If your house is running out of space and there are many outdoor items that you wish you could keep outside, you need an outdoor storage box. It does not matter whether it is raining or snowing, an outdoor storage box will protect the items perfectly and help you to make room inside your house. You can keep all outdoor items like outdoor seat covers, pool accessories, garden accessories and likewise inside them and you can opt them instantly without going inside your house. The following is the list of top 10 best outdoor storage boxes in 2019 from which you can pick any as per your requirements.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Box in 2019

10. Super Patio Outdoor Storage Bin Deck Box

Outdoor Storage Bin Deck Box

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This outdoor storage box is made up of aluminum frame and hence, it is weather resistant. There is powdered coating and wrapped with PE rattan wicker. It is a lift-top storage box and it is easy to raise the top comfortably. All the items stay protected from rain and snow. The product dimensions are 51.2 x 20.5 x 31.5 inches and it is very easy to assemble. The product has 2 years of guarantee.

9. Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage

Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed

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It looks very much like a cupboard that we have inside our house. There is a double-wall protection and it is leak and dent resistant. The storage capacity is 17 cubic feet and it is a heavy duty outdoor storage box. You can keep long handled tools due to its height-based construction. It is very easy to assemble and there are various compartments to keep items in an organized way, unlike the lift-box ones. The product dimensions are 25 x 30 x 72 inches.

8. Borneo Deck Box

Deck Box for Patio Pool Storage Bench

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This is a large-sized outdoor storage box having a capacity of 110 gallons. The look is attractive due to its brown finish and it is highly durable. One can also seat over it as there is seating space for two persons. It is weather resistant and has polypropylene construction. There is no chance of peeling or rusting. The box is lockable with standard padlocks. The exact dimensions are 51 x 27.6 x 24.6 Inches while it weighs 32.2 pounds.

7. Goplus Outdoor Wooden Storage

Goplus Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed Lockers

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Even though it is made up of firewood, the wood is of premium quality. There is a protective coating on the body to keep it intact from all-weather conditions. It is very attractive in design and the storage space is quite large. You can keep various types of tools and items like lawnmower, bicycle and likewise. It is very easy and quick to assemble and though instructions are provided for the same. The design is very stable and there are separate shelves to keep items separated and organized. The product dimensions are 51 x 20 x 35 inches.

6. PatioPost Storage Bin Deck Box

Storage Bin Deck Box PE Wicker Outdoor

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This is a grey colored outdoor storage box and the construction is solid while the material used is of premium quality. The storage capacity is 110 gallons and two people can sit on it comfortably. The design s contemporary and will match with your outdoor home décor. There is one year of warranty on the product and it is very easy to assemble and the hinges are very smooth for easy movement. The product dimensions are 54 x 27 x 6.5 inches.

5. Keter Rockwood Jumbo Outdoor Deck Storage Box

Keter Rockwood Jumbo

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Most of the people prefer to have a white colored storage box because it is likely to go with their outdoor home décor as most of the outdoor seat and barrier have a white color. It can be used as a comfortable seat for two people. It enables you to store large and long objects and it is going to protect all those objects from harsh outdoor weather conditions. There is low maintenance and the product is durable for years. There is an automatic opening mechanism so that anyone can open and close it effortlessly while putting in or taking out items. The product dimensions are 61 x 28.5 x 25.3 inches.

4. PATIOROMA Outdoor Storage Deck Box Bench

PATIOROMA Outdoor Patio Aluminum

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This outdoor storage box comes with seat cushion so that anybody can sit on it comfortably. The box has a beautiful design and the espresso brown color is very attractive. The product dimensions are 40.2 x 20.5 x 15.7 inches. There is powder-coating aluminum frame and it is completely weather-resistant. The storage space is quite large and you can keep long tools in it comfortably. You can also keep broken and damaged items and sell them when the person arrives to take such products. You can also buy a waterproof storage bag for greater safety. There is a shock lift to keep the lid in open position while keeping and taking out products.

3.Great Deal Furniture Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Freeport Brown Wicker Outdoor Storage

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The frame of the product is made up of high-grade aluminum that is protected from all-weather condition naturally. The design on the surface is attractive and it is very easy to assemble. There are wheels and side handles to move it from one place to another effortlessly. The hinges keep the lid open in a stable position and you can easily store long tools. The product dimensions are 48 x 24 x 28 inches.

2. Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage

Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage

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This is an amazing looking outdoor storage box with double-wall construction. The resin pattern helps to keep water, snow, or dust to stay away. It is a highly durable product and it is leak and dent-proof. The product is sustainable against all weather conditions and the hinged roof makes it easy to operate and easy items comfortably. It comes with a heavy-duty mat to keep the bottom clean. There is a provision for security lock which you can buy separately. The product dimensions are 60 x 47 x 31.9 inches and it also features under Amazon’s Choice.

1. Hanover Large Resin Deck Box

Hanover HAN-LGTRUNK Large Resin Deck

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The product is handcrafted and the resin weave does not let dust or water stay on it for long. All the items stored inside will stay protected from outdoor conditions. It has aluminum construction and there is a powdered coating to keep the surface protected from UV harm and rust. The product dimensions are 53.5 x 25.4 x 21.46 inches.

You can buy any of these top 10 best outdoor storage boxes in 2019 but make sure that you check the storage capacity to keep all your items in one. Furthermore, if you need shelves, you can opt for front-opening storage boxes to keep all things organized.

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