Or you can hang them low. Projector ceiling mounts Kit can be adapted to fit your ceiling’s design. One of the top 10 best projector ceiling mount kits in 2022 can work for you.

No matter how your ceiling is made, you can set up your home theater without worry. Just make sure you attach the projector mount to the right beam for solid support.

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List Of Top 10 Best Projector Ceiling Mount Kit in 2022 Reviews

10. Epson Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Kit

Epson V12H808001 Universal

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Made to fit right in with your home’s décor, this universal projector mounting kit gives you the adjustment features you need. Plus, you get a quick release and connection function to make sure you can do repairs with ease.

Also, the ceiling adaption feature allows you to attach this projector to a variety of ceiling styles. Weighing around 2 pounds, it should not be a burden to your current ceiling structure. On top of that, cable management is a snap.

9. Amer Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount Kit

Universal Projector Drop

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After you bring this projector mount home, you can drop it in your false ceiling with its included ceiling tile. Once you have the projector mount installed, you can place up to a 30-pound projector on it.

Plus, this projector mount kit gets rid of het fast while it adjusts to fit a variety of projectors. A steel reinforced plate gives this projector mount kit its strength and durability. In addition to this, the cable management system is easy to use.

8. Premier Mounts Universal Projector Mounting Kit

Premier Mounts Universal

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Once you take this projector mount kit out of its box, the adjustable pole allows you to place this mount anywhere in your home. After it is installed, the kit will hold up to 40 pounds of weight.

Also, with 360-degree rotation and +/- 20 degrees tilt, you should be able to avoid that annoying glare. This projector mount kit can be attached to a variety of ceilings or you can adapt it to fit to your wall.

7. Chief Mfg Projector Ceiling Mount Plate

Chief Mfg CMA450

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It is held up by 4 strong wires and this projector mount plate can hold up to 250 pounds. More than enough for your projector. Plus, the stability you get once this projector mount kit is set up is second to none.

Also, the easy to install projector mount kit gives you a variety of holes to use to make sure it fits in your home. The plate measures 24 by 24 inches in size approx.

6. PEERLESS Universal Projector Mount


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One good thing about this projector mount kit is that it comes with an 18 to 27” extension. A twist of the knob does all the work for you. On top of that, the adjustment is done without any tools.

Plus, with its tilt function, you can make sure the sun’s rays do not spoil your television watching. Then with its cable management system, you get a clean, organized look to your living or family room. It is a solid, stable projector mount kit.

5. Chief Projector Ceiling Mount Kit

Chief RPAU Universal

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Having a universal fit is one of the keys to be the best projector mount kits around. You can fit most projectors on it. Plus, you get steel to steel security and fastening to make sure the mount is safe to use.

After you pull this mounting kit out of the box, you can use the different attachments to custom fit it to your ceiling. Also, the cable management system allows you to make sure ugly cables are out of the way.

4. QualGear Projector Mount Kit

QualGear Pro-AV

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This projector mount kit will work with a variety of ceiling designs. Its 3 in 1 installation functions allow you to attach it to drop ceilings, flat ones, and even angled ceilings. It can even be attached to a truss for your convenience.

Plus, you get to pitch, roll, and rotation options to make sure you get that right viewing angle. In addition, you can get different sized extensions to make sure your projector mount kit fits your home.

3. NEC Corporation Projector Mounting Kit

NEC Corporation

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Once you attach this ceiling mount kit to your ceiling, you should be able to fit most NEC projectors on it. This unit may not be a universal fit, but it looks strong, durable, and able to handle the job you want it for.

Plus, the projector mounting kit is easy to install. You do not have to be a professional handyman to get the installation done. After you get the projector mount kit and your projector set up, you should be able to enjoy hours of home entertainment fun.

2. Ergotron Neo-flex Projector Mount Kit

Neo-flex Projector Ceiling

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With this projector mount kit’s adjustability factor, you can attach almost any projector you own to it. Also, the arms extend between 5 and 20 inches approx. to help you get that perfect fit. The built-in pitch and roll feature gives you anti-glare options.

In addition to these features, you also get a hex-pin antitheft function. Protecting your property is this projector mount kit’s job. Once installed, the kit will hold up to 40 pounds of weight.

1. Chief Projector Mount Kit

Projector Mount Kit

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This projector mount kit works best for those homes with false ceilings. Its drop-in design replaces a ceiling tile so you can have your home entertainment options. Plus, the universal design means you do not have to buy a new projector when you get this unit.

Also, you get other adjustment features to make sure you do not battle the glare of the sun while you watch television. The strong steel construction is durable and should hold up to the treatment you give it.


Having a home entertainment system in your home is enhanced by one of the top 10 best projector mount kits in 2022. These kits enable you to avoid the sun’s glare and make your entertainment viewing more comfortable.

Go with the best for the best results.

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