Pickle-Ball is a modern game invented in the mid-1960s and is basically a racquet sport that comprises of the features of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. The game is quite interesting and made for one and only purpose of excitement. It is easy to play, handy and fastest growing sport in America as the news suggests. The whole Pickle-Ball sport is governed by International Federation of Pickle-Ball.

Whether you are playing Pickle-Ball at your local club or in the courtyard near to your home, the only thing which makes the difference in your playing experience is the Paddles. The Pickle-Ball Paddle’s bottom and top faces are made up of several materials including wood, graphite, composite fiberglass, and carbon fiber. And its cores are manufactured from the materials like Nomex, polymer and aluminum core. Due to dependence on the material, the Pickle-Ball paddles weight also ranges from 6.5 up to 9.5 ounces, as the weight of the paddle also makes a great impact on your playing performance.

Here, we are going to discuss top 10 best in class Pickle-Ball Paddles which will you should pick, when you play this game. The Paddles which we mentioned below are also available in online e-commerce site such as amazon.com. So, check out the below list.

List of Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles Reviews

10. Amazin’ Aces’ ‘CAMBRIA’ Pickleball Paddle


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With the classic shape and lightweight design, Amazin’ Aces’ ‘CAMBRIA’ Pickleball Paddle is an outstanding product manufactured from an advanced polymer. The Paddles are featured with Polycarbonate Face & Premium Gamma Grip which offers better gaming performance and also combines with an edge guard to protect paddles. The product also contains USAPA approved seal on its top front surface. The Amazin’ Aces Company offers one-year manufacturing warranty. It is available in two color options i.e. Black and Pink.


  •  Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
  •  Weight 7.2 oz.
  •  Polycarbonate and vinyl paddle face
  •  Premium Ultra Cushion Gamma Grip
  •  Length of 15 7/8 inches
  •  Width of 8 inches
  •  Handle Length of 5 inches
  •  Grip circumference ~4.35 inches
  •  USAPA Approved
  •  Made in USA
  •  One year manufacturing warranty


  •  Low customer reviews
  •  Less selling
  •  New brand

9. Bison Paddles’ Premium Pickle-Ball Paddle


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With the beautiful hand-drawn logo on its surface, Bison Paddles’ Premium Pickle-Ball Paddle is the most uniquely designed product currently available in the online e-commerce retail market. The surface of the product is made up of carbon fiber i.e. Graphite. The Paddle is made up of Polymer Honeycomb Composite Core which makes service more powerful and it is also USAPA certified. The product comes out of the box with superior sweat absorbent grip for incredible comfort. It is also quite handy for beginners to pro level players.


  •  Large Surface
  •  Weight Approximately 8.6 oz.
  •  USAPA Approved
  •  High-quality carbon fiber
  •  Durability
  •  Hand Drawn Logo
  •  Surface is about 10×7.5in
  •  Made in USA


  •  Less availability, outside USA
  •  Less Reviewed

8. Amazin’ Aces’ Pickle-Ball Paddle Bundle


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With premium graphite face, this Pickle-Ball Paddle is manufactured and sold by Amazin’ Aces. It is a basic Pickle-Ball Paddle which offers you amazing handling of shots and better movement. The product is featured with Polypropylene Honeycomb Core which offers great control, power and this core is top rated core which is currently available in the market due to its durability. The Paddles also have a high-quality grip to make hitter fill comfort and reliability during his/her play hours. Currently, the Paddle is available in only one color option i.e. Black.


  •  Polymer Honeycomb core
  •  Perforated cushion grip
  •  Grip circumference of 4 3/8″
  •  Width of 8 1/8″
  •  Length of 15 3/4″
  •  Grip length of 4 3/4″
  •  Weight of 8.9oz
  •  Low profile edge guard 1/8″ overlapping edge
  •  Graphite paddle face
  •  Made in USA


  •  Basic Design
  •  Not for Professionals

7. PickleballCentral’s Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle


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With an ultimate comfort grip, PickleballCentral’s Rally NX Graphite Paddle is an amazing product to play Pickle-Ball with ease. It is also top customer reviewed product in an online retail market. The product is featured with WINN Dry Grip which makes ease and comfort in your hand while releasing a shot. It also featured Aramid Honeycomb Diamond Core which makes it powerful, light and durable. The product also offers BOPP overlay for better grab and spin.


  •  Graphite Paddle face with BOPP overlay
  •  Nomex Honeycomb-Core
  •  An average weight of 7.6 oz BR>
  •  Grip circumference of 4 1/4”
  •  Winn Dry Tac- Perforated Cushion Grip
  •  Length of 15 3/4”
  •  Grip length of 4 3/4”
  •  Width of 8 1/4”
  •  1/8” overlapping edge guard
  •  USAPA approved
  •  Made in USA
  •  One year manufacturer warranty


  •  Some issues with handle and top surface
  •  Poor quality
  •  Less Durable

6. Pickle-Ball’s Champion Graphite Paddle – Vintage Style


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With marvelous lightweight design, Pickle-Ball’s Champion Graphite Paddle is amongst the most customer reviewed product available on the online e-commerce website amazon.com. The Paddle is quite handy and easy in improving your Pickle-Ball gaming skills. The product is available in two grip options for a perfect fit. These Paddles are USAPA certified and come out of the box with Ultra Cushion Counter Grip. It also offers features like Flared End Caps which is capable of reducing fatigue and improving paddle field. The product is available in several color options including Red, Blue, Green, Purple and many others.


  •  Extra Large Size
  •  BOPP overlay for superior grip
  •  Length: 15 3/4”
  •  Width: 8 1/4”
  •  Handle Length: 5″
  •  Grip Circumference (Two Options): Thin-4″ | Cushion-4 1/4″
  •  Core: 3/8″ Aramid honeycomb
  •  Weight: 7.9 oz. Average Weight +/- .3 oz.
  •  USAPA approved
  •  Made in USA
  •  One year manufacturer warranty


  •  Not for hard hitters
  •  Poor quality
  •  Less Durable

5. Onix’ Graphite Z5 Pickle-Ball Paddle


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With awesome honeycomb net design, Onix-Graphite Z5 Pickle-Ball Paddle is top rated and most reviewed product on online retail platforms. The Paddle provides excellent power grip and maintain quite easy control in it due to Nomex Honeycomb Core. It is made up of graphite face which is used to make paddle lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, the size of the paddle is quite impressive and large as compared to other paddles in this segment. The Paddles are available in several color option in amazon.com including blue, green, red, purple, orange, pink, white and yellow.


  •  Nomex Honeycomb
  •  Wide Surface
  •  Weight: 7.7-8.1 oz.
  •  Grip Size: 4-1/4”
  •  Handle Length: 5”
  •  USAPA approved and meet all USAPA standards
  •  1-year warranty
  •  Made in Mexico


  •  Poor quality
  •  Misrepresentation of product in few cases
  •  Low availability, outside USA

4. Selkirk’s Sport Pro S1 Pickleball Paddles


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Selkirk’s Pickle-Ball Paddle comes out of the box with polymer power-core technology. The Pro S1 product is available in four different models including Composite S1C, Composite Plus S1C+, Graphite S1G, and Graphite Plus S1G+, categorize on the basis of control, power and weight. The product is available in several versions such as Fiber Strong Composite, Carbon Flex Graphite, as well as heavier and lighter versions. The product is mainly designed for pro user but it can be used to skill your shot in the beginning stage. It is easy to use due to the large surface area which increases spin and control.


  •  Large Surface
  •  Weight: 7.3oz-7.6oz Average
  •  Grip Circumference: 4.5″
  •  Height: 15.625
  •  With 8:0″
  •  Made in USA


  •  Expensive product
  •  Limited period warranty
  •  Low availability, outside USA
  •  Customers find some issues with grip size

3. PaddleTek’s Tempest Wave Pickleball Paddle

PaddleTek-Pickleball Paddles

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With beautiful graphics on its front part, PaddleTek’s Pickle-Ball Paddle is one of the top class graphite material paddle available in online retail platforms. The Paddle is made up by combining graphite, honeycomb, and polymer to make it easy responsive, lightweight, and also strengthen the durability of the surface. Moreover, the composition of the material provides easy control while playing powerful shot called “Put away shot”. The Paddles is special limited edition official Paddles of US Pickle-Ball championship which is played in April 2019. The product comes out of the box with vibration dampening technology for Advanced ProPolyCore. It is also made after properly following the guidelines of USAPA Tournaments. The Paddles are available in three colors i.e. blue, red, and pink.


  •  Extra-large Graphite Surface for superior touch
  •  Vibration dampening technology with Advanced ProPolyCore™
  •  Low noise while taking shot
  •  Ultra Cushion-Contour grip
  •  Meets all guidelines provided by USAPA Tournament
  •  Weight from 7.5 to 7.9oz
  •  Length 16”: Width 8”: Handle: 5”
  •  Grip Circumference: 4.25”
  •  Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  •  Made in USA


  •  Limited edition manufacturing
  •  Comes without proper cover
  •  No further cons detected

2. PickleballCentral’s Rally-Graphite Power 2.0 Pickle-Ball Paddle


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With game improvement design, Rally-Graphite Power-2.0 Pickle-Ball Paddle is one of the tops of the line paddle which is currently available in the online retail market. The product featured with flared end WINN moisture control grip which increases control. Moreover, grip and wide surface connected with an interlocking reinforced neck. It also comes with corner edge protection with 7.9 oz. power core.


  •  Extra Large Graphite Surface
  •  Medium Grip
  •  Interlocking Neck-Guard and Corner-Shield
  •  Solid periphery edge guard
  •  Grip circumference: 4 1/4”
  •  Length: 15 3/4”
  •  Width: 8 1/8”
  •  Made in USA
  •  One year manufacturer warranty


  •  Low quality of handle
  •  Heavyweight than expected
  •  Some issues with edge guard
  •  Limited availability, outside USA

1. Pickle-Ball’s Champion Graphite Pickle-Ball Paddle


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With amazing classical design, Champion graphite Pickle-Ball paddle is one of the classily designed and best in class product. The product is manufactured by Pickle-Ball Inc., one of the oldest company in this field. The product is first released in 1998 and made huge popularity after nearly passing two decades. The product is updated regularly to meet the desire of the players. It featured with the aramid honeycomb diamond core, which offers revolutionized the game durability, power as well as weight. Also available in several color options including, Solar Orange 2.0.


  •  Large Face with Graphite BOPP overlay
  •  Total Paddle Length: 15 3/4”
  •  Width: 8 1/4”
  •  Length: 5″
  •  Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″
  •  Core: 3/8″ Aramid honeycomb
  •  Weight: 7.6 oz. Average Weight +/- .3 oz.
  •  USAPA approved
  •  Made in USA
  •  One year manufacturer warranty


  •  No cons found

One thought on “Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles in 2019

  1. (old version of this article)
    Who doesn’t know about Pickleball Paddles? It is a popular game which resembles tennis. The rules of the game are simple and it can be very addictive as well. Well, let us cut to the chase and talk more about the game and the equipment that is used. This game was created for one purpose which is for absolute fun! The game can be played by different age groups and it will keep your mind and body active. When you hear the name, you think of a bunch of pickles playing the game.

    We love it when a game is easy to learn and there is scope to excel in it. If you are a pickleball enthusiast or you wish to play the game then you would require a good paddle. Worry not because we have listed the Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles in 2017. We have listed the Top 10 paddles on the basis of customer reviews on different sites. This one will help you to choose the best paddle for the sport! However, let us find out more about the game before we go through the top 10 list.

    The Basics You Need to Know About Pickleball

    The game has an unusual name but it is fun to play. It is a racquet game which resembles tennis. This game was first played in the year 1965 in Bainbridge Island. The game requires two equipments such as the pickleball paddle and waffle ball. The pickleball court is similar to a basketball court. There is nothing new about this game because you will find a lot of resemblance between pickleball, tennis and the court looks much like the basketball court. Just like the tennis court, the pickleball court is striped as well.

    If you are a novice, you should check out the list to buy the best pickleball paddle. Check it out!

    Here are the Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles in 2017

    10. Pro Lite Sports Enforcer Graphite Pickleball Paddle

    What is good about this product? It has a very unique shape as it looks like tear drop. The paddle in total measures 8 inches and some players have loved the shape and length of this paddle. This will help you hit big swings in the game. You will love slamming the shots with this paddle. The paddle weighs 7 ounces which is light and it gives the players good control. The grip circumference measures 4 inches. It is the best option for those, who have small hands. The brand is great and many people buy this product for its stylish looks and great grip. Is it worth buying! We would give it big thumbs up.

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    9. Onix Graphite Slammer Pickleball Paddle

    The Onix Graphite Slammer Pickleball Paddle is economically priced. It is a graphite paddle which offers great control. If you are looking for a paddle which solves the purpose of a daily game at the court with your friends then you should go for this. The grip size is 4 ¼ inch and it is a lightweight paddle. It just weighs 7 ounces. It is a great pickleball paddle for beginners and you should definitely give it a try.

    [Azonasinid asinid="B004XODIFI"]

    8. Onix Graphite Zen Pickleball Paddle

    The Onix Graphite Zen Pickleball Paddle offers the player superb control. You can slam shots like a PRO with this one. The oversized shape of this paddle works in its favour. It has graphite face and aluminium core. The grip size is 4-1/4”. Yes, it is a heavy-weight paddle which can go up to 8 ounces. It is for the professional players. It is constructed really well and it looks pretty good. What is the best feature? It has to be the grip of this paddle!

    [Azonasinid asinid="B01733XL8E"]

    7. Selkirk Sport Aluminium Honeycomb Core Graphic Pickleball Paddle

    The super lightweight paddle which is every player’s dream! You have to get the Selkirk Sport Aluminium Honeycomb Core Graphic Pickleball Paddle. It has a long handle and you would love to play with this one. It gives you fantastic control and you can do a full-swing slamming with this one. The opponents should be scared of the paddle because this one is made for the professionals. It has an aluminium honey comb core with pro-lite gamma grip. What’s more? It is made in Idaho, USA and it is a top-choice among professional players.

    [Azonasinid asinid="B0174J5V3U"]

    6. Selkirk Sport Omni 31P XO Graphite Polymer Elongated Glen Peterson

    The Selkirk Sport Omni 31P XO Graphite Polymer Elongated Glen Peterson Paddle is powerful and durable. It has a graphite surface which makes it a popular choice. The lightweight paddle is great as it weighs only 7 ounces. The good news is that you get lifetime warranty against the manufacturer defects with this product. When you have so many benefits of buying this product, you should definitely go for it.

    [Azonasinid asinid="B01LWPJ2X6"]

    5. Onix Graphite Z5 Pickeball Paddle

    This one is a popular choice among pickleball players. The solid feel of this paddle and the attractive looks are unbeatable. The paddle is of superior quality and mind you, it is a heavy weight paddle. It weighs between 7.6 ounces to 8.2 ounces. The handle is wrapped comfortable with ultra cushion which makes it comfortable to hold. The cushion is the big plus because it gives the player a very comfy experience while playing the game. The paddle is available in various colours like pink, red, white, purple, yellow, green, orange and much more.

    [Azonasinid asinid="B005BSW2UW"]

    4. Gamma Premium Pickleball Paddle

    The Gamma Premium Pickleball Paddle is a wise choice because it has a cushioned surface. It has a flush fit bumper which protects the paddle from the risk of mis-hits. The product has a solid feel to it and the grip is really good. What can you expect from this product? You can expect great durability and stability from this premium pickleball paddle. It is a great choice indeed!

    [Azonasinid asinid="B06WWBMB1C"]

    3. Pro Lite Sports Aero D Graphite Pickleball Paddle

    This is another excellent choice! The paddle has a wonderful aerodynamic design which has a great striking power. The product has a sleek design and it does not make you feel that it is getting heavy for you to hold. The weight ranges from 6.6 to 8.1 ounces. Players can find the right weight according to their requirements. The product comes at a great price and the grip is 4 inches. Should you invest in it? You should do that without any doubt!

    [Azonasinid asinid="B01IUXTKCC"]

    2. Element Pickleball Paddle

    The Element Pickleball paddle is famous. The brand is much-loved by the players. The paddle is light and it provides a great performance. You can hit great power shots with this paddle. A high speed spin is not a new phenomenon with this one. If you want a paddle for fast rallies, this is a good choice. The paddle is a terrific choice because it has a stylish design and it is comfortable. Make hard shots with this one because it is the best!

    [Azonasinid asinid="B00OGR5ZHQ"]

    1. Pickleball Now Classic Lite Pickleball Paddle

    The size is much the same as the popular paddles. It has an oversized head with a long handle. The paddle is perfect for the professionals. It offers you extra reach and a comfortable grip. Yes, it weighs a lot and the beginners should not opt for this one. The handle is 5 inches long which helps you to reach out for the shots which make you shift your body to another side. The small grip is 4 inches and it is perfect for smaller hands. In a nutshell, it is a great product to buy!

    [Azonasinid asinid="B00NRB6BAW"]

    What to look for in a pickleball paddle?

    1. Good Grip (comfortable)
    2. Excellent Control
    3. Cost should be decent
    4. Most top models of paddles look great. Does it matter?

    Words from the Wise

    What do you think? Did you find the right paddle for yourself? All the paddles mentioned above are great and you should check out the reviews yourself! We always want you to buy the best product. It is our duty to provide you useful information. Choose wisely and you should choose the paddle according to your skill and size of hand. The grip should be great and you should have good control over the paddle. We are sure that you will buy the best. Happy shopping!

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