A portable toilet trailer is very useful in many situations especially when camping, boating or taking a trip in a recreational vehicle. With this device, you do not require all the facilities needed in a bathroom. In addition, camping loos are less expensive compared to installing a new toilet at home. They can also be used in emergency situations like when your toilet is clogged or blocked or when water is stopped from flowing into the toilet.

When walking for long distances, a portable toilet will save you energy and effort in asking people directions for a nearby toilet. This guide gives you the best and most popular camping/portable loos in the market.

Top Rated Portable Toilet Trailer Review In List

#1. Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet, Designed for Camping, RV, Boating And Other Recreational Activities

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This portable toilet trailer has a weight of eleven pounds and has sixteen inches in length, and fourteen inches in breadth. It is light in weight and very compact in that it can fit very well into your car’s boot. In addition, it is constructed from a high-quality and durable polythene.

Sitting on this piece feels very comfortable and it is the ideal height for most people, of all ages –children, teens, and adults. The loo is equipped with a flushing unit that can hold up to two and a half gallons of water. Also, the waste disposal tank can hold up to five and a third gallon of water.

With Camco Portable-Toilet, each flash utilizes a very little amount of water and a little flush are all it takes to dispose of all waste in the collection tank. This type makes it perfect for small families due to the average capacity of the tank.

#2. Dometic Portable Toilet

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This kind has an extra height compared to the Camco type above. This is why it comes second since it requires some people to use a stand-in order to get to the seat. Otherwise, the type is one of the best toilets on the market today.

In Fact, it is built of durable polythene and made to hold five gallons of liquid waste – similar to Camco Toilet. The flush unit is pressurized and uses very little water in every flush, thoroughly cleaning and emptying all the waste matter. Therefore water can last for a very long time.

The flush is also made of a simple and easy to press the button. It is equipped with an air valve that prevents bad smell and leaks. The wastes can be emptied easily in a home toilet without any complications.

#3. Reliance Luggable Loo

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This toilet looks more like a bucket than an actual portable loo and it is an ideal kind for most people on a long distance trip. It can hold up to five gallons of water and comes with a top lid that can be used as a cover for a toilet seat.

You can sit on Luggable toilet very comfortably on contrary to a normal pail or bucket. It is just thirteen inches in height and needs to be together with a chemical agent that readily converts liquid wastes into the solid matter that can be disposed of easily.

Once done using the loo, you can safely close the top using the cover lid to prevent bad smell from leaking from your toilet. Fortunately, liquid waste cannot leak out even if you tip the bucket-like toilet over.

#4. Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

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This is considered the decent one when it comes to camping toilets. It looks nice with its stylish design and the curved edges. The toilet has a height of approximately seventeen inches, like most portable loos. Its bowl is also larger.

It is built with a TP-holder making it simple to handle things comfortably. The flush unit can hold up to four gallons of water and the waste tank can carry five gallons. The flush is lever design for all the tanks.

Additionally, the flush is powered by a battery and a single lever differentiates the two tanks. The waste tank is separated using a cap. The cap must be tilted in order for the wastes to be emptied.

#5. Palm Springs Outdoor Portable Outdoor

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This is similar to most other camping toilets and the design and features are very impressive. It has two tanks that are made separately using latch material. The first tank can contain three gallons of water, and the second tank (waste disposal tank) can hold up to five gallons of waste matter.

It’s lightweight (only ten pounds), sturdy and very feels very comfortable when you sit on. It has a height of sixteen and a half inches and the seat is ideal for most persons.

The only limitation of this portable toilet is that instead of the flush having a push button, it has a pull level. That is why most people discourage using this toilet because it a pull lever is not perfect for people having joint or arthritic problems.

This is all you need for a perfect portable toilet.

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