Whether you are a mechanic or a biker, it is a must to own at least one of the best motorcycle scissor jacks or lift jacks for easy maintenance, servicing, and storage of your vehicle whatever be it. By owning one of these smart tools, you will not end up suffering from back, knees or joint pains, which you might encounter, all because of the uncomfortable positions you have to force yourself whenever you do maintenance and repair works. The only thing you have to do is to search and choose from the top brands based on the reports and reviews by different consumers. A list of top 10 recommended Best Motorcycles lifts have been made and is given below for your reference:

List of Top 10 Best Motorcycles Lifts in 2020 Reviews

10. Pit Posse PP2551S

Motorcycle Cycle Dirt Bike ATV Scissor

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Pit Posse has the PP2551S Motorcycle Dirt Bike which utilizes hydraulic lifting. It comes with fitted wheels and is an ideal jack for dirt bikes (MX) and quads and lifts any motorcycle without any difficulty. It features one-foot pedal that helps in lifting the stand. Pin and Safety loads are provided to provide safety and stability. It is constructed with a long-lasting and tough steel frame. The weight bearing capacity of this lift is 300 pounds. Also, It is fitted with an oil and gas resistant vulcanized top for a more a secure grip.

9. Powerzone 380047 1700 LB

Hydraulic Motorcycle

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It is a very simple but highly effective hydraulic jack which can be used to lift ATVs and motorcycles from 4.5inch to 14.5inch. The cool part is that it is easy to assemble and the best part is that you can activate the hydraulic pump with your foot. You only need to apply pressure on the pedal while your both hands are left free. This cool feature makes it easy to stabilize and position the bike on the lift. The PowerZone 380047 makes working on your motorcycle comfortable and easier by eliminating the need to lie on the floor.

Another special thing about this lift is that the platform is entirely coated in such a way that your bike won’t get scratched. This comes into play if your bike has had a new painting job done. On the negative side though, the jack is a bit heavier than what you might expect. And a common complaint with the lift would be that that the swivel wheels may not swivel that easily when a light bike is mounted on it. This is, however, a small issue which is said to have experienced by only a very few customers.

8. Titan Ramps 1000 lb.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

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A Ramp of 1,000 lb. capacity lift table is just the thing you need to outfit your motorcycle workshop! This 11ga heavy duty steel plate construction adds it into one of the strongest lift tables out there. The stop plate, front wheel vise chock, and tie-down straps will hold the motorcycle securely in place while you raise and lock it into place with the removable safety bar for working on it. Added to this, the two foot-pedal hydraulic system helps you to lift the table by pumping the pedal or lowering it by pressing the release pedal. For an extra measure of safety and security, the diamond-plate surface lowers the risk of slipping.

7. Strongway 1500 lb.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack

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The Strongway 1500-Lb Utility Vehicle Lift or Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift is an ideal one for stabilizing your UTV, motorcycle or ATV while you make repairs. The useful and convenient foot pump lifts the load from 5 1/8in To 16 1/8in. It comes with five different lockable lift heights which you can use according to your comfort to work on the bike. The jack can also be used as a support stand and meets the 2009 ASME PALD standards.

6. Zeny 1100 lb.

1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor

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The Zeny 1100 lb. is your perfect choice if you have a tight budget, as it is one among the scissor jacks under $100. Even though it is priced cheap, it is considered to be very strong and stable. It is designed with a black and red powder coated solid steel construction. It has a wide deck scissor jack which is capable of raising a 1,100 pound Harley from a height of 3.5 inches to 17 inches. It is built with12 cm removable crank handle, two variable screw adapters, and a textured rubber padding.

5.  Super Deal 1500 lb.

Heavy Duty Motorcycle

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The super deal lift is a floor jack type lift with a lift capacity of 1,500 Pounds or 680kg. It can lift a vehicle from the height of 4.52″ or 11.48cm to a maximum height of 14.76″ or 37.49cm, and the lift itself weighs only 64.53 lbs. It has the features of 3-Position Locking Mechanism Swivel Casters, and Fast-Action Foot Pump makes it easy to move, position and transport. It is designed in such a way that you can lift AVTs, motorcycles, personal watercraft, tractors and snowmobiles

4. Smartxchoices Red/Black Motorcycle ATV Jack 1500 lbs.

Black Motorcycle ATV

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The Smartxchoices 1500 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle Hoist is a good quality lift which is Ideal for Motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, Personal Watercraft, and Snowmobiles and has a Lift Capacity of 1,500 Pounds / 680kg.
CE/ANSI Certified for machinery and product safety.
It is ideal for stabilizing your motorcycle while you make repairs. It has been tested for safety and reliability to meet the ASME PALD 2009 standards. It has three advantages over other models on the market: the tubular frame is made of good high-grade quality
Steel and built to exacting standards for durability. It is coated with a lead-free paint finish after a thorough chemical wash to make sure it last longer and to prevent rusting. Its pads which are made of rubber helps to protect the motorcycle frame from damage.

3.Liftmaster 1500LB Motorcycle Bike Lift

Motorcycle Bike Lift ATV Jack

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The Liftmaster’s jack is the sort you can go for, as it provides an excellent lifting capacity, which helps you to lift bikes which are as heavy as 1500 pounds with ease. Other than this, the jack comes with swivel castors which allows you to move the jack with the bike smoothly. The lifting range is from 4 to 14 inches which is convenient enough for you to get under the bike and clean it thoroughly. It is certified by CE/ANSI and has a precision foot valve with safety straps. The only downside is the price.

2. ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor

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The Zeny Scissor lift is a perfect equipment for use in shops, garage, or at the track. It is designed to fit almost all motorcycle models. It has a rubber mat placed on the lifting platform for extra stability. It can be used to lift a bike from 3.25inches to a maximum height of 13.25 inches and can bear a load of 1100 lbs. The platform dimension is 16″ x 10” made of solid steel construction in a black and red powder coated finish. The only drawback is that with the pedestals on it’s a bit tall for some bikes and with the pedestals of the lift’s surface is somewhat slick allowing the bike to slide.

1. Orion Motor Scissor Lift Jack

Scissor Lift Jack for Street Bike-Motorcycles Lifts

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The Orion Scissor Lift Jack is a 1,000 lbs. scissor lift jack for motorcycles with a flat bottom and usually comes with a 1-year warranty. It can lift from a range of 3-3/4 in. to 13-2/5 in, and comes with an easily operate sleeve made of steel. The platform Dimensions are 9-4/5 in. (L) x 15-3/4 in. (W), and the platform has a safe rubber wide deck. It has a heavy-duty steel body which is very durable. It is recommended to avoid the use of an impact wrench as the improper use may cause damage the nut. You can lift a motorcycle by simply rotating the metal sleeve without much effort.

So, this was the review of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Lift Jacks. A lifting jack can certainly make any repair or maintenance of your bike very simple and easy, as by raising it to a higher position you will have better access to all its parts. And another reason is that motorcycles jacks are big-time cost cutters as well. There won’t be any need to pay others huge amounts to repair your vehicle.
One very important thing you should know is that these jacks are not specifically built for certain brands or models of motorcycles. They are built universally for all bikes be it a BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or a Harley Davidson. So it doesn’t matter which bike you own, the jack will work perfectly.

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