A Best Pallet Buster is a much-needed addition to any maintenance or construction work places. Yet, it can be hard to distinguish between a low quality and a high quality pallet buster. After spending a tremendous of time researching day in and day out, our team has finally come up with 6 of the very best pallet busters in 2020. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy reading our reviews to find out about which pallet buster is best-suited for your needs.

List of Top 6 Best Pallet Buster Reviews in 2020

6. Pallet Buster Pallets

6. Pallet Buster Pallets
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First and foremost, let’s look at this Pallet Buster Pallets that has the full dimension of 7 x 6 x 5 inches. Its weight is only 5.2 pounds, so you can lift this pallet buster without using much effort. On top of that, it is the ideal product for reclaiming pallet wood since striping the dock and decking board are its specialty. Moreover, for the long lasting use, this product is well made from the superior grade steel.

You don’t need to worry about the quality, we can guarantee that this steel pallet buster is very durable. Last but not least, the installation process of this pallet buster is very simple. With this one, taking pallets will be a lot easier. We bet using this product will not disappoint you.

5. 41″ Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle

Best Pallet Buster
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We would like to draw your attention to another pallet buster, which is known as the Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster. With the creative design for this product, this pallet buster is equipped with a handy handle for giving extra convenience while operating on this. On top of that, the height of this special tool is 45 inches, and the total weight of it is 120 pound. The special feature of this product is, as it is well constructed with the high quality materials, we can ensure the long lasting lifetime of this product for you.

Adding to the features being mentioned, removing the dock board can be effortlessly done too. Last but not least, this pallet is a user-friendly product, so you don’t need to concern if it breaks the pallet wood. Get one, and you’ll be able to disassemble pallets easier than ever.

4. Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster / Pallet Breaker – Premium Steel with Handle

4. Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster / Pallet Breaker - Premium Steel with Handle
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Next, this is the current best seller in today’s market. The first feature to be notice is the dimension of this product; it has the full measurement of 46.3 x 8.7 x
7.4 inches, which is the perfect size to use. More than this, with the weight of 14.7 pounds, Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster / Pallet Breaker is indeed light for added ease in handling. So, both kids and adults can lift and use it with ease. Besides offering the convenience in the operating process, disassembling pallets sure can be effortlessly done with this pallet buster. Plus, this one is suitable for dock board removals.

The next key feature is, as this product values quality, it is well made from the top grade steel. So, we can ensure that the quality of this product can be trusted. Please be note that, this pallet buster is designed with a comfortable handle, too.

3. CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster

3. CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster
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Here we have another highly reviewed pallet buster from CTS WELDING. This heavy-duty product has the full dimension of 7 x 4 x 4.5 inches, on the other hand, the weight of this product is only 4 pounds. Due to its lightweight, using it will only offer the superb and comfortable feeling. Moreover, choosing this product as an assistant is the best way to reclaim pallet woods. Adding to that, as this product is well equipped with the durable steel, so you always rely on its toughness. This one is also suitable for striping dock and deck boards.

On top of that, for the convenience of the users, this operation process ranging from the handle to the screw parts can be installed in just a moment. Choose to buy this product today for your fun DIY project.

2. Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster with 43″ Handle

2. Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster with 43
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This is an amazing tool that has received many positive reviews on its quality. This must have item that we wish to suggest to you is known as Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster. With the full size of 43 x 8 x 6 inches, it is the perfect tool that we can get for reclaiming the wood pallet, plus, this incredible product can accelerate the process in recycling the woods and other materials too.

More than this, this product is suitable for household uses, too, due to its lightweight and user-friendly design. As a result, both children and adults can safely use this pallet buster. We bet this product is the right choice you can choose for yourself if you care about the quality and the safety while wanting the best results in dissembling pallets.

1. Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster, 1-1/4″ Handle Diameter, 42-3/16″ Bar Length

1. Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster, 1-1/4
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For the best and the last item on the list, we are glad to introduce to you the Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster. First and foremost, the height and length of this awesome product are 44 inches and 5.75 inches respectively. Adding to that, as the material used for constructing this product is the high quality aluminum; this guarantees both the strong and durable quality.

Moreover, with the use of aluminum, it is light in weight too, so using this pallet buster can save your energy as well. The pallet buster also comes with nail pullers for removing nails on pallets. For your information, with the special design of the handle that is equipped with this product, holding this tool will offer you the non-slip holding, and thus, a superb fun DIY work experience.


After walking through the list of these incredible products with us, have you spotted anything that catches your interest yet? These pallet busters that we carefully selected carry their own features; so hopefully, you can get the right tool for assisting you in performing your pallet dissembling tasks.

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