Everyone uses Krill Oils these days. It is hardly the most popular dietary supplement around but its renown and popularity are growing by leaps and bounds. And that growth in popularity can be imputed to the many benefits that Krill oil brings to the table. In fact, some people have gone so far as to suggest that Krill Oils might even surpass fish oil when it comes to benefiting human health.

Top 10 Best Krill Oils You May Want to Buy

10. Jarrow Formulas Krill Oils


Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil is a highly reviewed krill oil which benefits the brain, memory as well as stamina. The bottle contains 120 soft gels. The gels consist of ultra-potent marine phospholipids. This formula plays an important role in helping the healthy brain function.

What’s more, the oil also improves glucose metabolism while developing the liver’s capability to deal with dietary problems. But that’s not it, the oil is also specialized in bettering your Cardiovascular health as well. Plus, the oil comes with no noticeable smell.

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9. Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oils for Women


Next, here we have another bottle of great kill oils for women known as the Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil. Specially formulated for women’s bodies, the oil helps increase the health of ladies’ skin and eyes while encouraging hair growth. It also promotes female reproductive health and eases pain from PMS, as well. Furthermore, the oil gives a boost to the mood and memory as well as keeps the blood pressure at a healthy level. And, it is great for women encountering menopause, too.

Better than most krill oils on the market, this one gives no strong fishy smell. And, it is easy to digest. It also contains some very useful antioxidants. It helps with the heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, too, thanks to the Omega 3s content. Best yet, if you are ever unsatisfied with the product within 30 days of purchase, simply ask for a refund. Benefits that this Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil brings about are just endless.

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8. Source Naturals ArcticPure Krill Oils


Another top-rated krill oil on the list goes to the Source Naturals ArcticPure Krill. This one is a bottle of premium krill oils filled with omega 3-s and phospholipids. These omega 3s sure provide as many benefits as highlighted in the previous product (heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc). To be more specific, with the DHA content contained in these omega 3s, it helps support the neurons and neurological transmitters of the brain.

And, the EPA content contributes to the cardiovascular system heath. But, that’s not it, containing natural antioxidants and Vitamin A, the krill oil gives your joint health, cells, eyesight and immunity a boost, too.

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7. VitaPure Krill Oils


Next, feast your eyes on another highly reviewed krill oil, a krill oil from VitaPure. For the credibility you need, this particular bottle of krill oils was awarded as the best nutritionist supplement in 2010. The oils promote normal cholesterol levels in regards to heart heath. It enhances joint flexibility as well, in addition to healing minor physical and emotional distress during menstrual cycle. And, with Omega 3s of EPA and DHA, the krill oil sure helps relieve joint problems and promote ladies’ health in general.

Plus, the formulated phospholipids facilitate the absorption and effectiveness of the EPA and DHA omega 3s as well.

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6. XanthOmega Krill Oils


XanthOmega Krill Oil is another great krill oil that contains omega 3, phospholipids, and astaxanthin (an essential antioxidant). Krill oil’s main purpose is to support the cell membranes. Omega 3s benefits health in terms of heart, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. The phospholipids and astaxanthin work co-independently as the phospholipids help better the absorption of astaxanthin.

Compared to traditional krill soft gels, it would take 8 of them to equal the power of 1 gel of XanthOmega Krill Oils. Other health advantages that these krill oils provide include enhanced sports performance, eye ability, and gastric health boost.

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5. Now Foods Neptune Krill Oil


This is one of the most trusted drug companies out there. Now Foods Neptune Krill Oil is made of 100% krill oil with some get coating just to make the gel easy to take. And, it gives zero fishy aftertastes and causes no burping.

It has helped those with arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, sinus health, and stiff joints issues in the past. You’ll love what this oil has to offer. And, for the price, you should definitely check this one out.

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4. AMRAP Nutrition Omega 3 Krill Oil


Moving further on, let’s look at this AMRAP Nutrition Omega 3 Krill Oil. This oil’s specialty is to improve athletic recovery. The gels contain the much-needed omega 3, phospholipids, and the astaxanthin antioxidant. These ingredients are known for developing strength and speeding up the recovery process. They are also the expert in enhancing cardiovascular health and the immune system. With the help from Phospholipids, your be able to absorb three times more important fatty acids than fish oils.

Some other healing capabilities of this krill oil include reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, relieving joint problems, lowering bad cholesterol as well as high blood pressure, etc. Best yet, this product is backed by a 90-day product warranty, too. You will love what this AMRAP Nutrition Omega 3 Krill Oil is capable of.

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3. 1MD Krill Oil Platinum


Another krill oil that can’t be missed out from the list is this 1MD Krill Oil Platinum. Content in the gel includes the essential antioxidant (astaxanthin), omega-3 phospholipids, and omega-3 triglycerides. The EPA and DHA will never fail to bring you optimal health benefits. And, different from most krill oils, with this krill oil coated with lemon, you’ll never have to face with fishy aftertaste ever again.

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2. Viva Naturals Krill Oil


As a bestseller oil, we highly recommend you this Viva Naturals Krill Oil. The oil’s most outstanding pros are to promote cardiovascular health, and healthy joints while soothing painful inflammation. And, another side benefit of this krill oils that you might take note is it fuels the brain with the much-needed DHA. Plus, with the design of a sealed band around the center, these krill oils will always stay fresh.

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1. Antarctic Krill Oil


Saving the best for last, this is the powerful Antarctic Krill Oil. This krill oil, of course, contains all the essential ingredients of phospholipids, astaxanthin, omega 3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA. The gels are easy to swallow and digest. And, it guarantees no smell, aftertaste or burp. Evidently, krill oil has been recorded to have helped people with regulating cholesterol levels, bursitis, arthritis, inflammatory issues, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Best yet, the price of this krill oil is affordable, too. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the purchase within 90 days, you can always claim for your money back. You’ll be thankful for what this Antarctic Krill Oil offers.

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Things to Consider Before Purchase

If you are a starter or you used to take krill oils before but you want to try new brands of krill oils, it is useful to look at this buying guide before purchasing. By looking at buying guides beforehand, it helps to save a lot of your time and money from getting the unfit or wrong products. Below are several important things you need to take into consideration first when you decide to get any certain products of krill oils.

Buy the one with no smell: The very first buying guide for people who seek to buy krill oil for the very first time, we highly suggest you to get the one that comes with no smell at all. Some krill oils may come with fishy smell as they might be partly made of fish oil. This probably makes it difficult for you to intake, especially when you are the first starter and need to consume krill oils daily.

Look for the one providing refunding policy: At the same time, you should also choose the one that comes with refunding policy provision. It is a smart purchasing to get a product with a refunding policy. This is because if you later find out that the product you purchase is not perfectly sealed or perhaps your health or conditions does not fit with the product, you can always refund your money spent on buying it. 

Other Factors

Buy an affordable product: it is true that when it comes to buying anything, the price also matters. It is good to buy an expensive product, but it is only in the case when the product provides you worth value. If you can find any krill oil products that offer high value and great health benefits at a very reasonable price, you should not be hesitated to grab it.

Look at the product’s background: Because it is related to health, you cannot just buy it for the sake of buying it. It is important to take a look at the product’s background before you decide to purchase it. You should also be aware of its side effects and see what it provides regarding health benefits. Moreover, it is critical to know if you are suitable to use that certain product or not.

Get the one with easy intake and digestion: Even if it is just a supplementary diet, it somehow provides a medicine feeling whenever you intake it. Therefore, you should as well find the one that is easy for you to intake. For example, its capsule should not be so big that it gets stuck inside your throat. Find the one coming with a small size of the capsule. The one that is easy and quick to digest is an extra benefit you should consider.

What are the Benefits of Best Krill Oils?

Combating Inflammation: Taking krill oil is also good for those who encounter inflammatory problems. Krill Oils contain a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids and other substances that are useful to fight inflammation. Those elements help to stop the production of inflammation and eliminate bacteria from intestinal cells. Thereby, reducing inflammation marker. According to a few studies, people with chronic inflammation are suggested to consume up to 300 mg of krill oils daily to stop at least 30 percent of inflammation problems.

Curing Arthritis: Another health benefit found from consuming krill oils is that it helps to cure arthritis and other joint pain. It is true that when your body is swollen from inflammation problems, it often leads to increased pain around joint areas or arthritis symptoms. Thus, once the inflammation is decreased, you are likely to get better from the arthritis problem as well.

Producing Healthy Fat: Because kill oils are rich in Omega-3 fats EPA and DHA, it allows your body to easily and quickly absorb it. Those fats are considered healthy fats because they help to increase the fat levels in the blood and other important parts of your body.

Promoting Weight Loss: Besides all of these, Krill Oils is known to promote weight loss pretty well. The Omega-3 found in krill oils has the ability to stop endocannabinoid from traveling. Therefore, it results in a decrease of appetite which does not make you always feel hungry and stomach empty at all. It, then, stops you from overeating unnecessary foods and prevent obesity.

Other Benefits

Lowering Cholesterol Level: Krill Oils is also a great supplementary diet that helps to lower cholesterol levels inside your body and blood. It is believed that intaking about 2 to 3 g of krill oil helps to eliminate about 18 percent of cholesterol from your entire body. 

Improving Brain & Mood: Another study has also found out that krill oils do not only help with inflammation, arthritis, and obesity, but it also improves your brain functionality and mood. Thanks to DHA elements inside Omega-3 fatty acids, it is a good source that helps to improve your brain energy and duty. It helps a lot with memory loss and helps to improve other functions of your brain and controls future memory too. At the same time, EPA fats assist and facilitate your behavior as well as your mood swing. 

Decreasing Depression Risk: Depression risk will be decreased with the consumption of krill oils. Thanks to krill oil itself, it helps to produce DHA levels inside your brain. Thus, it gives a chance to your brain and body to adjust better and reduce any depression-like behaviors.

Preventing Heart Disease: While it helps with so many factors, krill oils also help to prevent heart disease. As you already know that krill oil decreases fats and cholesterol levels in the blood and another part of your body. In replace of that, it produces more of HDL cholesterol and triglycerides which is essential for your heart and health. Besides that, krill oils also help to decrease blood pressure which is good for your heart to function.

Additional Benefits

Reducing Diabetes Risk: Having krill oils daily is also important for people with or without diabetes. This is because krill oil is capable of reducing diabetes risk. Krill oils help to build a resistant wall inside your body to prevent the growth of insulin levels as well as glucose level. In turn, it helps your body to become better tolerant with an appropriate level of glucose and insulin. More than that, it makes your body to transform the consumed glucose and insulin well so that there are no surplus elements left inside your body and blood.

Ceasing Cancer Cell Growth: Another famous thing about krill oil is that it also has the ability to stop the growth of cancer cells. There are some substances and elements found inside krill oils that can kill cancer cells from growing. It is best to use for colorectal cancer treatment as well.

Additional Benefits

Helping with Eye Problem: if you have problems related to your eyes or version, you are highly encouraged to take krill oil. Krill oil is good at treating eye dryness, unclear vision, as well as eye pain. All of these treatments thanks to the rich Omega-3 substance.

Developing Healthy Skin: Apart from all of the benefits you get from Krill Oils, it also provides you another benefit associated with the skin. As you know that krill oils is rich in Omega-3 content, this provides vitamin to your skin and helps your skin to tolerate better again UV damages. It also helps to reduce acne from existing on your skin and it is also useful to prevent skin cancer. Furthermore, when you intake krill oils every day, you would definitely notice a big change of your skin glowing.


There is quite a number of krill oils on the market today. The supplements above are, at the very least, guaranteed to pass through your system without causing any undue damage. Most will bring far more benefits to your body that you expect.

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Kirkland Signature Krill Oil


When you hear about this krill oil, you will hear people talk about things like 150mcg Astaxanthins, 200mg Phospholipids, and 120mg total Omega-3. If you are like most people, none of that will make any sense to you.

What you need to realize is that this Krill Oil has all the ingredients necessary to support one’s health. You should also know that this krill oil has superior absorption. Not only is this oil pure, but it has no fish odor or aftertaste.

Not only are these supplements affordable but they come as small capsules that shouldn’t present a problem for anyone to swallow.

AMRAP Nutrition Omega-3 Krill Oil

 AMRAP Nutrition Omega 3 Krill Oil

What this Krill oil supplement brings to the table is maximum potency, utilizing omega-3 phospholipids and natural antioxidants like astaxanthin to not only increase strength and stamina but to reduce recovery time even while boosting the immune system.

The nitrogen vacuum-sealing process used here ensures purity, eliminating oxidation and ensuring that air doesn’t come into contact with the oils. Those suspicious individuals can also take comfort in the fact that this product has been tested by a third party for purity, safety, and nutritional value.

Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil

 Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil

Jarrow has been producing supplements for decades, and their experience here shows. This krill oil supplement from Jarrow boasts Vitamin A, Vitamin E, astaxanthin, and phospholipids, delivering greater efficiency than even fish oil in the long run. Free of GMOs, this supplement is extracted from abundant Antarctic krill oil and should, at the very least, deliver the same benefits as fish oil.

Astaxanthin Natural Antioxidant

 Astaxanthin Natural Antioxidant

With this product, you know that you are getting something genuine primarily because all Dr. Mercola premium products have a trademark seal of authenticity. In other words, you do not have to worry about unintentionally purchasing fake products.

The manufacturer ensures purity by employing a unique patent-pending harvesting method that gets krill to tanks on the boat alive; as a result, the fresh processing of delicate krill is made possible.

Now Foods Neptune Krill Oil

 Now Foods Neptune Krill Oil

There are so many benefits that this Neptune krill oil supplement brings to the table, this including potent antioxidants that will not only improve joint health but also provide cardiovascular support.

The supplement makes use of Omega-9, omega-3, and phospholipids. It is also a rich source of astaxanthin. Consumers can use this supplement to reduce the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Hamilton Healthcare Pure Krill Oil

 Hamilton Healthcare Pure Krill Oil

This supplement uses DHA essential fatty acids and omega-3 EPA, components that are critical for an individual’s health. There is no fishy aftertaste or even burping to worry about.

The advanced cold extraction process used in the preparation of this supplement ensures that it is perfectly positioned to support the heart, brain, and joints, while boosting the immune system.

Because of the oxygen-free manufacturing process utilized, consumers are also guaranteed perfect purity and freshness when buying this product.

Megared Omega 3 Krill Oil

 Megared Omega 3 Krill Oil

This pure Antarctic krill oil is guaranteed to provide an optimal combination of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, this along with essential oils that can provide protection against the risk of coronary heart disease. Along with supporting cardiovascular health, this supplement is free of fishy odor or aftertaste.

Naturo Sciences Antarctic Krill Oil

 Naturo Sciences Antarctic Krill Oil

The most notable element of this supplement is the fact that it is free from all impurities. This can be imputed to a multi-stage oil extraction process that makes sure the resulting krill oil is free of trimethylamine, total volatile nitrogen and any of the myriads of oxidative elements that might present a threat to your health.

Along with the fact that you do not have to worry about fish burps and uncomfortable tastes, you can trust this krill oil supplement to act as a natural solution for most ailments.

Doctors have taken to prescribing this krill oil primarily because of the positive reputation Naruto science has garnered over the years. The brand can be trusted to provide supplements that are not only effective but perfectly safe for human consumption.

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil

This krill oil gives you all the omega-3 you could possibly want, this along with proving to be a considerably powerful source of naturally occurring EPA, DHA and phospholipids. All these ingredients are combined in a unique formula to form a product that has very little krill smell and no aftertaste.

Viva Naturals Krill Oil


Viva technically doesn’t offer any new ingredients in its krill oil. What it does is to provide additional potency. This krill oil might have the highest potency of EPA, DHA, phospholipids and astaxanthins, at least with regards to individual servings.

As such, the krill oil brings an added level of effectiveness to the table; the fact that it has been clinically proven to support the heath of the brain, heart and joints should give many people some peace of mind.

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