For ultimate protection of your chairs from damaging dirt and elements that will make them fade or shorten their life, chair covers are a perfect choice. These covers offer much more than protection and ensure your lovely seat remain in a crescendo condition. The office chair covers come in colorful and attractive colors and designs that add a sense of style to your office.

To cater to the growing demand, manufacturers have lots of options to offer. But unfortunately, not all will neither suit your needs nor guarantees you of the best performance or experience. So walk you through the best office chair covers, so that you have a better chance of choosing the most incredible features.

List of Best Office Chair Cover Reviews In 2021:

10. Melaluxe Computer Office Chair Cover – Protective & Stretchable Universal Chair Covers Stretch Rotating Chair Slipcover

Melaluxe Computer Office Chair Cover

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  • By: Melaluxe

Anyone with an office chair understands how difficult it is to clean the seat. That is why you need this universal design office chair from Melaluxe. The covers are made of premium quality polyester that makes them water resistant and defiant to elements and wears and tear. The polyester is quite breathable and prevents sweaty sports after spending the whole day in the office.

The covers are colorful and attractive meaning your office will get a tasty new look. The backrest is 14 inches wide and 20 inches high while the cushion is 15 inches wide and 21 inches long. To set it up, simply slip the covers gently over the seat. There is an elastic edge that holds the cover neatly tucked in. The set includes 1 back cover and 1 cushion cover.

Extra Features

  • There are numerous color options to settle for.
  • The covers are machine washable and easy to clean.[/su_spoiler]

9. Office Chair Seat Cover Black: Kitchen & Dining

  • By: Kathy K.

Another option we found worth mentioning is this set of universal office chair covers. The set has 2 pieces, approximately 22×22 inch back cover and cushion cover. The back cover does not fully cover the side of the backrest. The covers are made of durable fabric that will stand up to all the dirt, dust, moisture and elements. The pieces are well constructed to ensure you get long-lived service.

Each cover has a drawstring that allows you to adjust the tension and achieve a tight custom fit. There is a cord lock to secure the cord tightly into position.  You are also advised to tie a slip knot immediately behind the cord lock to prevent the cord from becoming loose. The design is simple and modern and will certainly elevate the décor in any space.

Extra Features

  • The company promises a full refund in case of defects or dissatisfactions.
  • The covers are machine washable and easy to clean.[/su_spoiler]

8. Caveen Office Chair Cover Computer Chair Universal Boss Chair Cover Modern Simplism Style High Back Large Size (Chair not included) blue large

Caveen Office Chair Cover Computer Chair Universal Boss Chair

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  • By: Caveen

It would have been unfair had we finished this guide without including the capable piece from Caveen. The fabric cover comes as a single unit that covers both the back and the seat. The polyester and spandex fabric used is not only high quality and durable, but also smooth and stretchy so you can fit it on most office chairs.

It is resistant to dirt, dust moisture, and elements and also defies wrinkles and fading. The covers look and function well and will ensure a new upgraded look in your office. Installing and removing this cover is a breeze and doesn’t take up much effort. The material is washable, so as soon as you notice any traces of dirt, you can simply toss it in the laundry machine to get it looking all clean and new.

Extra Features

  • Additional color options available to choose from.
  • You can choose between the small, medium and large size.[/su_spoiler]

7. Seiyue Slipcovers Cloth Chair Pads Removable Cover Stretch Cushion Resilient Fabric Office Desk Chair Cover

Seiyue Slipcovers Cloth Chair Pads Removable Cover

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  • By: Seiyue

The last thing you want is a cover that suddenly starts becoming a bit small for your chair and slips off, but this pick won’t. This slipcover works with chairs that come as a single piece without a defined backrest and cushioned. It is made of a stretchy spandex material that makes it adjust to most chair sizes and still holds up pretty well to dirt, dust, moisture, and elements.

The material is soft, warm and comfortable and resists wrinkling and fading. You will find zippers along the back and under the arm for fastening and secure the covers to the seat. The company also incorporated some style in their design making this unit a great addition to the sense of style in the room. It will hide the old faded fabric of your old chair and give it a refreshing new look.

Extra Features

  • You are free to choose your favorite color from the numerous options provided.
  • Small, medium and large size available to match your demands.[/su_spoiler]

6. BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers Stretchy -Polyester Desk Chair/Rotating Chair Cover, Large Size (Black)

BTSKY Office Computer Chair Covers

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  • By: BTSKY

It is almost impossible for your visitors in the office to notice that your office chair has this fabric cover on. This office chair cover is designed as one unit that fits the size of the chair. The makers used high-quality fabric to ensure dirt, dust, and elements are no match for the cover. It feels smooth and comfortable and will make it through years of protection and covering.

The back height can vary between 27.6 inches and 30.7 inches while the back width can stretch to anywhere between 19.7 inches and 23.6 inches. The seat length, on the other hand, falls between 17.7 inches and 21.7 inches and the seat width between 19.7 inches and 23.6 inches. The company designed this cover and made it nice and stretchy material that delivers a snuggle fit. You will find 2 quality zippers for fitting around the arm and Velcro placed in a strategic spot to ensure the cover is securely held in place. They also make it easy to set up and remove the covers

Extra Features

  • You can either choose the black or grey option.
  • The edges have elastic tapes for added security.[/su_spoiler]

5. office chair slipcover – Seat x – one size fits all, adjustable full cover. universal, (Hot Pink)

office chair slipcover

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  • By: Seat x

If you who likes bright colors, then this seat cover could be the alternative to replacing your office chair. The package comes with a back cover and a separate seat cover that offer full coverage of the office chair. It is made of stretch fabric that makes it a perfect fit for most chair sizes.

The Italian patent fabric can stand up to the dust, dirt, moisture, and elements while still delivering a smooth to touch feeling. It is resistant to fading and doesn’t remain with a sweaty smell. The vibrant colors and cool design means the covers will spice up the room’s appearance and add to the sense of style. It is easy to fit this thing up and it requires no special skills or tools.

Extra Features

  • The covers come in many different colors to suit the tastes of different buyers.
  • The covers are machine washable and easy to clean.[/su_spoiler]

4. Ergo360 Soft Neoprene Chair Armrest Covers (Complete 2 Piece Set)

Ergo360 Soft Neoprene Chair Armrest Covers

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  • By: Ergo360

The next best office chair cover is built from soft yet durable neoprene material. It is a 2 piece set with separate covers for the back and the seat and armrest cover. The best part is the neoprene stretches meaning the covers will perfectly fit most standard sizes office chairs. The 5/8 inch thick material means dirt, dust, moisture and other destructive agents won’t even get close to the fabric of your office seat.

Setting up this thing is simple and straightforward and won’t be much of a task. The covers come with grommets and cord to lace up the covers underneath the armrest and ensure a perfect fit. It may be slightly pricier than the competition but the impressive performance, durability and convenient design makes it well worth every dollar it costs.

Extra Features

  • You can only buy the cover in pairs.
  • It comes with a long 100-inch lace.[/su_spoiler]

3. Office Marshal Chair Mat for Hard Floors | Eco-Friendly Series Chair Floor Protector | 100% Recycled (PET) Floor Mat for Office or Home Use | Multiple Sizes | Translucent – 36” x 48”

Office Marshal Chair Mat for Hard Floors

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  • By: Office Marshal

This set of covers appears different but still functions like the best of them. It is made of crystal clear polycarbonate that is thick and rigid making it comfortable. The material is durable and resistant to dust, dirt and other agents of destruction making it durable enough to withstand years of serious abuse.

The covers are a cinch to set up and easy to remove making it a snap to change your office appearance. This is another decent choice that delivers as it promises and equates to the sacrifice.

Extra Features

  • Multiple color options available to match the user requirements.
  • The covers are machine washable.[/su_spoiler]

2. Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads, Comfy Gaming Chair Arm Rest Covers for Elbows and Forearms Pressure Relief(Set of 2)

Aloudy Ergonomic Momery Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads

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  • By: Aloudy

Aloudy seems to have realized what you are looking for in an office chair cover and they bring you just that in this comfy cover.  The covers are made from 100% memory foam and velvet polyester making them tough and can hold up to all the dust, dirt and elements and make it through decades of abuse.

The materials are breathable and prevent the build-up of sweat and enhance comfort. The best part is that you get an ergonomic soft memory foam pillow that cushions your arms and elbow making it more comfortable. It isn’t much of a task installing and taking these covers off, there is a convenient zipper that allows you to easily do it.

Extra Features

  • The covers are machine washable and therefore easy to clean and maintain.
  • The company promises a 100% money back guarantee in case of dissatisfactions and defects.[/su_spoiler]

1. Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor | Opaque Office Floor Mat | BPA, Phthalate and Odor Free | Multiple Sizes available- 30″ x 48″

Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor | Opaque Office Floor Mat

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  • By: Office Marshal

Office Marshall had to take it for their superb build quality, amazing design all at a convenient price point. The high-quality fabric used ensures absolutely zero entry of dirt, dust and destructive elements. The fabric is durable and will offer dedicated service for long years before demanding a replacement.

It is stretchy to ensure a perfect fit and prevent slipping off. It is quite easy to install and remove this covers, there is an ergonomic zipper to let you do this. The fabric gives the covers a premium look that ensures your office has a new refined look.

Extra Features

  • Several size options available to suit your needs.
  • They are highly affordable.[/su_spoiler]

What to consider when buying an office chair cover?

  • Size: The single most important aspect to give consideration is the size. Measure your chair and compare the measurements against the cover you have in mind. The last thing you want is the cover suddenly small for your office chair needs. Oversize covers may slip off while small covers will easily tear.
  • Durability: Make sure the material is tough enough to take just about anything. It should be tolerant of moisture, sun rays, wear, and tear, or any other destructive elements. The cover shouldn’t rip easily or fade.
  • Ease of use: Who doesn’t like a cover that is easy to install and remove? You don’t want to spend a lot of energy and time covering the chairs or removing them when you need to clean them.
  • Price: Ensure the office chair cover you settle on is high quality and affordable. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg when you have other bills to take care of.
  • Design: The cover you choose should be elegant and trendy. Nobody desires an ugly-looking piece or a cover that looks out of date when your office is well furnished, stylish and good-looking. The cover should be breathable and comfortable for comfort.

Why you need office chair covers?

  • Protection: Office chair covers keep off dirt, dust, water, moisture, and elements to avoid fading, tearing and damage. They are easier to remove and therefore a breeze to clean and easier to maintain.
  • Aesthetics: If you don’t like your old office chair faded color or looks, you can purchase an attractive color to give it a more good-looking appearance that complements your office décor.

To wrap it up

After viewing the information on this page you should be able to decide which one is the best office chair cover for you. All the products we mention truly remarkable in their ease of use and benefits. They are the Apex in all matters providing the necessary protection and care for your office chair. These office chair covers are really uncomplicated to use and also very flexible and easy on your budget.

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