There are few other things for professional music enthusiasts that are so important that a best microphone stands. Whether you need a microphone stand for studio recordings, for on-stage performances or for other projects it is important that you get the best one. Companies manufacturing sound equipments boast about their products but it is important that you get the right kind of product at the proper price. Here’s the top 10 best microphone stand in 2019 that will deliver the best service.

List Of Top 10 Best Microphone Stands in 2019

10. HERCULES presents High-Quality Hideaway Boom Stand MS533B

Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

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Hercules is a well-known company in manufacturing premium quality microphone stands that are known for their great quality and durability. Enabling instant microphone attachment you just need to push the lever upward or downward for easily mounting the adapter to the mic stand. Dual use boom clamp can adjust the boom length and angle and helps you to avoid getting messed up with the setting. A wide range of height adjustment ranging from 42.1- 94.5 inches helps you to set the mic at a perfect height. Easily adjust the boom to the desired position by simply loosening the knob.

9. ULTIMATE SUPPORT presents Studio Series Microphone Stant with Caster Wheels MC-125

Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Series

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Set your mic in the perfect position with multiple levels of adjustments of this high-quality microphone stand. Get the benefit of the caster wheels that can move the stand in all directions and you can lock it in any direction for restricted movement. For right placement and easy adjustment, this microphone stand features a die-cast counterweight of 5.75lbs. A long range of height adjustment ranging from 52-inches to 83-inches makes it one of the most versatile microphone stands. This helps you to adjust the placement of the stand as per your requirement.

8. Hex-Base Studio Boom Stand with Casters SMS7650 by ON STAGE

On Stage SMS7650 Studio Boom Mic

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The On-Stand microphone stand gives you the firm placement and setting at the perfect angle without distortion. Featuring two straight boom shaft you can use this microphone stand for live concerts, projects and studio works. With a strong base of 17lbs and removable caster, you can get the best stability from this stand. Having a 3 section vertical shaft you can remove the short boom and slide down the primary boom arm that locks down the tension knob. Wide base spread measures 24-inches with the casters giving perfect balance and stability to the microphone stand.

7. K&M Premium Quality Microphone Stand with Boom Arm

K & M Mic stand with boom arm

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Get the firmness and stability in this microphone stand that is made with high-quality material. It has the K&M’s proprietary steel tubing that ensures the perfect balance while setting the microphone and gives a durable long-life service for years. This complete set of boom arm with stand comes with a locking washer and plastic grip. A large wing nut helps in setting perfect adjustment for the microphone that is smooth and scratch-free. If you’re looking for a sturdy microphone stand at a reasonable price then, this one is the best choice.

6. K&M Low-Level Microphone Stand with Two-Piece Boom Arm

K & M Microphone Stand

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Looking for a speciality microphone stand that is strong and durable? Then this one is just perfect for you to add to your list of sound equipments. This low-level telescopic stand can be used for a special purpose and use it for the bass drum. A two-piece boom arm helps you to make the perfect low-level adjustment for all your projects. Easy to transport it has foldable legs that you can snap in and take easily carry this powerful microphone stand wherever you want. Even with a fairly heavy microphone the boom arm maintains its perfect stability and balance every time.

5. PYLE presents Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand PMKS56 with Clutch-In T-bar Adjustment

Pyle Heavy Duty Microphone Stand

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Smooth, quick and easy adjustments are some of the special features of this premium quality microphone stand. Adjust the height of this stand with a variable length measuring 51.2-inches to 78.75-inches. With enlarged tubing, you get added support and durability. Perfectly balanced and stable tripod base weighs just 6.5 lbs but still provides an ample of support to the microphone avoiding any kind of collapses. You can always count on this microphone stand because it has the 5/8-inch universal adapter for durable support. Use this stand with or without the boom for all your on-stage performances with great confidence.

4. GATOR presents Frameworks Premium Microphone Stand GFW-MIC-1201

Gator GFW-MIC-1201 Frameworks Mic Stand

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Featuring heavy-duty construction and convenient design this is one of the best microphone stands you can find in the market. Adjust the height of the microphone as per your preference with this stand that can be extended 40-inches to 63-inches. With a non-slip vibration reducing gasket the 12-inch weighed rounded base reduces footfall noise. Its soft and comfortable clutches enables single-handed operation with a simple squeeze trigger so that you can set the microphone quickly to the proper position. Removable cable management clips make your cable handling convenient and easy. Apart from all the other features, this premium quality product comes with a 3-year warranty to assure you of its quality.

3. Studio Series Microphone Boom Stand with Caster Wheels MC-125 by Ultimate Support

Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Series

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Are you looking for a microphone stand that has versatile usage for professional purposes then, this one is perfect for you. With a 5.75 lb die-cast counterweight enables you to place the microphone stand at the proper position with perfect balance and stability. Known to be the most adjustable boom stand you can manage the height of this stand anywhere between 35-inches to 61-inches. Rollerblade-style caster wheels enable super-smooth movements and standalone lock to keep the stand fixed at one position. Trusted by many satisfied customers this is one of the best microphone stands to choose from.

2. Heavy-Duty Single Hand Microphone Steel Stand MS-1C by TALENT

Talent MS-1C Heavy Duty Steel Base

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Absolute quality and durability this microphone stand is known for its consistent service for all professional purposes. With the stout full-steel construction the stand gains the strength to hold the heaviest of the microphone without losing its balance. Quick single-handed grip operation clutch makes the height adjustment easy and takes little time to make it. Rugged black finish enhances the look of the stand while keeping the attention of the audience on the performance. 360-degree gasket base gives maximum stability to the microphone stand.

1. K&M Premium Telescopic Microphone Stand

K & M Microphone Stand with Telescopic

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This is the professional quality microphone stand that delivers the ultimate quality and comfort for the best of the purposes. Tripod stand with a firm base makes setting perfect. Adjust the height of the microphone as per your convenience anywhere between 35.5-inches to 63.125-inches. Strong heavy-duty steel construction makes this stand stable and non-tipping all the time. Durable adjustment knobs are rigid and tighten well while avoiding any kind of sagging. True to its quality, this premium quality microphone stand comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Firm and Stable

When it comes to handling sound equipments most of the professional music enthusiast prefer equipments with premium quality construction and trusted service. A microphone stand can really make a difference to the quality of the sound you will be receiving. All the products in this list bear the mark of ultimate quality and give the best service for years.

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