The best pressure washers can help you to remove those hard stains like, chewing gem etc. They usually release the water with great force to remove dirt.

List Of Top 9 Best Pressure Washers in 2020

9. Sun Joe

Sun Joe SPX3000

A durable water pressure which is suitable for using in the house and garage is the Sun Joe SPX3000. First of all, this product is built in with 1800-watt motor; therefore, it is great for dealing with tough cleaning. For ensuring the versatility of the washer, the nozzle head allows you to choose up to 5 different spray tips. Each one of them is perfect for cleaning different tasks. You can also adjust the temperature of the water too, the maximum temperature is 104 degree F.

Taking a look at the detergent tank, the full capacity that it holds is 0.9 liters. Another great feature of it is, it can automatically shut down; that is great for saving both the energy and ensure the long-lasting quality of the item. This high-quality pressure washer has the total size of 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches.

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8. Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton

The next product in the list goes to one of Briggs & Stratton products. This one is known to be the pressure washer surface cleaner that conforms well with the standard set. The material used for constructing this product is the welded-steel frame; as a great result, you can enjoy the great quality of it. With the detergent tank that comes along with it, we bet that your cleaning process will become much easier. The hose has the length of 20 feet. Don’t worry about potential burst and leakage, this hose can withstand the high-pressure way better than most pressure washers.

If we take a glance at the spray tip, there are up to 3 different tips, each of them is indeed the ideal choice for various cleaning tasks. The good news for the user is, you will also get a 12-month warranty when you make a purchase.

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7. WEN PW31

WEN PW31 3100

We know that you are looking for a durable product which is suitable for using in the house. This is WEN PW31 which is designed to have great quality. The powerful motor built in this product can effectively pump up to 2.5 gallons of water in a minute. You can use it for various cleaning tasks as the nozzle can be changed. You can set the degree and pressure that you need as well.

Better than other choices, the 12-inches wheel makes it much easier when it comes to moving time. With only this product, you can move it around and use it everywhere. Please be noted that the length of the hose is 30 feet. The size of the item is 21 x 21 x 40 inches.

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6. Powerhouse International

Powerhouse International

Powerhouse International makes its way to the list today by proudly introducing this pressure water. This incredible and powerful product is known to produce up to 2.2 gallon of water per minute. Compared to the gas pressure washers, the motor of this washer can work well in a silent way. Next, the flexible hose is attached with the 5 spray tips; those are 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and the watering one.

With just this single product, you can have a great time cleaning around the house. For your information, for ensuring the high-quality of it, the lance is well designed from stainless steel. The size of this product is 15 x 18 x 24 inches, the package of it comes with many great accessories, too.

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5. excell

excell EPW2123100

The next pressure washer brand that you are going to hear from us is excell. This model can work well with the cold and high-water pressure without any concern. At the same time, it aims to ease the user’s convenience when it comes to the storage time too. The hooks are designed with it; therefore, you can always keep the hose and spraying tips in the good order. For ensuring the long-lasting quality to the user, the part of it is well constructed from stainless steel.

Please be noted that this product uses gas power, and the fuel tank can hold 0.95 gallon of gasoline. This way, we bet that you will find it very convenient to use in a large area. Last but not least, the size of this product is 23 x 17 x 24 inches.

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4. guiok

guiok Electric Pressure

Another reputable pressure washer is known as one of guiok products. First of all, it is a powerful washer that can effectively offer the high-pressure rate; as a great result, you will be able to clean all types of surface with little effort. It can help you get rid of the dust, oil, and even the rust. Don’t worry if you are concerned about the installation process, you can have the full control over its setting by just turning the switch.

Looking at the nozzles, there are up to 4 different degrees which you can choose from. Each one of them is suitable for cleaning various surface. The full dimension of this product is 10.6 x 9.4 x 26.8 inches and the hose length is 6 meters long.

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3. Rendio

Schafter ST5 Pressure

If you use to have a hard time cleaning the surface that is full of dust and dirt, the durable electric pressure washer from Rendio is the right choice to choose. As the name has suggested, this is an electric washer that has 1800-watt motor, so it can provide up to 2.4 gallon of water per minute. If you choose this product, you will be able to get only the convenience. With the auto stop function, it can save energy and prolong the pump life.

For easing the cleaning process, you can choose any nozzles you like. Since the water flow from each spray tip is different, it is suitable for various surface. It is good to know that the cord length is 32.8 ft and the hose length is 19.7 ft. This machine has the size of 24 x 15.3 x 13.4 inches.

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2. Flagup

Flagup 3000PSI

You will love the features of this pressure washer. It is a machine run by the electricity and the pressure rate of it is 2200 PSI. The water given is 1.8 gallons per minute; therefore, it is the superb choice for various tasks. The length of the power cord is 33 feet long, it is also suitable for using in the large garden and garage. For saving the pump life as well as energy, it can automatically shut down.

The spray heads attached to this machine are up to 5 options. We guarantee that you will have a great time picking the right tip for your cleaning time. If the installation process is what you are concerned about, worry no more since it requires only a few minutes to install. The total size of this product is 11.4 x 10.6 x 29.5 inches.

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1. Schafter

Schafter ST8 3000

Schafter is the champion in the list today, this product is known to be a high-quality product due to its power and performance. The motor built in this machine is 1800 watts while the water it produces per minute is 1.8. On top of the 33 feet long power cord, it is designed to have inline GFCI as well. This way, you can always access it with other sockets when you are working outdoors with ease. The spray heads are up to 5 different types, you can use it interchangeably for completing various tasks.

It is also good to notice that the hose of this washer is 20 feet long. If you are looking for the high-quality product that has the long pump life, this 27.9 x 14.2 x 13 inches is the right choice.

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Buying Guides for Pressure Washers

  • Types of pressure washer

If you wait to hear from the about the pressure washer buying guide, the wait is finally over. The first thing that you should consider is the energy of the pressure washer. The popular products right now use electricity and gas. The choice totally depends on the usage and the place you plan to use it. Indeed, if you plan to use it in an indoor area such as gardening and car washing, the electric pressure washer is more desirable. It is also a wise choice to thoroughly look at the length of the power cord in advance.  Another type is the gas pressure washer, and it is suitable for using in the large area that is far from a power socket.

  • Power and capacity

Equally important, the power and the capacity of the washer cannot be overlooked. The power of it refers to the GMI, gallon per minute, of the machine. If you wish to get a product that can clean all types of surface with ease, do look for the powerful motor. Since a pressure washer comes with the detergent tank, it can greatly save your time from running back and forth. We recommend you choose a product that comes with a larger tank.

  • Extra features

 For the convenience in transporting the washer around from place to place, wheels are found in this washer. This option is a great choice to consider since it can save both your time and energy. Besides, you should look for the product that can automatically shut down. This way, the pump life of the motor is ensured to last longer.


So here is the list of the Top 10 Electric Pressure and Gas Washers present in the market. And these differ from one other based on performance, specifications, resources provided. All these have their own Pros and cons. be sure to choose the one wisely based on our review above, and you will end up finding the best washer for your household activities. Clearly all these washers have the best to offer, and if you are the one looking for a compact all-in-one product, then these are the best you can choose from!



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You may find the best pressure washer in this list below:

10. Karcher K7100 Electric Power Pressure Washer


K1700 was developed to offer a high cleaning performance and ease of use. This electric washer gives a 1700 PSI of truPressure, which ensures that you receive the highest level of cleaning power which is driven by a reliable universal motor. It comes with several handy features, such as a unique on/off foot switch, storage bin, large-one gallon removable tank and also three nozzle sprays which includes turbo nozzle for a better intensive cleaning process. No tools are needed to assemble, as you can set up and start using the product in just five minutes or less.

A great product for a great price and you would love it the most when you begin to see the wonders and how perfectly it works to help you clean with high intense speed with less effort and time.



9. Ivation electric Pressure Washer 2200


This is an excellent product that has many ratings from all around the world. If you are looking for something that is just easy and simple to work with, then you will definitely love the durability, simplicity of this product and the way how it can help you accomplish all of your household chores. The functionalities of this product has all of the parts included and it even has a soap dispenser which is built in! The product is huge value and as well as the money which means that you will love the product and everything else about it too. Overall, it is a great product and it is rated and loved by several customers around the world, and it is a very dependable product that you can use which lasts as longer as possible and works like a charm. Clean and purify your surroundings within the least amount of time with the least effort.

• One of the major pros is its 5 Interchangeable nozzles which allows you to choose between attachments as per your desire. • Quickest Setup that is maximum of 30 seconds. • Perfect for cleaning the house, car, driveway or anything else that you need to clean • Easy to use and easy to clean
• Getting customer support takes a bit of an effort. • Provides warranty for just an year • And other con is its pricing being a bit over the affordable range • There is no quick switch to switch between Soap and water

8. Sun Joe SPX3000


Joe SPX3000 pressure washer delivers an all tackle variety of cleaning ways. Including homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, and decks or anything else that you can think of. The product is packed with an 1800-watt/14.5 amp motor which generates up to 2030 PSI water pressure and also 1.7GPM water flow which gives you the maximum cleaning power and technology. It also removes tar or grease from the concrete, any heavy or mild stains, oil stains, rust from the steel and more. It is also equipped with a dual detergent tank system and has two different types of detergent holders. Both of which are 9 liter on-board removable detergent tanks. Switch between the detergents as per your needs and clean away all those grimes.

Perfect to remove anything, this product is magical! Try using it and you would know for yourself about how amazing this product can be. Worth the money, worth the buy and worth the effort within the least amount of time.



7. Sun Joe SPX3001 /2030


Tackle your toughest home, outdoor or any other cleaning projects with ease by using the Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GMP electric Pressure Washer. It is a product that performs with power! Allows you to remove any road tar, tree sap, insect splats, grease of any other heavy mild oil, rust stains cake or mud and many other stubborn grimes within a few minutes. This product comes equipped with an extra-large 40.6fl oz. 1.2 liter onboard detergent tank, which is the perfect technology to blast dirt off your windows, cars, RV’s and more. The 34 inch extension spray wand and rear wheel provides the maximum and easy to use access even at tight spaces.



6. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100


The Compact combustion chamber and uni-block construction is a great feature of this product as it reduces the fuel consumption. The Engine is designed to meet the Standards of EPA and CARB. The OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump features a power boost technology which provides higher pressure at the nozzle and in result giving a great impact and cleaning performance. This is a maintenance free and oil bath lubrication system. The long life features are mostly for the precision-ground and highly polished stainless steel. The Thermal Relief System of the product protects the pump from overheating or causing any damages to it. The High pressure hose is highly flexible and abrasion-resistant. Includes 5 professional styled quick connect nozzles that blends in for any sort of tasks.

• High safety • Perfect nozzle fit • It can clean the floor within seconds • 4.2 rating
• Hose can be little longer • Not so flexible to use • There are some missing parts in the product

5. Generac 6923 3100


This brand can be said to be best gas pressure washer. The Generac resistantial power washer gives you the cleaning power, reliability and tops all these, it gives you the perfect and easy to use technology for an affordable price rate. The Compact unit which can be used to clean everything you need from Furniture’s to driveways and even decks! The product is easy to assemble as it is designed to be user friendly. Connecting the houses, and moves almost effortlessly. It also provides longer cleaning more comfortably. The Spray gun with cushion gripped handle and also the easy to pull trigger reduces any fatigue and extends the longevity of the product. Also comes along with an on-board ½ Gallon detergent Tank for hassle free cleansing. Listed below are the specifications and rating for this product.



4. GreenWorks GPW1501


The Greenworks lawn tool provides reliable options without the need of gas or high cost of operational maintenance. There is no need to waste or throw in your efforts to assemble the product. Get started within a few seconds, and let go of all those gas hassle behind by using the Greenworks Tools. You have many options to choose from, such as trimmers, chainsaws, mowers, snow throwers, dethatchers, pressure washers and much more to make your life easier. This product is the perfect fit if you are looking to save your time and effort at the best. Everything that is designed on this product is easy to handle, and does not complicate your lives. Give it a try and find out and let us know about what you think.



3. AR Blue Clean AR383 1900


This product features the triplex plunger pump with axial wobble plate. Also has a total stop system where the product only works when the spray gun is triggered, also automatically turns off the motor to protect the pump from overheating. Comes with a quick connect garden hose adapter. Also has a water filter adapter, with adjustable spray head with special fan jet settings. It also has a foam soap dispenser and turbo nozzle lance for a better intense cleaning. This is one of the highest quality lines of high pressure pumps around the world all of which is produced with great safety assurance and industrial grade performances. The trolly has wheels for portability. This is a great product with quick connecting designs. Purchasing one of these products could be worth it if you have any requirements from the above mentioned phrase. Continue reading to find out more about the product.



2. Karcher K3 Follow-ME Electric Power Pressure Washer


The all new Follow-Me is equipped with oversized rear wheels which makes it highly maneuverable which makes it no longer needed to constantly life and move the pressure washer while you clean it. It also features the Karcher Quick Connect System on to the trigger gun and on all the hose connections. Simply push and click into place is all what you have to do. The accessory wands store is on the unit near the onboard detergent tank, which means everything that you ever need to clean is right next to your hands, so it can be easily accessed to anytime you need it. This product brings Karcher to the perfect next level of cleansing. Try it out yourself and let us know what you think.



1. WEN PW31 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 208 cc


The WEN 3100 PSI pressure Washer can blast away any unwanted dirt to bring back the clean surface which is hidden underneath. It has a powerful 208cc 4-stroke OHV engine which pumps 2.5 GPM. The 30ft hose gives a great amount of reach, whereas the 12 inch wheels provide the easy mobility over any terrain. Every change is simplified and easy to connect. Including to switching from one nozzle to another. Fix the soap nozzle if you are in need to clean your cars or any other vehicles.


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