iPhone series is one of the most sought after class and high-performance mobile gadgets worldwide. Apple Company releases a new iPhone series every year that has better features and better performance than the previous versions. With every iPhone series that is released, there comes a wave of new iPhone cases that flood the market.

There is a case for every iPhone series that adds a classy touch to the gadget while protecting the body of the gadget from wear and tear. Recently, iPhone 8 and 7 Plus were released and they have been received quite well in the market. Despite these two models having the same size as their predecessors, there have been advancements in the quality of iPhone case market.

List Of Best Iphone 8 Cases and Covers in 2022 Reviews:

11. iPhone 8 and 7 Case – Best Iphone 8 Cases and Covers

iPhone 8 and 7 Case

  • By:  SONEE Iphone 8 Cases and Covers

I deal for iPhone 8 and 8, this screen protector is a great option for Apple enthusiasts. The entire kit comes with all the necessary accessories required to ensure your screen is protected. And yes, the product features reinforced corners which protect the screen against high impacts and things like scratches.

Lightweight and thin, this is an ideal protector for your phone. It doesn’t add weight or even later the general appearance of the phone in terms of dimensions or size. Furthermore, the kit also has an ergonomic top-grade casing made using ultra-quality rubber and plastic material for durability and easy access to the buttons.

Extra features:

  • The in-built camera hood secures the lens.
  • The kit contains everything necessary.

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10. Silk iPhone 8 Grip Case – Iphone 8 Cases and Cover Blue Jade

Silk iPhone 8 Grip Case

If you need an iPhone case that will enable you to feel the grip of our gadget, then you will never go wrong with this silk Blue Jade case. Made with a patent pending grip, this design provides an ultimate grip and utmost protection to your iPhone 8.

The corners of this case are air cushioned to absorb shocks so as to protect your phone from impact. The Natural throw button helps to maintain the gadgets tactile click response. Iphone 8 Case is made from ultra light and durable materials that help to keep your phone protected for a long time. The case is also scratch resistant.


  • Iphone 8 Case provides a firm grip on your phone
  •  It is ultra light
  •  Utilizes advanced technology to protect the phone from impact.
  •  The case provides good protection for phone’s screen.

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9. iPhone 8 case, Parallax Series Iphone 8 Cases and Cover

Parallax Series

This new and trendy iPhone 8 case has resonated quite with a lot of iPhone 8 series users. It features trendy geometric patterns that create a sense of movement.

The case has three-dimensional molding and smooth coatings that create a comfortable and secure grip of your iPhone7. The well-structured polycarbonate bumper helps to protect your phone from impact. It offers a reliable protection for your iPhone 8.


  •  Made of polycarbonate material which is very durable
  •  Offers a firm and a comfortable grip to the phone.
  • Cons
  •  The pattern on the back of the case may wear with use

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8. OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 8 case


This brand is known for their rugged and well tested protective cases with OtterBox Commuter Series being one of the best.

The brand has continued to cater for iPhone 8 users by producing lightweight cases that protect your phone against impact and shock. This case slides easily I and out of the pocket and includes a one year warranty.


  •  The case is very durable and keeps shock and impact at bay
  •  It has an inbuilt screen protector that offers additional protection to the screen of your phone.
  •  Port covers to protect the ports from dust and prevent accumulation of debris.
  •  The inner shell plastic keeps the phone safe from excessive pressure and shock.

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7. Benuo Card Slot Vintage Series – Iphone 8 Cases and Cover

Benuo [Card Slot Vintage Series]

If you need a case to be able to conveniently carry your essential cards and driving license, then you would have to opt for Benuo Card Slot Vintage Series.

This case is made of genuine and soft leather that alienates the need to carry your wallet around as you can carry your cards in it. It is slim and lightweight and helps protect your phone against impact.


  •  The case is made of real leather
  • Iphone 8 Case is thin and does not add to the bulkiness of the phone
  •  The essential cards are held securely in the case
  •  It slides easily in and out of the pocket.
  •  It offers great protection to the phone’s screen.

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10. iPhone 8 Case Liquid Silicone

iPhone 8 Case Liquid Silicone

  • By: Miracase Iphone 8 Cases and Cover

This iPhone case is ideal for iPhone 8 but is also compatible with iPhone 8 the latest version. It offers a perfect grip and a firm tractions such that your phone doesn’t bend to high impact or scratches. The tough construction guarantees long protection for your expensive iPhone. And, the thin yet lightweight construction offers convenience and retains the phones natural dimensions without causing much changes.

The case is also charger-friendly so you won’t have to take it out when charging your phone. Furthermore, this case offers a full protection so you won’t have to worry about a thing. In fact, it even offers protection for the camera and only raises the screen by a negligible percentage.

Extra features:

  • The liquid silicone rubber material guarantees durability.
  • You enjoy a 180-day money back guarantee.

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5. Skyfall Series iPhone 8 case – Iphone 8 Cases and Cover


Most of the phone cases can mask the beautiful design of iPhone 8, but not so with Skyfall, Transparent Clear case.

The acrylic and polycarbonate material is a complete see-through. This case will protect your phone from the impact as a result of falling. It is light weight, with a slim profile and a comfortable texture that makes it easy to handle.


  •  The case offers a confident grip to the phone
  •  The design id quite attractive
  •  Iphone 8 Case offers good access to the volume and power buttons

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4. Titan Series iPhone case-Heavy duty protection, Iphone 8 Cases and Cover

Heavy Duty Protection Defense

Titan specializes in well thought of cases for iPhone series. This sleek case features a rugged durability in a sleek modern profile.

The case is made of polycarbonate and offers reliable protection to your phone. It also features a smooth and comfortable grip.

This brand offers endless possibilities to tackle your daily hustles with confidence.


  •  Can handle impact when a phone is dropped 12 feet on concrete
  •  An IP-54 offers good protection to dust and debris
  •  The case offers good access to the buttons

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3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle style iPhone 8 casesSUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

This is a slim fit case with a transparent back. It is made of high grade shock absorbing TPU and PC materials that are available in different colors.

All phone features are easily accessible and well displayed. The case also features an elevated bezel that offers extra protection to your phone’s screen.


  •  The case is well built
  •  It has a built-in screen protector
  •  It has higher than average dust and debris protection

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2. Mosnovo White Henna Mandala printed iPhone 8 case


Owning a piece this brand is like having a piece of art in your pocket. The case is ultra clear, slim and transparent. It reveals and enhances the original color of iPhone 8.

Monsnovo phone casings are scratch resistant and help protect your phone against impact. They are available in different colors and you can choose one that suits your preferences. This case allows easy access to all ports buttons.


  •  The case offers great protection to your phone
  •  It has a good grip.
  •  The design is amazing

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1. Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design case for iPhone 8

Slim Ergonomic Ripple

This case has all the reasons to be at number one on this list. It features a three-dimensional soothing texture which provides a secure and comfortable grip.

The TPU sleeve and polycarbonate casing material provide adequate protection to your phone against impact. This brand offers endless possibilities that will enable you to take life’s challenges in style.


  •  The design is beautiful the build offers a good feel
  •  The button feedback is great
  •  Offers maximum protection to the phone
  • Iphone 8 Case is inexpensive. The quality of this case surpasses that of some pricey brands

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