If you love travelling and need to bring makeup along or have to go on beauty show far away, you should consider owning a best rolling makeup train case. The case helps you put your makeup in place, make them look more organized, and many types of makeup could easily be brought with.

As multiple types of cases have been emerged in the market, finding an ideal one for yourself would be a daunting task. Our site will illustrate top 10 best rolling makeup train case in 2019 for you. They have good quality and are the best companion for you and your makeup.

List of Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Train Case and Cosmetic Box

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case w/Handle, Aluminum Construction - Silver
Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case, Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case 360-degreed Wheels For Beauty Chains Shoulder Straps Black
$83.99$98.99 (15% off)
SONGMICS 2-in-1 Rolling Train Case with 4 Wheels Aluminum Professional Cosmetic Trolley Box with 4 Trays 2 Locks 1 Organizer UJHZ04B
Seya Professional 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Case (Black Diamond)
AW Black Rolling Cosmetic Studio 15x8x19' Case w/Light Mirror Portable Organized Trolley Storage Makeup Artist
Professional Rolling Makeup Train Case,Portable Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Case Jewelry Organizer Travel Brush Bag Holder with DIY Adjustable Divider&Key Lock,3-in-1 Artist Trolley Caster Box Bin
Hiker HK6501PPPK HK6501 4-Wheel 2-in-1 Rolling Makeup Case with Easy-Slide and Extendable Trays, Includes Removable Tray and Extra Lid, 31-Inch, Smooth Texture, Pink
$127.74$133.24 (4% off)
ZEN 3000 Pro Series Makeup Case / Organizer / Cosmetic Case
Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases Trolley Professional Artist Train Case Organizer Box Lift Handle Lock 2 wheel 2 Keys Each Layer Total 8 Keys Purple
Seya Professional Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case w/ 6 Trays - (Silver Diamond & Trim)

10. Best-Choice-Product Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case

10. Best-Choice-Product Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case
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The first makeup case on our list is ideal for beauty travelers, especially professional makeup artists. It combines 2 cases together with handles and wheels providing easiness to rolls to any place. With this rolling cosmetic makeup case, you could store your extra makeup stuff, as you are pleased. It contains multiple compartments that are made to satisfy any sizes of beauty supply needs.

Its dimension is 9.5 inches length, 14 inches width, and 44.5 inches height. Its body is also constructed from cast aluminum frame making the case more conducive for users.

9. Yaheetech Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case

9. Yaheetech Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case
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If you are looking for durable rolling makeup case, this one is perfect for you. It is a 3-in-1 makeup case. This cosmetic makeup case is made of heavy-duty materials with capacity to hold up to 30 Kg/66Lb. The lower part of the case is also made of rubber pad that prevent its surface from scratches. The case also contains lots of compartments and enough rooms for you to put any sizes of your makeup into the case.

With 6 latches and 4 locks on the makeup case, you are worry-free from your stuff getting damaged and out of the case. This one also feature adjustable handle that you could choose its length from 42 to 95 cm up to your convenience.

8. SONGMICS Rolling Train Case

8. SONGMICS Rolling Train Case
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This one is a 2-in-1 rolling cosmetic trolley. Its special design allows user to de-attach the case from one another and used as a smaller portable case. This makeup case is perfect for those who work as freelance makeup artists and hairdressers. The makeup case is made of aluminum frame and durable steel to ensure a long-time use. It also features different sizes of rooms that could fit and thus provide convenience for you to put the makeup supplies organized.

Designed with 4 wheels and handle, you would find it easy to both move and carry it. It is also lightweight, only 3 pounds. With this one, it could be a perfect gift to those who love to travel with makeup. Let’s consider having one!

7. Seya Profesional Makeup Case – 3 in 1

7. Seya Profesional Makeup Case - 3 in 1
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This one is durable and sturdy as it is made of aluminum edges, heavy-duty steel, and decorated with heat-resistant at the exterior surface. It is basically made for multi-purpose uses. Owning this one, you will have no worry about insecure lock and safety of your makeup supplies.

This makeup train case contains 3 parts with 6 removable drawers. Its dimension is 14 inches length, 10 inches width, and 29 inches height.

6. AW Rolling Cosmetic Case – Cosmetic Box

6. AW Rolling Cosmetic Case
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This one is a portable cosmetic case, easy to move and settle. It has top mirror cover the surface and has a high quality. The rolling cosmetic case is actually made of heat-resistant material that could prevent your cosmetic supplies from heat-damaged. Its locking system also provides security for your makeup. The rolling case is designed with four trays-when two are waterproof cover-, a bottom section, and 2 compartments.

5. Gootrades Professional Makeup Train case

5. Gootrades Professional Makeup Train case
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This one is famous and practical for many professional makeup artists, beginners, and learners. It is also fashionable and gorgeous, with 4-wheel enables easy mobility from a place to a place. The makeup case also gives a unique design, allowing you to assemble it to various sizes with 4 styles.

The case is a 3-in-1 case and each layer could be lockable providing safety for your makeup supplies. The bottom part of the case could also hold water bottles, hair sprayer, as well as other makeup stuff.

4. Hiker HK6501 Makeup Case with Easy-Slide and Extendable Trays

4. Hiker HK6501 Makeup Case
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This case fits perfectly for women to put their makeup supplies and go on travel. It has high quality. The case comes in pink and features with pink aluminum edges, which is cute and provides heavy-duty and long-term use.

The makeup case has 2 parts, which could also be portable and used separately. Its dimension is 14.5 inches length, 9.5 inches width, and 31.25 inches height.

3. ZEN 3000 Pro Makeup Case

3. ZEN 3000 Pro Makeup Case
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If you are a Pro makeup artist, this one fits perfectly for you. This is 2-in-1 makeup case, with wheels to provide convenience for travelling and storage. It is the largest rolling case with many rooms. Its top case contains 13 makeup brush holders. Its lower case has 8 drawers, giving spaces for you to put your makeup supplies more organized and easy to find via its functional place.

With this one, you could easily clean it and it also looks attractive and stylish.“For a true professional, this is the way to go.”

2. Ollieroo Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case – Organizer Box

2. Ollieroo Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case
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If you are on-the-go makeup artist, this cosmetic box is for you. It has high quality and is made of silver aluminum trim, providing more attractive state. The case has 5 layers with many rooms and drawers, which could hold all your makeup necessities. Each layer can also be locked to provide more only authorized use to your inside makeup supplies. You could also disassemble the layers and use it independently and portably. The case is designed with heat-resistant to maintain coolness for your makeup inside.

You could also go on plane with this case more comfortably. Its overall dimension is 13.4 inches length, 9.8 inches width, and 28.6 inches height.

1. Seya Professional Cosmetic Makeup Case

Professional Cosmetic Makeup Case - best rolling makeup train case
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This is a high quality Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Case. It is made of black aluminum trims, black fabric interior, and features black diamond, which makes the case more sturdy and fashionable. The case is made with heat-resistant exterior to prevent your makeup supplies from damaging. The case is designed with adjustable and removable 6 drawers to give you more convenience.

The case also includes lock and key to ensure your safety for your makeup. Its overall dimension is 14.75 inches length, 9 inches width, and 14.5 inches height. With this rolling makeup case, you are worry-free about cleaning it up.


With a rolling makeup train case, you have no worries about having to go on a beauty show or trip with huge makeup kits anymore. The makeup case provides you convenience to put all of your extra makeup supplies in a more organized way. They also look gorgeous, fashionable, and stylish. The above 10 rolling makeup train cases we have reviewed are the best in 2019 They could be portable and give easiness for mobility. They are also obtainable online within just a few clicks away. Let’s add one to your cart right now.

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