Most of us would have gone through the situation of flat tires. It is true that a spare tire has to be stocked in your car but there is less use of it unless you have a jack stand. Jack stand will actually support you by lifting your vehicle high for changing the tire easily. This actually will assist you in converting any space into a quick workshop for repairs and maintenance. With the help of hydraulics power in jack stands the vehicle is lifted easily.

List of  Top 10 Best Jack Stands in 2020 Reviews

10. Torin Big-Red-43006 Steel SUV-Jack Stands

Torin Big Red T43006 Steel

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This is a heavy duty jack stand of 3-ton capacity. The Double-locking pawl and tooth design makes are unique. There is added safety offered with this jack stand by large saddle and base. If you are looking for reliability and safety, this is 100% factory tested and ANSI certified. This jack stand is ideal for SUV model vehicles. With the help of this, there is enough clearance under the vehicle to do all types of repairs and maintenance.

9. Craftsman-9-501634 Ton JackStand Pair

4 Ton Jack Stand Pair

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This yellow colored jack stand is one of the very fast moving models of 2020. It has sturdy-stamped steel construction with pawl locks for additional security. The height adjustment mechanism in this model helps in the smooth shifting of load. It is designed to meet ANSI or PALD standards. Total weight of this jack stand is 18.04 Ibs with 8 x 7 x 12 inches dimension. It is a compact full strength jack stand.

8. Performance Tool W41023-6 Ton HeavyDuty JackStand set

6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

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These jack stands are available in 2 ton – (4,000 Ibs) and 3 – (6,000 Ibs) and 6 ton – (12,000 lbs). It has lift range of 10-3 / 8″ to 16-3 / 8″. In order to offer strength and stability, this model comes with heavy duty construction of durable steel frame and wide base. It is very reliable and at an affordable price as compared to other brands. This comes in a set of 2 heavy duty jack stands which can be used for cars and light-duty trucks.

7. Strongway Double Locking Jack Stands

Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands

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This is a 6-ton capacity jack stand with high-grade steel body and built. It has lead-free paint finish to prevent from rusting and ensures it is long lasting. Cleaning this jack stand is also very easy as compared to other models as it is grease, dirt and oil resistant. In order to ensure longer durability of this product, it is welded-frame design by Strongway brand. This has double-lock technology which is patented and also has safety pin design for security. The large base size is an added benefit for holding the load and does not sink easily.

6. Torin Big-Red-T43004 Double-Locking Aluminum JackStands

Double Locking Aluminum Jack Stands

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One of the unique features of this model jack stand is that it has the 5-hole adjustment which is secured with locking bearing. It has the 3-ton capacity with 10-3 or 4inch minimum height. Maximum lift height is 15-5 or 8 inch. It is sturdier, easy to adjust and lighter weight. It has steel pin and helps from rusting. With a help of this jack stand, even the car driver can lift the vehicle and change tires anytime.

5. Powerbuilt-620471 Uni-jack

Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

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If you are looking for a most reliable jack stand in the market, then your search ends here. It’s built is exceed total standard measurements. Safely holds and lifts of this are Unibody and body-on-frame cars. The hydraulic bottle -Jack and jack stand is a single unit. Thus there is no need to carry two separate jacks. The height of this unit can be locked with safety bars at customized heights. This jack stand can be adjusted from 11 inches to 21-inch height with a simple lever.

4. Cartman 3-Ton Jack stands

Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands

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This unit comes with two pieces of heavy-duty steel jack stands. It meets the ANSI standard requirements. The single piece multi-position ductile ratchet-bar helps in quick adjustment mechanism. This jack stand has 7.9 x 13 × 7.9 inches dimension. This comes with warranty and strong durability promise. It is easy to carry and clean as and when required. It is definitely one of the useless tools to own.

3. Torin Big-Red-T43002A Double-Locking Steel-Jack Stands

Double Locking Steel Jack Stands

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This double locking jack stand comes with 3-ton capacity. It is constructed with high- grade steel with great quality and durability. It helps in getting a precise adjustment with the help of single piece self-locking multi-position which is forged with iron ratchet-bar. It meets the ASME PALD standards and offers large saddle surface-area for better support and contact to ground.

2. Powerbuilt-640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack Stand

3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

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Are you in search of an all-in-one jack stand? It’s time to explore the All-ln-One, 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Standby Powerbuilt. The built standard of this jack stand is exceeding the standard expectations. The safety bar locks can be adjusted to desired height. In order to offer the stability of taking a load, there is wide steel base. It has a height range of 11 inches to 21 inches. This model is ideal for SUV’s, construction jobs, off-road vehicles, floor joint and even for framing work.

1. Torin Big-Red-T42002 Steel-Jack Stands:

Torin Big Red T42002 Steel Jack Stands-Jack Stands

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This 2-ton capacity jack stand is one of the best in the market. It meets ASME PALD standards. The welded frame design offers additional durability. The large base offers great support and good ground contact when it has loaded. It comes with iron racket bar with forged single piece self-locking multi-positioning. The overall product dimension is 8 x 14 × 8 inches. This model is also available in 2 ton, 6 ton, 3 ton and 12 ton.

This list of jack stands is not the exhaustive, however; it has the top 10 best jack stands. Use this for comparison and pick the best one that suits your requirements. Most of these jack stands come with a warranty, ensure you are checking these details before placing the order. Don’t compromise on the quality and pick the most economical and reliable jack stand post thorough research.

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