If you are frequent travellers, you need the best luggage locks. You may have experienced losing some of your belongings or heard someone lose something at the airport or the bus station. Last year, I experienced losing a lot of stuff while I was traveling in Thailand. When I get my bags at the luggage claim, I realise that the zip was opened, and I could not find my beard trimmer, perfume and mac charger. This is a result that I did not care about locks for luggage until I experienced it. I swear it is not a nice feeling at all. I do not want you to taste that. That is why I formed this list to help you to get away from terrible moments.

List Of Top 10 Best Luggage Locks in 2021 Reviews

10. HeroFiber

Luggage Accessories Kit

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In case you always feel insecure when you are traveling because there is nothing to lock your suitcase, we would like to introduce to you a TSA luggage lock by HeroFiber brand that ranks in our review list in the 10th place. The design of this baggage lock is very modern and trendy owing to the fact that it comes with a resettable 3 dial combination that enables you to set your lock code up to thousands different codes.

Thus, with this smart and cool design, you can rest assured that your valuable stuff and other things in luggage are all secured. Other than that, this keyless design can absolutely provide greater convenience because you do not have to worry that you could not open your baggage when you lose your key. All you have to do is just to remember your passcode.

9. Zhovee

TSA Lock Security

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Right here is a TSA approved luggage lock from Zhovee brand. This is also a 3 digit combination suitcase lock that is commonly used by many travelers as well. Zhovee has come in 4 lovely colors including black, pink, orange and black that you can choose based on your preference. Meanwhile the overall dimension of this lock is 1.57 x 1.18 x 0.43 inches that is small enough to add more style to your suitcase.

However, you might question that since it is this small, the dials are probably smaller that it is hard for you to see. The answer is NO. This TSA approved lock is constructed with high contrast dials that allows you to see clearly and read easily. So, unlike your previous lock, with Zhovee, you do not need your glasses to open your lock anymore.

8. BV

TSA Approved Luggage

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Moving on to another traveler luggage lock that is introduced by BV. This baggage is made for multiple usages. Actually, you can use it to lock your suitcase when you are on a trip and it can also be a school and gym locker for you as well. For your information, this BV luggage lock is available in 3 different colors which are black, red and silver. Interestingly, right after you purchase, you will get a 30 days money back guarantee, so you can trust the quality of this BV suitcase lock.

More than that, this traveler luggage lock is TSA accepted, so it can be unlocked or relocked by TSA agents without needing to break the lock.  You can trust your baggage with this lock due to the fact that it is designed with the 3 digit dials that you can set up different code up to 1000, thus it is not an easy task for the thief to successfully open your lock.

7. TravelMore

8 Pack TSA Approved

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Up next is our number 7 item from TravelMore brand. This is electronic luggage lock which is one of the recent advanced technologies. It is designed to be very tiny that is convenient for you to keep and use it well. More importantly, it is composed of good quality Zinc and hardened steel shackles which are all strong materials that make this TravelMore lock durable. So, you can use this luggage lock without any worry since it is backed by a 100% lifetime warranty.

What even more special than this is that this weatherproof designed for multiple uses, so you can use it with various items when you want to keep them safe. In addition, this is one of the electronic luggage locks which also has a flexible steel cable that enables you to easily pass it through the whole of any suitcase zipper when you want to lock.

6. Anvil

TSA Approved 3 Digit

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Right now, we would like to introduce you another well-known luggage lock. This lock is brought by Anvil brand. Actually, there are many outstanding points that help this suitcase lock rank in the 6th place of our review list. First of all, it is specially designed for both security and ease of use at the same time. With its super durable zinc alloy body coupled with steel cable, you can certainly trust its quality that you can use it for many years.

On top of that, the design of Anvil lock allows you to read the dial easier and faster because it has white digit numbers on the black background of the dial. So, it’s gonna be more convenient because you do not need to take out your flashlight or glasses.

5. Yestelle

4 Dial Digit TSA

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If you think that a 3 dial digits lock is not enough to secure your baggage, how about changing to a 4 dial digits TSA certified travel luggage lock? If so, we would like to introduce you a smart 4 digits lock from Yestelle. The design of this suitcase lock is very lovely in which it is available in 8 different vivid colors including blue, silver, pink, red, yellow, purple, and light green.

For your information, with this keyless TSA approved combination lock, the process of setting the digit combination is very easy and quick, by just following the instruction paper, you will get your code done in half a minute. Furthermore, this 4 dial digits lock is backed by a lifetime warranty because it is made of high quality sturdy Zinc alloy.

4. Master Lock

Master Lock Padlock

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Master lock is a TSA approved padlock with key, but even there is a key, it is not gonna be a burden. This is an ideal lock for travelers who bring many suitcases along when they are on their trip. The reason that it is an ideal choice is that it is easy to use since one key can open all the locks. Master Lock is constructed for long term durability as it is made of strong metal body and shrouded steel shackle that is cut and sawing resistance.

Also, by purchasing one package, you will get 4 locks, thus it helps you save time and money while these 4 locks are enough for keeping all your valuable baggage safe. Moreover, it is also tiny that is very easy for you to keep.

3. Sure Lock

TSA Compatible Travel

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Let’s take a look at another brand known as Sure Lock. Sure Lock is made for long term use because it has super tough alloy body that is able to protect the lock from harsh baggage handling. More than that, the attached top quality stainless steel internal lock mechanism will not rush or freeze up even if you have used it for many years.

And, the most outstanding feature of this suitcase lock is its inspection indicator. With this indicator, you will know whether your suitcase has been inspected or not right after you pick it up at the airport. Therefore, in order to know whether your baggage has been opened or not, you can just look at the button on the top of cable lock, if the button pops out, it means your suitcase has been unlocked.


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The item that ranks in the 2nd place is LIFEDE lock. This brand is one of the best selling luggage locks due to its amazing quality. Interestingly, this lock is very light which is only 70g while its overall size is only 38 x 27mm. But even if it is small and light, it is strong enough to protect your suitcase. LIFEDE lock is specially designed for wide range of uses.

With this lock, you can actually use it with not only luggage but also backpack, cabinet, door, window, packsack, counter, and so on. So, it is absolutely a must-have stuff because it is useful in protecting your treasured things.

1. Forge

 TSA Approved Cable

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Now, we would like to announce the number 1 item, that is Forge luggage lock. This baggage lock has come in a variety of colors such as orange, violet, blue, black, silver and pink. This lock can definitely keep your luggage secured because it has hardened cable that can never be able to break. So, you can rest assured when you use it to protect your suitcase.

Moreover, the cable of this lock is thin enough to thread through any standard size zipper or hard case lock hole. But it is still strong enough to keep your belongings safe. And, don’t worry about accidently changing your lock code to the wrong combination because with Forge, you can change your combination as many as you want.

Buying Guide

Let’s take a look at some points that you need to consider before purchasing any luggage lock.

Easy to read: For your convenience, you need to choose any lock that has clear and vivid digits, so it will be easy for you to read without having to wear glasses.

Easy to set dials: It is important to go with any lock that is easy to set the code because in case you accidentally change your lock code to the wrong combination, there will be no problem for you to set a new one.

Flexible steel cable: To ensure that the lock fits with any type of suitcase, you should consider having a lock with flexible steel cable because it is easy to thread through zippers.

Durability: You should choose any lock that has top quality Zinc alloy and stainless steel shackle. With these materials, the lock is backed by a lifetime use.

Warranty: To make sure that you can rest assured after purchasing and using, it is good to go with the luggage lock that comes with some kind of warranty.


Now you know the travel locks for luggage available in the market. Before you start your next trip, I strongly hope you can get quality locks for luggage and make sure that your stuffs are safe.


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Top 10 best luggage locks in 2021 reviews


10. TSA Luggage Locks


The TSA Luggage Locks have a durable construction as it’s made of plated steel and zinc alloy. Since it is approved by the TSA, your luggage can be inspected by TSA screeners without damaging the lock. It can be used to secure cases, hasps, bags, chains, cabinets, small lockers and more. The locks weigh 2.6 oz. and measures 3″ x 1.2″ x 0.6″.

9. Forge TSA Lock 4 Pack 4 Colors


The Forge TSA Lock has a special alloy body, unique internal mechanism and tough steel shackles to endure wear and tear. It comes with an open alert indicator that lets you know if a TSA agent has opened your lock. The red indicator will appear under the steel shackle if a TSA agent opens your bag. You can also easily set a three-digit combination as the lock comes with detailed photos and instructions.

3. Lumintrail TSA Approved


The Lumintrail lock comes with a 4′ elastic steel cable to secure your bag and personal belongings. You can enter your own three digit combination with ease. It can be used to secure computer bags, luggage, briefcases, backpacks, small cabinets and bags. The cable luggage lock has a Travel Sentry mark informs screeners that they can open and close your bag without breaking the lock open. It comes in 3 colors – silver, black and red, making it easier to identify your bags.

4. Master Lock 4688DBLK TSA


The Master Lock 4688DBLK TSA approved locks allow you to set your own combination with ease. It comes with an elastic cable for extra protection. The locks have a 1-3/16″ wide tough metal body. It is 1-1/2″ long and comes with a 1/8″ diameter shackle. The locks are made of elastic braided steel that’s covered with vinyl to endure strain from luggage handling equipment.

5. TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks


The TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks are made from durable zinc alloy. Each lock also comes with a lifetime warranty, instructional video and detailed instructions. You can also set your own three digit combination. The elastic steel cable makes it easy to thread through every kind of luggage zipper.

6. Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Combination Luggage Lock


The Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Combination Luggage Lock has a resettable three-dial combination, so it won’t break when going through the conveyor belt. It has an elastic 70mm steel cable for added security. You can also use the lock on lockers at water parks, gyms and hostels. There are various colors available, so you can pick the shade you want.

7. TSA Bright Color Locks 2 Pack


The TSA Bright Color Locks have tough steel shackles, alloy lock bodies and unique internal mechanisms, so it can endure a lot of pounding. Each lock also has an Open Alert indicator, so you’ll know when a TSA agent opens your bag. You’re also free to set your three-digit combination. The locks can be used on gym lockers, laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks and purses.

8. Tarriss TSA Lock – TSA Luggage Locks for Travel – 2 Pack


The Tarriss TSA Lock allows you to set your own three-dial combination to secure your luggage. You can also reset the combination. It’s accepted and recognized by TSA agents, so your bag can be inspected by TSA agents without breaking your locks. Its elastic cable makes threading through the luggage zippers easier. Thelocks are made of zinc alloy, so they’re very durable.

9. Samsonite Luggage 2

The Samsonite Luggage 2 Pack Travel Sentry Key Lock is made of zinc alloy, so it’s very durable. Each lock also comes with two keys. This means that you can keep your luggage and personal belongings safe. The lock can withstand travel as it’s very durable.

10. Maxpedition Gear Tactical Luggage Lock


The Maxpedition Gear Tactical Luggage Lock gives you peace of mind when traveling. You can set your own 3-dial combination. The 3.7-inch steel cable fastener offers added security. Since it is TSA approved, luggage inspectors can open and re-lock it without having to break the lock.

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