The masquerade masks for men are the accessory that supposedly makes you stand out from the crowd and required in any honorable ball party. With its ornate design decorated by gold and silver dye, the masks itself symbolize elegant and romantic. Even though it originated centuries ago in Venice, the tradition still holds on to this day as you may not surprise to see someone wearing the mask in a high-class event.

If you are going to join such occasion, you had better make yourself look gorgeous with stylish design mask that would attract people’s attention. Therefore, we present you top 10 best masquerade masks for men in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2020:

10. 2015 Halloween mask half-face painting masquerade masks

2015 halloween mask Half face painting masks

We start our list with Venetian style with gold and black painted mask. This one is made from plastic with a black ribbon tie down on your head. The decorations and patterns are carefully embedded on the cover making it look realistic as much as it seems. The weight is relatively light good for wearing. The swirl pattern on the forehead makes the mask stands out.

Special features:

  • Unique design
  • Inexpensive
  • Fit both male and female face


  • Halloween-look
  • Paint job does not last long
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9. Stunning Silver Gray Grey All Lace Goddess Ana Masquerade Mask

Stunning Silver Gray Grey

With its silver color, the mask shines brightly under the party lighting. The designers are making the wearer look as beautiful as a goddess ascends from the sky above. The color does not paint as this one used genuine silver as materials. The white ribbon along with the silver mask, the whole thing look stunning as you imagine. It also has been featured by a famous Hollywood star, Samantha Peach, and photos of it have been on book and photo.

Special features:

  • Hand painted and hand tied ribbon
  • Burano Venetian style
  • Very detail decoration


  • A little tight for larger face
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8. KAYSO INC Men’s Venetian Masquerade Mask

KAYSO INC Men's Venetian Masquerade Mask

This mask could turn any man into a handsome knight. With classic Venetian design and black polished texture, the mask is a piece of traditional art. The size is supposedly fit all size and shape of any face. The black ribbon goes along well with the black mask. There will not be any excess glue or residue as this mask is carefully made to a perfection.

Special features:

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing material
  • Hand drawn pattern
  • No flaking of paint
  • A quite hard mask that not easily be broken


  • Keep falling and cover your eye
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7. Masquerade Black-Silver Masquerade Mask for Men

Masquerade Black-Silver Masquerade Mask for Men

Black and silver paint turn the mask into a unique accessory. This masquerade mask is designed to look fabulous on men face. The paint has a glossy finish, and reverse pattern goes along together well. The fabric is so smooth that giving a comfortable feeling when wearing one. Moreover, the designer has chosen quality and flexible material to create this masquerade mask. The elastic band secures this lightweight mask from falling.

Special features:

  • Fit perfectly with any size of face
  • A product imported from Italy
  • High standard product


  • The elastic band is feeble
  • Small eye holes
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6. Luxury Mask High-Quality Venetian Party Mask

Luxury Mask High Quality Venetian Party Mask

If you are looking for a modestly designed mask, then this one definitely fits the bill. It comes with solid black texture and very modest decoration, but look luxurious. The entire fabric surface is plastic so you can hand wash your mask comfortably. Moreover, it fits well among many types of event like prom, ball, or even on Halloween. Truly, this is a simple mask that fit for any occasion.

Special features:

  • Go along with style of costume
  • High quality and easy to clean


  • The ribbon does not tightly keep the mask in place
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5. Lucky Retro Roman Gladiator Halloween Party Facial Masquerade Mask

lucky Retro Roman Gladiator Halloween Party Facial Masquerade Mask

If you are a fan of spiral swirl design, this one will catch your interest if the first one we mention does not fit your color preference as for this one comes with silver color, which looks, dazzling and brightly stunning. The retro gladiator pattern makes anyone wearing charming as it is. Made with high-grade plastic and elastic ribbon, it is very comforting for the wearer while looking elegant among anyone else.

Special features:

  • A brand new product with quality warranty
  • Masculine look
  • Affordable


  • The silver paint seem to be dimmer than expected
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4. Luxury Mask Men’s Phantom of the Opera Half Face Masquerade Mask

Luxury Mask Men's

Our fourth mask we recommend for a party is a half face mask with the Vintage design. The decoration on it is luxurious even it is a painted plastic mask. In fact, it fit with any costume and any event. You can easily wash it, and it is satisfying to wear as well. The mask is secured by double silk ribbons with easy adjustment feature.

Special features:

  • Fit to large size face
  • Phantom of Opera looking style


  • The texture does not look smooth glossy
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3. Metallic Half-Masks

Metallic Half-Masks

Looking for super cheap masquerade mask, you can get one with several bucks. Moreover, it comes in two dozen in one set, so it can share it with the whole group if you want, which is awesome having a gang wearing the same design. The mask, made of plastic, has a black band on the back as well. The paint looks metallic along with tough-looking pattern will make you seem like a hero.

Special features:

  • A great deal with many masks for an inexpensive price
  • Comes with difference shining colors
  • Thin and light


  • Small eye holes
  • The 7” size is a little bit small for adult
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2. KAYSO INC Original Lover’s Collection – Couple’s Masquerade Mask

KAYSO INC Original Lover's Collection

Now we have a pair of masquerade masks that perfectly suit for loving couple looking elegant among everyone in the event. They both comes in black and dark color. The similarity in color increase the beautiful symbolize love and closeness. Both masks are made with quality material, and design is superb with intricate pattern and symmetry.

Special features:

  • Metallic and silver design
  • High standard artisanship from Kayso Inc.
  • Look good when both masks go together


  • The ribbon is hard to adjust
  • Female mask made with metal but male one made from plastic
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1. Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask – Best of Masquerade Masks for Men

Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle - Best Masquerade Masks for Men

Our top mask on the list deserves the title not because of its look but also for its price. The pitch-black color painted on high-grade plastic; honestly, the mask provides a luxurious look for an affordable price tag. It is entirely appropriate for any kind of event from prom to a high-class event like a ball. You will sure look the most stunning and stand out from everyone else. The mask is six and a half inches wide which is not too small. The color goes along with black ribbon; the mask genuinely looks admirable.

Special features:

  • Great, beautiful and humble design
  • Suit with any kind of costume
  • Comforting to wear


  • Does not fit people with long nose
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With all these that we present, we assure you would look as elegant as you could with each one of these. It only depends on your style and preference that which one of these is what you confidently want to wear to an event. If you find the list useful, be sure to check out our list reviewing on some types of products as well.

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