, stylish and durable. Plus, the hock-resistant EVA foam helps protect the iPad from bumps scrapes and more mishaps.

Also, the limited compatibility for this iPad cases means that all ports are accessible when you need them. In addition, the handle folds up or acts like a kickstand or you can just use it as a handle. A textured surface helps keep this iPad case for kids in your kid’s hands.

9. TopEsct iPad 2 Case for Kids

TopEsct iPad 2 Case for Kids

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4 bright color options help your kids find an iPad case for them. In addition to this feature, your kid gets a limited compatible iPad case that makes sure all the ports are in the right places. Even the camera les is not blocked.

Made from silicone, this iPad case for kids is anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-dust while being easy to put on and remove. Plus, it is easy to nice and clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.



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Kids need an iPad case that will withstand the treatment the case gets from your kid’s daily use. This iPad case for kids is shockproof and antibacterial. The Eva foam plastic cover handles all the rough treatment your kids bring.

Also, the foldable handle acts like a iPad stand when your kid is using it. Then an adjustable shoulder strap makes relocating the iPad case simple and easy. The steri-touch coating protects your kid’s health from a variety of germs and other bacteria.

7. HDE Case for iPad 4 Kids

HDE Case for iPad 2 3 4 Kids

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Available in a variety of colors, your child should find a cool color set for their lifestyle. Then the 2-piece iPad case should fit a limited number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads. In addition to this, the handle does double duty and acts like a stand when needed.

Also, you get shock, bump, scratch, and dust protection when you slip this iPad case for kid’s over their iPads. Then a screen protector will work to make sure nothing happens to your touch screen.

6. AVAWO Kids Case

AVAWO Kids Case Built-in Screen

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A built-in screen protector is one of the many features on this iPad case for Kids.  Using the touchscreen should not be a problem with this protection in place. Plus, you get fold out legs, so the handle stays ready when your child changes locations.

Also, you get the standard protections when you slip this case over your child’s iPad. Its non-toxic construction materials keep this iPad case safe for children to use. A variety of color options are available.



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The two side handles give this iPad case for kids a unique look. Then it is designed to work with mini iPads from the 1st to 5th generations. Built-in cutouts make sure all ports, etc., are easily accessed. EVA foam protects it from your child’s daily treatment.

Also, the screen on your child’s iPad is protected by the over sized iPad case. No bumps should hurt the touch screen. Safe for children to use on a daily basis.

4. pzoz Case for Kids

pzoz Case Compatible

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Teach your young child the alphabet with this bear shaped iPad case for kids. The alphabet is marked clearly on the front so your child can see and copy the letters to their iPad. A fold out stand makes it easy to stand the iPad up.

All ports are easily accessed on this two-handle bear iPad case for kids. The easy to grip handles have rugged edges to keep the iPad in your child’s hands.

3. Bole Cat Case for Kids

iPad Mini 2/3/4 Case

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Give your kids an iPad case that has a friendly face staring back at them. This 2-handle iPad case for kids uses a friendly bunny to make your child smile as they use their iPad. Plus, you get easy to hold grips to make sure the case stays in your child’s hands.

In addition, an adjustable stand provides a variety of angles for your kids to view their iPad screen. Heat build-up should not be a problem with the special construction included in the design.

2. Seymac iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini 1/2/ 3 Case Three Layer

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A fold out stand, and a non-slip texture helps protect your kid’s iPad while they are using it or carrying it to a new location. After, you slip the iPad cover on, your child also gets tough synthetic construction materials to protect their iPad from daily use.

Also, you get a removable magnetic protective cover that stays in place till your child removes it from its protective position. All ports should be easily accessed as well.

1. Speck Products iGuy Freestanding Case

Speck Products iGuy

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It may have an odd shape but this iPad case for kids stands on its own two feet. No stand is required as the feet are wide enough to provide the stability your child needs. Pus, a wide range of compatibility allows you to use this case for many different iPads.

Once you slip this case on, you get flexible foam protection as well as clear access to your needed ports.

Some final words

Kids can be tough on their iPads. That is why you need one of the top 10 best iPad case for kids in 2020. These iPad cases are made to make sure your kid’s daily treatment doesn’t hurt their iPad.

Plus, they look good in doing their protective job. They are easy to keep clean and germ free as well.

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