A splash in a pool is a perfect way of beating the warm weather and get some fun under the sun. But with a pool full of dirt, slime, and leaves all the fun automatically melts away. A pool vacuum is a perfect tool for making good such a mess. As best as it might be designed for the job, the type of pool vacuum hose attached to your vacuum will determine whether you’ll have an easy or rough day cleaning your pool. There are many different options when it comes to pool vacuum hoses. However, you need the best pool vacuum hose that will literally paint the picture of someone who knows what they’re doing.

Talking about the best hose to use, you’ll need to consider one that’s flexible, tough, and resistant to mechanical and weather abuse. Ask yourself if the hose is of the size. Generally, a longer hose provides more room for positioning your pool vacuum. Now let’s get down to looking at the best pool vacuum hoses worth getting your hands on.

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Table of the Best Pool Vacuum Hoses Reviews

5. Poolmaster 33430 1-1/2″ x 30′ In-Ground Vacuum Hose

Pool Vacuum Hoses

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Built tough for reliability, this pool vacuum hose is something you can rely on. It sports a spiral-wound construction optimized for strength and flexibility. The inner walls are made smooth to maximize water flow rate. The hose has a swivel connection that comes in handy to provide a kink-free vacuuming experience. An EVA polymer construction gives the hose a high tensile strength to resist crushing and cracking. It doesn’t corrode and has the capacity to withstand weather extremes, such as UV rays, snow, and rain. The hose measures 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 30 feet long. It’s designed to be used with all pool vacuums.

4. Intex Spiral Hose for Pool Filters 1.5in X 25ft

Intex Spiral Hose for Pool Filters, 1.5in X 25ft

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Want to allow more room for your filter pump or extend maintenance tools? This pool vacuum hose is sure to suffice. The hose is specially designed to fit all Intex filtration systems and filter pumps. A spiral construction provides a durability that won’t disappoint. Flexible and tangle-free, you get to maneuver it without the fear of crushing or cracking. The hose holds up well even when subjected to weather extremes. It has re-attachable nozzles so you can cut to the desired length and fit the nozzle without a hitch. The hose has a 1.5-inch diameter and stretches 25 feet long.

3. Haviland Vac Hose for Above Ground Pools, 18-ft x 1-1/4-in

Haviland Vac Hose for Above Ground Pools, 18-ft x 1-1/4-in

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This vacuum hose looks great both inside and outside of the box. It comes in a rugged construction sporting a special UV coating to provide years of continuous use. The hose has a flexible, spiral design that bends and folds without damage. The outer shell comes tough to resist abrasion and corrosive pool chemicals. A lightweight construction keeps the hose floating for an easy vacuuming experience. Maximum flow rate is guaranteed by a smooth inner wall. This pool vacuum hose measures 1.25 inches in diameter and is 18 feet long.

2. FibroPRO Professional Pool Vacuum Hose 1 1/2″ x 40 feet

FibroPRO Professional Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose Spiral Wound

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Looking for a pool vacuum hose with a longer stretch? At 40 feet long, this hose might just come in handy. The longer stretch provides more extended use and room for maneuvering. This hose is built with pool professionals in mind. This is evident from its rugged, spiral construction designed to take a beating. It flexes with ease and comes tough enough to withstand corrosion and whatever nature has in store. The hose unrolls easily and has a cuff that stays in place. The interior wall is smooth to provide unrestricted flow. This vacuum hose has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

1. U.S. Pool Supply 1-1/2″ x 30 Foot Professional Heavy Duty

Professional Heavy Duty Spiral Wound Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose

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Length for length, this pool vacuum hose bears a slightly higher price tag compared to others on the list. But why not when it provides the convenience of a worry-free heavy duty construction? It’s a hose designed to meet the standards of professional pool cleaners. The hose provides an effortless flex, thanks to a flexible spiral construction. It’s lightweight enough to float for easy vacuuming yet tough enough to resist mechanical and weather damage. The hose is fabricated from EVA material to provide a durability you can depend on. It measures 1.5 inches in diameter and 30 feet long.

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