Parking lots need more light

They can be dark scary places if not lit up correctly. One way to solve your parking lot light issues is easy. Just switch to one of the top 10 best LED parking lot lights in 2020. These lights are designed to light up your life and your parking lot.

Plus, you get long lasting lifespans which help save you a ton of money. Upgrade your parking lot lights, your visitors will thank you.

Our LED larking lot light review

List Of Top 10 Best Led Parking Lot Lights in 2020

10. AntLux LED Parking Lot Lights

AntLux 150W LED Parking

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Once you install this set of LED parking lot lights, your surrounding area is lit up with over 18,000 lumens. Plus, the 5000k light makes it easy for everyone to see what they are doing. Using only 150 watts of power your energy bill should reduce as well.

Also, an included photocell makes sure your light turns on at dusk and off at sunrise. The LED parking lot light is easy to install and shouldn’t take a lot of time.

9. Adiding Led Parking Lot Light

150 Watt Led Parking Lot

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A slip fit feature ensures that changing paring lot lights is simple and easy. Plus, its adjustable function allows you to point the light where you need it most. Once installed, the photocell handles the power on and off duties for you.

After installation, you get 19,500 lumens of light lasting you for about 5000 hours of constant daily use. Then once you have hooked the light up, it should only use 150 watts of power, cutting down on your electric bill.

8. Rugged Grade LED Parking Lot Light

300 Watt NextGen II LED

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It may use around 300 watts of power every time it turns on, but its benefits are immense. Once these lights turn on, you get up to 40,000 lumens to light up your parking area. Plus, 5000k light illuminates the paring area so everyone can see what they are doing with ease.

In addition to this, the installation is simple with the sip fit technology. Then the photocell handles the power duty, so you do not have to.

7. Hyperikon Parking Lot Light

Hyperikon Parking Lot Lights

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Having the photocell on duty is the smart way to have a parking lot light. These photocells keep you safe and make sure the light is turned on and off when it is supposed to be. Also, you get easy installation as well.

Plus, the 150-watt LED parking lot light produces up to 18,000 lumens and 5000k of light to make sure your parking lot is well lit. 45,000 hours of life should lower your electric bill for years to come.

6. Leon Lite LED Parking Lot Light

Ultra Bright LED Parking

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Made from aluminum and other durable construction materials, this waterproof parking lot light is also weather and erosion resistant. Plus, the slip and fit technology makes sure installation doesn’t take all day. Its adjustable arm allows you to point the light where you need it to shine.

Once you connect the power, you get 18,000 lumens approx. and lots of light illuminating your parking area. With 50,000 hours of life, this photocell operated parking lot light should last you for a long time.

5. LEDMO LED Street Light

200W LED Parking

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After installing this LED parking lot light over a circular pole, you should receive up to 5000k of light. Plus, the waterproof easy to install light produces around 26,000 lumens for a better night time atmosphere.

In addition to those features, you get an adjustable light that you can point in a variety of directions. This photocell operated LED parking lot light can work in extreme temperatures without hassle. How long it lasts depends on its use and how it is abused.

4. Hyperikon LED Parking Lot Lights

Hyperikon LED Parking

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4 photocell-operated LED light sections help turn your dark parking lot into a light comfortable and safe place to be. Also, the 300-watt parking lot light uses a 150-degree angle to spread its 36,000 lumens around.

Once you connect the power, your light bill should go down over the 45,000 hours this light lives. This parking lot light is easy to install and shouldn’t take that long to do it. After it is up your parking lot should have fewer dark spots

3. Hykolity LED Parking Lot Light

Hykolity 150W LED Parking

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After you hook up this light and connect the power, you can adjust it to shine where it is most needed. Once this is done, you should receive 5000k light shining at 19,500 lumens. It is also easy to install and get into place.

On top of all that, the waterproof parking lot light should last you roughly 50,000 hours. It should also withstand a lot of different weather conditions throughout its lifetime. A photocell turns the light on and off at the right times.

2. Adiding Led Parking Lot Light

150 Watt Led Shoebox

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Get dusk to dawn coverage once you install this LED parking lot light. Its 150 watts of power produce around 18,000 lumens and gives off almost 6000k of light. Then its roughly 50,000 hours of life should help keep your parking lot safe for years.

In addition to all that, the adjustable arm lets you point the light in the right direction for greater coverage. The standard photocell makes sure the light is turned on and off when it should.

1. Docheer 300Watt LED Shoebox Light

Docheer 300Watt LED

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6 LED light sections light up your parking lot making it a safe place to be. Plus, the easy to install LED parking lot light brings 300 watts of LED light power to your parking lot situation. An adjustable arm should give you the most coverage when put in the correct position.

Also, you get roughly 500k of light from the 33,000 lumens this parking lot light produces. The waterproof light should last you about 50,000 hours.

Some final words

Light up your life and parking lot with one of the top 10 best LED parking lot light sin 2020. Their waterproof construction and long life spans make sure your parking lot remains lit all night long.

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