LEDs have already become the choice of many when it comes to lighting home and office environments. With less power consumption, higher brightness levels and flexible product offerings there is hardly any competition. Also for builders, interior designers and architects using LED for bright, stylish lighting have become a key trend in modern home decorating too. And LED light strips really play important role nowadays.

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List of Top 10 LED Light Strips in 2020

This article will discuss the best-LED light strips that are out there in today’s market. We will list down the top 10 LED light strip product in their descending order.

10. WenTop Led Strip Lights Kit 32.8 Ft

WenTop Led Light Strip DC12V UL Listed Power Supply

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At number 10 we have the best Extra Long LED Strip lights by WenTop. If you need more than a full roll of lights strips then you should buy this without any hesitation. This kit is the best seller in Stage Lighting and is a crowd pleaser. Including two rolls of strip LEDs, this kit contains a remote control, power adapter, connectors and enough adhesive tapes to use as hanging hardware. The kit has a one year warranty for this product. By far the best extra LED strip product in terms of LED strips available in today’s market.

9. OxyLED OxySense Stick-on Wireless Motion Sensing Cabinet LED

OxyLED OxySense T-02 DIY Stick-on

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This is by far the best motion sensor LED strip out there. If your requirement needs a motion sensor LED strip then this is your best buy. It is unique and is perfect for inside cabinets and closets, places where you don’t need lighting constantly but from time to time. The light strip has 20 LED lights in two working modes. It can be motion activated to switch on when the closet or cabinet is opened or to have on at all times. You can design your interior to have motion activated behavior using this LED strips. The batter can be charged using the microUSB port.

8. eTopxizu Black PCB TV BackLight Kit

Black PCB TV BackLight Kit

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This is widely known as the best shorter light strip. Depending on your requirement being a small project this light strip is an ideal choice. It is 3.2 feet long in length and mostly used to light behind single furniture or behind TV or monitor. The black LED strip adapts to the surrounding environment nicely when not switched on. This LED strip has 20 colors to choose from plus white.

7.CefrankEfrank Set of 4 LED Light Bar-Under Kitchen Cabinet

Efrank Set of 4 LED Light Bar-Under Kitchen Cabinet Led Lamp

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Coming in at number 7, this is rated as the best under the counter LED strips. With good value for money, these light strips have a lifespan of over 50000 light hours. The kit includes 4 white strip lights and a power supply. They are designed for under counter usage, hence not as flexible as other light strips on this review. Each bar comes with more than enough tape so the customer is relieved of the trouble of purchasing additional hanging hardware.

6.Tingkam 16.4 ft 5M Waterproof 5050 SMD RGB LED Flexible (LED Light Strips)

Tingkam® 16.4 ft 5M Waterproof

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Coming in at number 6 on our list, this LED strip is not just flexible but highly reliable. It is also quite cost-effective for a product of this nature. Because of all these reasons, this is one of those products with superior customer satisfaction ratings. This comes with 44 color options giving more options for the user. It has the black LED strip which is quite invisible when turned off and has double layer copper contacts. This is a waterproof product which makes it ideal for outdoor installation during the holiday season.

5. WenTop Waterproof Led Strip Lights

WenTop Led Strip Lights Waterproof Led

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In at number 5, WenTop waterproof LED is the best waterproof LED strip light available in the market today. This is by far the most popular beginner’s choice in the market. Mostly for Christmas and holiday season, these lights are a must to have outside of your house. By nature, it can withstand wind, snow, and rain. Although 16.4 feet long, this can be cut into pieces and used to fit for spaces in both indoor and outdoor environment.

4. HitLights Eclipse LED Light Strip Accent Kit

Eclipse LED Light Strip Accent Kit

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Known as the best discreet LED light strip out there, Highlights Eclipse LED comes in at 4th place in our list. It is the perfect product for indoor lighting, especially where you need accent lighting. This LED strip is so black it is almost unnoticeable unless you switch on the light. The kit includes four LED strips, controller and connectors, power supply, 3M backing tape and most importantly a two-year warranty. The product has several variations tailor-made to specific environments such as indoor kit and weatherproof kit.

3. Lighting EVER White 16.4ft LED Flexible Light Strip

LE 16.4ft LED Flexible Light Strip

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This is rated by many as the most cost-effective LED strip product out there. It’s of similar length which is 16.4 feet in length but significantly outperforms the last 2 products in our list of best-LED strips when it comes to price advantage. Rated as the best light strip for indoor lighting, this product comes in two colors blue or white.

2. EVERLE 16.4ft 12V Flexible LED Light Strip

LE 16.4ft 12V Flexible LED Light Strip

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If all that you want is a pure white LED light strip without the need for a remote control to change colors as and when required like the Topmax 5050 this may probably be your best buy. All over the world customers rate this product very highly. This product consists of 300 LEDs which is 16.4 feet long. This LED light strip can be cut to small sizes in order to install in preferred shapes. Having a taped backside makes it very easy to install this product as well.

1. Topmax 5050 16.4ft/5m Led Strip Lights

Topmax 5050 16.4ft/5m Led Strip Lights-LED Light Strips

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Coming in at our number for this year’s top 10 LED light strips is Topmax 5050 16.4ft/5m Led Strip Lights. This cheap yet elegant LED light strip is 16.4 feet long. It comes with a 44 key color remote and a 12V 13A charger with built-in IC and fuse. This LED strip is special as it can change between any color in the rainbow. The only drawback of this is that the power supply can only handle 5m at a time per unit.

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