If you are a rider and you love motorcycles, then you know what difference it can make in owning the right type of best motorcycle wheel chock. But when you are making a purchase, it can get hectic, from all those pop-ups and constant advertisements, you never know which review is valid. There are so many options and most of them are good enough, but you would like something custom made to better fit your lifestyle. Right?

List of the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Take a look at what we have put together. Hard research, time and effort indicate that we indeed put together an updated list of what we call our “Top Ten Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock of 2022”. The 10 best motorcycle wheel chocks are listed below and ready for you to take your pick.

Note: Condor Wheel Chock is our best selling motorcycle wheel chock in this list.

10. Condor SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock - Condor SC-2000 Trailer Only Chock
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This Motorcycle wheel chock is perfect for heavy duty bikes, such as those that can weigh up to 3000 pounds. It is fully adjustable and comes with a patented locking mechanism that locks either the front or the rear wheels in sizes from 14-22in/80-220W.

Because it is a trailer chock, it easily snaps on and off platforms and only one person is needed to load or release their motorcycle. Also, it folds down easily for storage and comes with two tie-down straps for securing the bike for long term purposes.

Trailer-Only Chock Product Features:

  • One size wheel chock
  • Fully adjustable wheel locking system
  • Capable of bikes weighing up to 3000 pounds
  • Supports motorcycles in an upright position
  • As a trailer chock, it easily snaps on and off transport platforms
  • Requires only one person to load any motorcycle
  • Fold-down for easy storage

9. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

9. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock
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Go for Sleek, Stable and Solid. This heavy-duty steel chock comes in a textured matte powder coat finish. With an adjustable design, it fits 17 inch – 21-inch motorcycle and sportbike wheels. Assembly is easy, as it only weighs 23.4 pounds. It takes one person to secure the motorcycle and all you have to do is ride it onto this chock.

The rear wheel cradle then locks the front wheel into place. Stay safe with its superior wide stance and without the necessary bulk. This standard chock is quite affordable. Now, if you plan to store for a long time, you would probably need straps. In that case, the Deluxe Kit can be ordered which includes this Motorcycle Front-wheel chock and two Extreme Max Straps.

Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock Features:

  • Wide Range
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Textured matte powder coat finish
  • Pivoting cradle locks the front tire in place
  • The wide stance provides great stability
  • Adjustable cradle provides a custom fit

8. MaxxHaul 70271 Heavy Duty Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

8. MaxxHaul 70271 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock
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In a durable black powder coat finish, that resists rust and corrosion, the heavy weight steel MaxxHaul fits most wheels from 3 to 5 inches wide. It is designed to load and to secure motorcycles with maximum strength and up to a capacity of 1,800 pounds.

It is easy to clean, repair and store bikes with this Motorcycle wheel chock for it holds it up safely. It is self-locking and has anchor points for added stability. While consisting of a pivoting cradle, it allows a person to roll their motorcycle into the wheel chock and lock it.

Wheel Chock Stand Features:

  • Accommodates wheels between 3 to 5 inches wide
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Black powder coat finish resisting rust and corrosion
  • Self-locking wheel cradle utilizes bike weight to keep itself upright
  • Anchor points for added stability

7. Dragway Tools Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock, Fits Sports Bikes & Road Cruisers

7. Dragway Tools 1500 lb Fixed Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock fits Sports Bikes & Road Cruisers
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For a smooth operation, try this Motorcycle Front-wheel chock for a very cheap price. Perfect for trailering, performing maintenance and for storage. It can also be used with a trailer or a pick-up truck and it fits most 16”-21” front wheels. If you own a large Harley Davidson, this just might fit. Made up of high-grade alloy steel, this chock contains a safety latch, four non-slip rubber feet and two adjustments holes for the upper shoe. It is so convenient, it makes it a breeze for a single person to load or unload a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock Features:

  • Locking motorcycles upright for transporting, maintenance and storage
  • Fit with most 16 inch – 21-inch front wheels
  • Work with 110mm or 16-inch tires and larger bikes like a Harley-Davidson (21-inch tires)
  • Made of high-grade alloy steel
  • Single person operation for loading and unloading
  • Lock and hold the front tire upright
  • The upper shoe has 2 adjustment holes
  • 4 non-slip rubber feet

6. Condor Wheel Chock PSTK-6400 Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop and Adapter Kit

6. Condor PSTK-6400 Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop and Adapter Kit
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Made in the USA, the Condor chock is capable of handling front and rear 14in – 22in diameter wheels. Seeing how self-supportive this really is, there would be no problem in using this as a transportation device or as a floor stand. Since it has an aluminum frame with steel hardware, it weighs around 32 pounds.

Ideally to be used on a daily basis: whether as a pit-stop, for checking fluids or for servicing, this chock runs you for a reasonable price. It would seem in this case, you do get what you pay for, so taking this on means many years of durability. You wouldn’t regret this decision for sure.

5. Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock, Adjustable Motorcycle Stand Wheel Chock

5. Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock Adjustable Upright 1800lb Capacity Adjustable Motorcycle Stand Wheel Chock
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This is a powder coated motorcycle wheel chock which is constructed of rust and corrosion-resistant, solid steel. The maximum capacity that it can hold up to is 1800 pounds. It fits 15″ – 22″ diameter wheels. This is an affordable and practical option that features two eye loops for straps and a tilting wheel adapter.

The wheels are secured automatically, making life that much more fun. Especially perfect for; those days when you are in a rush and can’t bother with the smaller details, this adjustable chock is a very convenient option.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Features:

  • Constructed of rust and corrosion-resistant, solid steel
  • Adjustable tire stand choke is compatible with front and rear motorcycle wheels
  • Powder-coated Steel Rust & Corrosion Resistant Frame

4. Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System for 6 1/2 inch Tire Width (Floor Mount)

4. Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System for 6 1/2 inch Tire Width (Floor Mount)
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There is a great reason for why we rated this as number 4 on our list. The Pingel Wheel Chock System is entirely made up of a heavy-duty, and thick wall steel material and still weighs only 12.5 pounds.

It is very lightweight compared to the “others” out there, and so it saves a lot of space for when you are on the go. Another reason why we love this, because it is easy to install and easy for you in locating your motorcycle when anywhere on the track.

Track Wheel Chock System Features:

  • Optimum space utilization
  • Easy Installation
  • Thick wall steel construction

3. Rage Powersports MWC-2900 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock (3-Position Self Locking Truck or Trailer Motorcycle)

3. Rage Powersports MWC-2900 Wheel Chock (3-Position Self Locking Truck or Trailer Motorcycle)
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Very affordable and extremely durable, this motorcycle wheel chock consists of heavy-duty steel construction. It can work as a truck bed or a trailer-mounted chock for transporting a sportbike or street motorcycle. With it’s 3- position adjustable pivoting wheel cradle, it is able to fit wheel sizes from 16” to 20”.

Plus, it is designed well, which in turn uses less space and still provides the needed support. Can you believe that is also lightweight? Well yes, at 7 pounds this will make riding through the country an even better experience than you can ever imagine.

Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Chock Features:

  • 3-Position adjustable pivoting wheel cradle
  • For wheel sizes from 16 inch to 20 inch
  • Trailer bed with 4 bolts
  • Heavy duty steel construction

2. 3 Position Adjustable Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Truck Trailer Mount

2. 3 Position Adjustable Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Truck Trailer Mount
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Weighing 13 pounds, this solid and shiny wheel chock fits wheels that measure 17”-21” in diameter and less than 6.5” wide. It is effortless to mount it to the floor securely without having it to bolt it down. To bind it, you may use a kickstand or a strap. Hardware is included when you purchase this highly rated Chrome chock.

It is definitely very easy for one person to mount and drive into without causing a scene. Great quality, excellent features, and for a very good price, it is obvious why we picked this as our number two.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Features:

  • Includes 1 chrome-plated adjustable wheel chock
  • Fits wheel sizes from 17 inch – 21 inch and easy to install
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Chrome plated finish

1. Baxley LA Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Chock

1. Baxley LA Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Chock
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This Baxley LA chock is capable of becoming a family heirloom if you please. Pretty and practical: It is made up of a heavy duty steel construction which consists of a black crinkle finish.

Weighing at 28 pounds, it adjusts to fit wheel sizes 80mm to 180mm wide. A smaller base is included if you need additional room, while the overall size is perfect for enclosed trailers and compact areas.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Features:

  • Premium motorcycle trailer chock
  • Adjusts to fit motorcycle tire sizes from 80mm to 180mm wide
  • Smaller base for additional room
  • Ideal for enclosed trailers and compact areas
  • Thick steel construction with a black crinkle finish

Lock N Load Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock Combo Kit

Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock Combo Kit
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Lock N Load Deluxe Wheel Chock Combo Kit is the most trusted and secure trailering system for all sizes of motorcycles from cruisers to dirt bikes.

You can apply the front tie-down for the ultimate stable ride for your motorcycle. Then double up your stability by using the rear tire ratcheting tie-downs to lock the rear tire into place. When using this Combo Kit, you will ensure your motorcycle will remain secure through potholes, gravel roads, and speed bumps.

  • With the complete transport security, this Lock N Load combo kit ensures front and rear stability through the use of the wheel chock, front-tire strap, and rear ratchet tie-downs
  • In this Combo Kit include: BK100 Deluxe Wheel Chock, BK201 ratchet tie-downs, BK100-1 Mounting Plate and BK100-2 Front Tire Tie Down
  • This Combo Kit allows you to bundle the trusted of products and save money on the most secure motorcycle transport system in this automotive industry.


Ranging from affordability to premium quality, there are many options on how you can do right by you. You just can’t go wrong choosing any one of them, but make sure that you are well-versed in the language of riding. Knowing what you want is half the battle.

We made sure to keep it simple and to the point, Motorcycle Wheel Chocks can come in a range of sizes, materials and have certain features. Measure your wheels and decide which one you would like. Beware, some are front wheel only while others handle all wheels.

Now, aren’t you just dying to ride or push your bike into one as soon as possible?. So go on, give these Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock a try! We promise that you won’t regret picking out your favorite, from among our top ten best motorcycle wheel chocks.

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