The eyes of the world are still on the iPhone 7 Plus. This is all anyone can talk about these days, and for good reason. The phone is elegant in its appearance, boasting all sorts of features and functionalities.

However, as powerful as the iPhone 7 Plus can be, it is also quite fragile; as, with most beautiful things, it must be protected lest it falls prey to significant damage. If you are one of those people that are constantly on edge in fear of a slip or a fall that could bring your expensive smartphone to an end, then it is probably high time that you invested in an iPhone 7 Plus case and cover

Is there such a thing as the best iPhone 7 plus cases and covers? There are so many brands and types of cases and covers on the market today that they couldn’t all possibly be the same.

Some of them have to be better in some way than others. That much cannot be disputed; and if you only want the best possible cases and covers for your iPhone, then the following list of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers to come out of 2022 will probably pique your interest.

Top 10 Best IPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers in 2022 Reviews:

10. RanVoo 3 iPhone 7 Plus Case


What sets this phone case apart from its many rivals? There are a few things, the most prominent being the structure of this case which constitutes a specially processed painting craft which makes the electroplated frame durable.

The fact that the case is scratch resistant, fingerprint proof, and anti-slip, is also quite beneficial. The precision cutouts ensure that the original phone experience sensitivity is maintained.

And because the case is crafted out of PC material, you do not have to worry about the signal being blocked. The case is lightweight, with an ultra-thin back cover. It will not get in the way.

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9. Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 7 Plus Case

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 7 Plus Case

This phone case is surprisingly easy to apply and remove, probably because of the premium matte TPU. With modern patterns engraved inside and outside, this case is crafted to fit the slim profile of the iPhone Plus as precisely as logically possible.

Consumers will also appreciate the comfortable grip. The fact that the surface is anti-scratch and fingerprint proof is also worth noting, this along with the Air Cushion technology for all the corners; you will be hard-pressed to find a better case for your iPhone Plus.

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8. Caseology Modern Slim iPhone 7 Plus Case


Is this the best iPhone 7 Plus case on the market? Well, such claims are difficult to deny, especially when you look at the dynamic yet trendy geometric patterns of the case, designed to create a sense of movement.

One cannot ignore the smooth coatings, either, purposed to create as secure and comfortable a grip as possible via the three-dimensional molding.

This case promises the most reliable protection, with a structured polycarbonate bumper that defends against dangerous impacts. The TPU sleeve is also quite flexible. The variety within which these cases are available is also worth noting because it allows consumers to match their case to their personal style.

With a contemporary chic style, depth in the design and a number of built-in functions, this cosmology case is quite the product to behold.

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7. Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case

Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case

What can you say about this Spigen case? The product is home to so many nifty features and functions that more than justify its popularity. The glossy appearance is the first thing most people will notice, the carbon fiber textures giving the case that premium looks that people seem to love.

Not only is this case an exact fit for your iPhone 7 Plus but the case is designed to provide Mil-Grade Protection with its Air Cushion Technology, availing top-notch shock absorbent abilities.

If you want to ensure the safety of your iPhone 7 Plus, even in the face of unexpected bumps, this case will satiate your needs. The Flexible TPU layer will keep scratches and fingerprints way, this along with making the case very easy to apply and remove.

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6. Caseology Titan Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Plus Case


As the name suggests, this case is designed for heavy duty use. The case is highly durable, rugged in its design yet somehow elegant and perfectly fitting for one’s beautifully slim iPhone 7 Plus.

The grip of the case is smooth yet it isn’t slippery, ensuring that your phone will remain in your hands at all times. You will be hard-pressed to find a more protective cover for your phone, this case boasting two shock-absorbent layers that will keep your phone safe in most environments.

The possibilities are endless when you are using this Caseology cover for your iPhone Pus 7.

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5. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Protective Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Protective Clear Case

This case is perfectly compatible with Apple’s 2022 iPhone 7 Plus. It is slim and boasts a minimalist bumper case design whose back is transparent and whose edges are defined, this despite the smooth finish.

The high-grade TPU and PC material will keep the phone safe from dangerous impacts. The sensitivity of the buttons isn’t compromised. Consumers can still operate this phone with ease even while it is encased in its cover.

The elevated bezel edge means that the screen of your iPhone 7 Plus has extra protection from shattering.

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4. QIALINO iPhone 7 Plus Case

QIALINO Stylish Genuine Leather

This handcrafted case is made from genuine leather, and it is perfectly fitted for the iPhone 7 Plus. There is a micro-fiber that lines the interior, complementing the exterior leather and adding, even more, comfort and durability.

Designed to make the iPhone 7 Plus that much easier to handle, access to buttons and sensors is simplified.

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3. Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series Case


This case is as stylish as they get, sleek, thin, clear and boasting a pocket-friendly design that comes in a myriad of colors. With a seamless style that augments the appearance of one’s phone, the case is built from dual-material that absorbs shocks and impact such as when you drop your phone from a great height.

The case is very easy to install and its beveled edge keeps the phone’s screen safe.

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2. SHIELDON iPhone 7 Plus Case

SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone

Made from genuine cowhide leather, this case delivers strength, character, quality and grain. Featuring three card slots, a side pocket for money or cards and a magnetic lock design for added security, this cover can flip into a firm stand to complement one’s entertainment or streaming needs.

You won’t find a more versatile or protective iPhone Plus cover on the market.

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1. Trianium Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Plus Case


The best phone case on the market, this cover has a dual-layer with internal pads that keep the phone and its screen well protected. The rubber interior is soft yet perfectly placed to complement the exterior polycarbonate removable spine to keep your phone safe from tough drops and bumps.

Along with an ultra-touch sensitive touch-screen cover, this Titanium casing is guaranteed to protect your phone from all possible threats.

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Are these the best iPhone plus cases on the market? Certainly, there are probably a few covers out there waiting to be discovered, but these products definitely stand above their competitors when it comes to quality and class.

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