Go-karting has become a favorite sport for many people. In fact, statistics show that more and more people, both young and old, are venturing into this sport. Some want to be part of the growing trend; others want to experience the rush of adrenaline, while there are those who do it for recreational purposes. Whichever the reason, the popularity of go-karting is bound to rise.

One of the big headaches for many people is finding the perfect Go-kart. While there are many types readily available, not every accessory will be suitable. It may be a little slow, too fast for your experience, too heavy, too light, or even to unreliable. In this review, I have listed down the top 10 best off-road Go Kart in 2021. Skip to the best Off-Road Go-Kart on Amazon

List Of 10 Best Off Road Go-Kart Reviews in 2021 & Buyer’s Guide:

Which Is the Best Off-road Go Kart?

10. Off-Road Go-Karts, Trailmaster Kids XRX Go Kart


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Your kids will love this Go-kart by Trailmaster. Coming in a cool black color and featuring a sturdy steel frame, it will accommodate kids aged up to years. The unit features a reliable and economical 163cc gasoline engine that churns up to horsepower. This is adequate for most day-to-day uses. It can be started via the electric or pull start and boasts of a rugged suspension to withstand the rough terrains. For added safety and comfort, the Go Kart features an adjustable seat and safety belt.


  • runs quite
  • Decent power
  • Good economy



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With a powerful 300CC gasoline engine, the XRX Go-kart by Trail master is bound to blow the competition away. The unit comes with a sturdy steel frame for durability and stability. The Independent suspension improves maneuverability and safety while the large tires maintain a firm grip with the surface. Despite its good power and torque, this go-kart is pretty silent and also returns good fuel economy. Users praise its smooth ride, fast takeoff speed, and comfortable seat.


  • Powerful and strong engine
  • Sturdy and solid suspension
  • High performance

8. Generic 4 Seater GO KART – Off-Road Go-Karts

4 Seater GO KART For Family!! Smooth & Easy To Operate 150cc Go Kart Fully Automatic with Reverse - Off Road Go-Kart

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Boating of a 150cc engine, this Go-Kart is suited for the young and old. It can seat up to 4 people and is designed to accommodate weights of up to 500 pounds. The 4-stroke Honda engine delivers good power while keeping the noise to a minimal. It comes with a fully automatic reverse and good suspension to withstand the rough terrains while ensuring you and other riders are comfortable.


  • Quiet motor
  • Solid and comfortable
  • Good ground clearance

7. USA Big Toys MotoTec MT-GK-05 Go-Kart – Off-Road Go-Kart 79Cc

MotoTec MT-GK-05 Red Off Road Go Kart - Off Road Go-Kart

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Coming with a 79cc, 4-stroke gasoline engine, the MotoTec MT-GK-05 comes with one of the best ground clearances. It’s also pretty silent for gasoline-powered Go-Kart and is fit for riders aged 13 years and above. The 2.5 horsepower engine has good takeoff while the large tires maintain a nice traction. It features a padded steering wheel for improved handling, a comfortable seat for good support, and chain drive starting.


  • Silent operation
  • Easy to handle
  • Good design.



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This is an ideal Go-kart perfect for kids of different sizes. It comes with a reverse feature for ultimate enjoyment. Additionally, this is an upgraded version of the previous models which comes with improved features. For instance, the product features a powerful 163cc 5.5HP motor which delivers excellent performances on different grounds. Another thing, the powerful engine features excellent brakes and a dual-wheel drive feature for ultimate convenience and remarkable performance. The go-karts also deliver ultimate suspension resistance and excellent CVT transmission. What’s more, the cool LEDs give them a stylish finish.

Extra Features:

  • The speed limiter guarantees safety for the user
  • It comes with a perfect rack and pinion steering.

5. Off-Road Go-Kart, Trail Master New XRX 300cc Go Kart

New XRX Go Kart 300cc Trail Master Brand - Off Road Go-Kart

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Featuring a 300cc engine, the New XRX GO-Kart by Trail Master is among the top 10 best off-road Go-Karts in 2021. It delivers awesome power and torque on the track and comes with the air-cooled engine. It runs on gasoline and is suited for dirt, sand dunes, and other terrains.

The well-built suspension system and large knobby tires enhance the traction while minimizing the shocks, vibrations, and impact. Like other top types, it has a good ground clearance for getting over the rough sections and obstacles. Thanks to its low noise, you won’t worry so much about disturbing the peace.


  • Powerful and torquey
  • Well built and affordable
  • Good ground clearance
  • Off-Road Go-Kart

4. USA Big Toys MotoTec MT-GK-01 – Off-Road Go-Kart

MotoTec MT-GK-01 Red Off Road Go Kart - Off Road Go-Kart

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Coming with a 48-volt, 1000-watt electric motor, and the MotoTec MT-GK-01 is among the most powerful Go-Karts in the market. The powerful unit is also very silent t courtesy of the superior motor and chain-driven transmission. It is designed for riders aged 13 years and above and can attain speeds as high as 20 mph, although this can be adjusted. The padded steering wheel improves handling and control while the padded seat enhances comfort.


  • Powerful and silent
  • Easy to handle
  • Good ground clearance
  • Good Off-Road Go-Kart

3. Coleman Powersports KT196, Off Road Go-Kart 196 cc

Coleman Powersports KT196 Gas Powered Off-Road Go Kart - Off Road Go-Kart

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Although looking small, this Go-Kart by Coleman Powersports is pretty powerful and torquey. It comes with a 196cc gasoline engine that delivers up to 6.5 horsepower. The 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine allows the Go-kart to hit a top speed of 31 miles per hour. It has a good ground clearance for handling the rough outdoors and comes with knobby tires for improved control and absorbing shock, impact, and vibration.


  • Fully automatic
  • Solidly built
  • Good load capacity
  • Best Off Road Go-Kar

2. Coleman Powersports – Best Off Road Go-Kart

Coleman Outfitter 700 - 700cc 4WD Utility Vehicle (UTV) - Off Road Go-Kart

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Currently unavailable.

Coming with a 700cc engine, this 4WD UTV will deliver amazing power while at the track. It features an air-cooled engine and is powered by gasoline. The EFI engine is not only powerful but also very fuel-efficient. It comes with a nice ground clearance that allows you to go up obstacles with ease. You also don’t have to worry about noise as this is one of the most silent off-road Go-karts in the market.


  • Powerful and fuel efficient
  • Solid and durable
  • Good ground clearance
  • Best Off Road Go-Kart

1. Kandi Smart 2 Seat Adult Go-kart

7. Kandi Smart 2 Seat Adult Go-kart

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  • By: Kandi

This is an advanced and upgraded 150CC Go-kart featuring a large size for ultimate comfort. The sophisticated design comes with improved features like convenient air-cooling, electric start, automatic clutch, and a chain-driven motor. Additionally, the product also features an excellent hand and foot brake for safe stopping. The 150CC engine equipped with an excellent CVT transmission and effective reverse makes this Go-kart perfect for use on all surfaces. This is an ultra-powerful product perfect for adults. It also features a fully automated design with a double-seater construction for comfortable riding.

Extra Features:

  • It features dimensions of 96.5*59.4*62.2inches
  • The distance to the seat is 9.6inches which makes it comfortable.

Key Features of the Best Off-Road Go-Kart

When scouting for an off-road Go-Kart, it pays to look at these features:

  • Construction: It should be well built to withstand the off-road or rough terrains.
  • Ground clearance: unlike a normal type, an off-road Go-kart needs to have a higher clearance.
  • Speed: The accessory shouldn’t be too fast for your inexperienced self or too slow.
  • Ergonomic: It should be ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort and support. Key features are the seat design, the padding, steering wheel design, and suspension.
  • Balance: A good accessory is well balanced to minimize toppling over especially when taking fast corners.


Go-Karting is one of the rising recreational events. Many people, both young and the old, are engaging it. In order to have the best experience, you need to invest in the best product. This involves looking at different aspects.

For instance, it should be well made to support your weight, powerful enough you allow you beat your rivals, comfortable to minimize discomfort, pain, and aches, and also assure you of safety. In this top 10 best off road Go-kart in 2021 review, we have looked at the best in the market. All you do now is simply selecting the one you prefer.

Our Pick

Of all the off-road Go-Karts that we have featured, the 700cc Coleman Powersports is our best. We love its powerful gasoline engine that delivers good power and torque. The air-cooled unit, although powerful, is very silent.

It also occupies the first position on this top 10 best off-road Go-karats review in 2021 because of its amazing speed, solid construction, good balance, nice suspension, easy maintenance, and durability. Therefore, if you want the ultimate experience, you should give the 700cc Coleman Powersports Go-Kart a thought.

Currently unavailable.

9. Coleman Powersports KT100 Off-Road Go-Kart

Coleman Powersports KT100 Gas Powered Off-Road Go-Kart - Off Road Go-Kart

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Featuring a 98cc engine, this Go-kart delivers awesome power for its size. It comes with an air-cooled engine and runs on gasoline. The decently powered engine churns three horsepower and returns good fuel economy. It has a nice ground clearance for going over obstacles. It produces minimal noise and can support users as heavy as 150 pounds.


  • Decent power and good fuel economy
  • Solid construction
  • Good ground clearance

5. Kandi 150cc Go Kart Off-Road Go-Kart (KD-150GKC-2)

Kandi 150cc 2-seat Go Kart (KD-150GKC-2) - Off Road Go-Kart

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This Go-Kart is designed for 2 users and ranks among the fastest and reliable types on the market. It features a solid tubular frame for rigidity and strength and has a nice suspension system. The accessory comes with a 150cc gasoline-power engine that generates good power and torque. It also has a nice ground clearance that allows it to ride over rough sections without damaging the underbelly. The moderated-large front and rear tires reduce the impact and shocks for a smoother ride.


  • Excellent quality
  • Good performance
  • Good power.

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