Popcorn is one of the snacks chosen by a lot of people, kids and adults alike. It is a very tasty, delicious and economical snack to buy and to prepare for a few minutes. Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways that allow you to prepare your popcorn. Better to make use of your oven and other kitchen equipments at home.

For those who want to make the process of making popcorn easy, simple and fun, try to choose any of these top 10 best popcorn makers in 2020 reviews.

List Of Top 10 Best Popcorn Makers in 2020 Reviews + Buying Guide

10. Superior Popcorn Company

Hot and Fresh Countertop

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If you are looking for a high quality and large popcorn maker stovetop, this product from superior popcorn company can help you to the max. It comes with three control switches which consist of the switch for light warmer to keep your popcorn warm, a switch for stirrer, and a switch for pot heater. Thus, the operation can be more simple than you have ever expected. Just a click, you can start making your popcorn very conveniently.

Coming with a stainless steel construction, it enhances greater durability for the product to stay with you in a very long time. More than this, it is coated with steel finish which allows it to look extra shiny and easy to clean. This popcorn maker allows users to store up to 3 gallon of popcorn within a batch which is pretty a lot.

9. West Bend

 West Bend 82505 Stir

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West Bend is one of many grade quality electric popcorn makers you should invest in. It has a very small and compact construction which is ideal for home use. This hot oil popcorn popper also features a long stirring rod that keeps stirring for even cooking. Together with its large lid that also serves as a large bowl, users can simply turn it upside down once it is cooked for quick serving. This product has a large storage capacity of 6 quart which is suitable for home cooking and stuffs.

The cooking plate is constructed with nonstick materials which allows users to easily cook and clean up after. Furthermore, the popping experience of the corn is also improved. Coming with a single on/off switch, it is also very convenient to control over its operation.


The Original HOTPOP

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HOTPOP is one of many very convenient popcorn makers for home use. It has a very compact design that is very easy to store and to use. It arrives with a whip up lid that allows users to pop up to 15 cups of popcorns which is pretty a lot. The product is entirely made of top quality silicone which is perfectly resistant to high heat and burning.

It has a non-stick interior that also helps to improve the ability of popping. Designed to use inside microwave, this little thing has a very sturdy construction that is safe and perfect for microwave heating.

Featuring cool touch handles, it allows users to safely, conveniently, and quickly hold it and remove it from microwave once it is done cooking. No more worries about toxic and other harmful chemical substances. This HOTPOP popcorn maker is totally made BPA and PVC free.

7. Cuisinart

Cuisinart CPM-100

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Cuisinart has always become one of the top choices when it comes to choosing kitchen or home materials. This electric popcorn maker is also from the brand and offers an incredible quality of usage. It comes with many color options for users to choose from which ranges from red, maroon, pink, to white. With its small and slim design, it is very easy to use at home. This product uses hot air technology to cook your popcorn which is safe, easy, and fast.

It has a 1500W power unit which works very fast and effectively within 3 minutes of time. Coming with a butter warming tray that can be removed, it helps users to take it off and wash it up with convenience. Other than this, it has a one on/off button that is made for ease of operation and control. The cord also comes with cord storage for greater organization.

6. Nostalgia

Nostalgia KPM508 Vintage

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Nostalgia is a large popcorn maker that is suitable to put on countertop at your shop. With the storage of 2.5 ounce, this product allows you to make a large amount of popcorn per batch. This equals to 10 cups of corn. Moreover, this one features a big vendor style cart that helps to enhance the atmosphere of every party back to the 19th century. Together with the tilt door that can be pulled back and forth, it allows user to access for the popcorn fast and conveniently.

Nostalgia also comes with a long heavy duty stirring system that helps the popcorn to be cooked evenly. Constructed with double hinged lid, it is very easy for users to put the corn in and take the popcorns out once it is ready.

5. Ruyiot

Popcorn Popper

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Ruyiot is a contemporary mini popcorn maker that is specifically designed for home use. It has a slim and compact construction that takes up very little space of your countertop. This product use about 1200W power to cook and pop your popcorns. This means that your popcorns can be ready to serve within 3 to 5 minutes.

Using hot air system, this one never require any add up oil at all which is also a source of healthy lifestyle. It has a heavy duty wind channel that allows the air to flow instantly. Ruyiot popcorn maker also features a non stick cooking tray which helps to improve poping experience of your corn and ease of cleaning.

4. Ozeri

Ozeri Zippy Popcorn

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Ozeri Zipper Popcorn Maker is a stainless steel product that features non-stick interior. It has a shiny look as it is nicely polished. This product holds no stains at all which allows users to be able to wash it with convenience. More than that, it has a large storage capacity that is able to hold up to 5.5 Qt of corn. It does come with a long stirring rod that smoothly stirs your popcorn for even cooking.

Ozeri comes with a transparent lid which allows you to see and keep track with your popcorn popping inside the pot. Featuring a long cooling touch handle, this is very easy for users to lift it up. This one can also be used with oven under the temperature of 410F degree or below. Same also goes to stovetop.

3. Paramount

Popcorn Maker Machine

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Paramount is the top number 3 product that we would like to introduce to you. This is a large popcorn popper that is suitable to use inside the store as well as theatre. The cooking plate is entirely built with non-stick ceramic coated steel which allows the corn to pop freely during cooking. In addition to that, its non-stick feature makes it easy for users to clean it up later.

Being able to hold up to 8 oz of popcorns, users can have a large amount serving per batch which save both energy and time spent from making popcorns. Operating on 110V, this one is compatible to use with every standard outlet with safety.

2. West Band

West Bend 82515

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Another large popcorn maker to recommend next is from West Band company. West Band Hot Oil Theatre Style Popcorn Popper is ranked the second place on this review due to many good features. First off, the product has a very large looking capacity that allows an amount of 4 ounces popcorn to be cooked at one batch. With a high energy and powerful machine operation, this product makes your popcorns within only 3 minutes and allows you to serve up to 5 servings per once.

The cooking kettle has a non stick feature that is very easy to pop the corns as well as very easy to clean. It can also be removed effortlessly from the cart. With the purchase, buyers will also receive a measuring cup, oil measuring spoon, serving tray, and also a popcorn scoop as well.

1. Great Northern Popcorn Company

6097 Great Northern

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The last and also the top product comes from Great Northern Popcorn Company. This one has a very cute design. With a large construction that feature two large wheels, it is great for standing alone at any place. It is very easy to transport from place to place all thanks to its large and smooth wheels. With dual front pegs, it actually helps to maintain great stability. It also has a drawer for keeping all popcorn accessories which is perfect, ideal, and convenient for business.
More importantly, this popcorn maker is able to cook up to  8 ounces of popcorns per once. Coming with 3 switches, this makes it easy for users to switch between spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater.

Buying Guide of Popcorn Makers

Know your requirements: when you want to buy a popcorn maker or popper, you need to first know your requirement. It is important to question yourself whether you want it for a home cooking or perhaps you need it for your business. Once you know about it, you can search through the size and price.

Size: Next, it is about size. Now, if you have already decide to get a popcorn maker just for home use, it is great to get a mini popcorn maker that is able to serve around 2 or 3 serving. A small popcorn maker may saves a lot of your countertop space and allows you to organize it easily. However, if you want it for business, getting a large popcorn maker is highly recommend. In our review, you can find many large popcorn popper for up to 8 ounce of cooking. 

Type: Now, it is about type. There are many types of popcorn makers these days. Some of them include hot oil, hot air, microwave, and stovetop popcorn makers. If you are a person that truly cares about your health, getting a hot air popcorn maker is perfect because it requires no oil at all. However, if you run a business and always want popcorns to be quickly cooked, we encourage you to get a hot oil popcorn machine. And, if you rarely use it and only feel like making popcorn once in a while, getting a small microwave popcorn maker is the best.


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1. Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine, 8- Ounce


This is a commercial type of quality popcorn maker machine that features a stainless steel kettle, a stainless steel food zone, a heated warming deck, an old maid drawer, a tempered glass panel and an eight ounce kettle that operates at exactly 860 watts. With its antique design, you will be greatly reminded of the early days spent in carnival. The product includes three plastic types of serving cups, fifty serving bags, measuring scoops and measuring cups.


  •  Can easily be assembled and washed with water.
  • Creates the best popcorn with terrific flavacol seasoning.
  • Warmer and more excellent light bulb and bigger pot to make popcorn.
  •  Perfect popcorn maker to make three popcorn gallons per batch.


  •  Few dents and bubbles on top.
  •  Half of the kernels do not pop.

2. Popcorn Maker Machine By the Paramount – New 8 Oz Capacity for Oil Popper


The Popcorn maker of Paramount is a compact, efficient, and non-sticky ceramic coated type of kettle popping system. This highlights flexible capacity and this uses up to 8oz in every batch. This also has a physical dimension of 10.5”w by 19.5”h by 9.5”d.


  •  Easy to Use and Clean.
  •  Includes instruction manual to follow.
  •  Limited lifetime warranty.
  •  Perfect when you prepare popcorn for the family.
  •  High quality and nice popcorn maker machine.
  • Fresh popcorn that pops.


  •  Cannot accommodate a lot of popcorns to pop.

3. Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee and Movie Theater Styled 8 Oz Antique Popcorn Maker


This is a commercially grade and large sized popcorn maker. In addition to that, this includes fifty bags for free, popcorn scoop and measuring cups. This also has its three position control switches at 640 watts. This best works on standard 110 volts. With its enhanced colors and premium paint, the more that it is likeable as a product to buy. This also has its specific measurement of 14.4”L by 13.6” W by 22.8”H. This can also help you prepare two to three gallons of popcorn in every batch.


  •  Great machine that can easily be assembled.
  •  Makes great popcorns that stay fresh for hours.
  •  Good popcorn machine for consumer use..
  •  Easy to Clean


  • None

4. Cuisinart CPM- 28 Classic Styled Popcorn Maker


This Cuisinart popcorn maker can prepare ten cups of delicious, fluffy and hot popcorns in just a few minutes. This also has its 500-watt heater without advanced heat ups. Thus, the machine can be used right away. With its mechanized type of spinner responsible in moving the kernel, the corns pop with utmost perfection.


  •  Door and kettle are removable for ease and convenience in cleanup
  •  Authentic popcorn maker worthy of its price.
  •  Sturdy and well-made popcorn maker.
  •  Creates fresh, delicious and fluffy popcorn for only a few minutes.


  •  Limited functions of some parts.

5. Great Northern Popcorn 2-1/2 Oz Red Tabletop and Retro Style Compact Popcorn Maker with Removable Tray


The Great Northern popcorn maker features a removable type of serving tray. When the popcorns pop, you only need to remove the serving tray. Now, you can enjoy eating the most delicious, freshest and fluffiest popcorns at the comforts of your home. Apart from the removable tray, the product also includes measuring cup, measuring spoon and instruction manual.


  •  Easy to clean
  •  Ninety days warranty.
  •  Kettle can be easily cleaned and creates the best popcorn.
  •  Works good at its perfect size.


  •  Breaks Easily

6. Great Northern Popcorn at Black Bar Styled Lincoln 8 Oz Antique Type of Popcorn Maker Machine


Do you want to enjoy a movie time with your family and friends while you eat popcorn? If yes, the Red Bar Styled Popcorn Maker is just right for you. This is actually made from stainless steel material that makes it a commercial and quality machine. This is also able to make eight popcorn gallons just for every batch. This is manufactured in its black color and this is also easily assembled. The impressive thing about it is that it is made from tempered safety steel and glass.


  •  Easy to Clean and Use
  •  Works great When Making popcorn.
  •  Best Price
  •  Makes delicious and crispy popcorn.


  •  Rusting.
  •  Missing assembly manual.
  •  Glass door is not aligned

7. Great Northern Popcorn 6208 at TopStar 12 Oz Machine with Antique Style Popcorn Maker Machine


This popcorn maker machine features a pot heater and a stirrer, a spot and light warmer, a tempered glass and a warming deck. This can also make five gallons of popcorns just for every batch. The additional features are easy and simple to clean with the use of water. This also includes popcorn scoop with oil and kernel scoop.


  •  Excellent machine at its best value.
  •  Machine that works effectively.
  •  Very easy and simple to use.
  •  Five years warranty.


  •  Came dented and so filthy

8. Paramount 6 Oz Popcorn Maker – Newly Upgraded Features Hot Oil Popper


This popcorn maker machine offers flexible capacity from 2.5 Oz up to 6 Oz of popcorn. This is also an easy and fast machine that you can clean the easy way possible. This also has its multicolor type of LED illumination with remote control and standard type of warming bulb.


  •  Easy and simple to clean and use
  •  Can create crisp, healthy and delicious popcorns.
  •  LED accessory is included.
  •  Looks and feels as a good popcorn maker machine.


  •  A bit expensive

9. Funtime FT421 CR Antique and Carnival Styled 4 Ounces Hot Oil Popcorn Maker, Red


This is a carnival styled popcorn popper with four ounces of stainless steel and lip lid type of kettle. This also features a stirring system for heating, built-in type of heat lamp and pull out trays that can catch all those kernels that do not pop. This is also tempered and metal glass constructed with simple control switches for on and off. This highly emphasized measuring scoop, cup as well as seasoning shakers.


  •  One year warranty.
  •  Works perfectly at home.
  •  Popcorn tastes delicious, healthy and good.
  •  Easy and simple to clean popcorn maker.


  •  Some parts of the popcorn maker machine rust

10. Great Northern Popcorn 8 Oz Foundation Movie Theater Styled Popcorn Machine


This is a deluxe model of popcorn maker that highlights three position control switches as well as 820 watts. This is also an exclusively whisper quite type of motor with tempered and safety glass wall. This basically features highly impacting polycarbonate doors with certified and top quality watts.


  •  Creates delicious, healthy and fluffy popcorn.
  •  Lasts for a long period of time.
  •  Comes with the best scooper and measuring cop that can measure the quantity of popcorn to prepare


  •  It does not work on some types of corn.

If you want to prepare the most delicious and healthiest popcorns at the comforts of your home, never miss out the chance to make use of any of those popcorn maker machines.

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