A salad in your meal presents an excellent way to reduce your calories, gain valuable nutrients and stay healthy. With the way people is living their lives today with fast food and similar food choices, it looks like eating more salads and less meat is a good practice. On that note, what perfect partner to your salad than the right dressing shaker, right? Well here are the best salad dressing shakers that topped our list.

List Of Top 10 Best Salad Dressing Shakers

10. Chef’n

 Chef'n Emulstir

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If you come here, you must love salad, right? Yes, as a salad lover, you have to know how to dress it. Today you will have a chance to create your own salad dressing with the brand-new mixer from Chef’n. To make sure you have best salad dress, Chef’n made this mixture equipment to mix all of your favorite ingredient in a very healthy way.

This mixture bottle is very easy to use, you just need to fill your ingredients, blend it with a handle and open the cap and pour it into your salad, that’s it. It has a closable cap so you don’t need to worry about spilling any amount of your ingredients. You may also use this as your dressing storage as well and simply put in the fridge.

9. Norpro


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Before you can taste your delicious salad, you have to add some dressing ingredients so that it can add more flavor to your plate. Thes Norpro bottle can be your best companion of salad dressing shaker. All you need to do is just gather all of your favorite ingredients and put it in this shaker and shake it as much as you want. Then, you have a bottle full of salad dressing which you can pour it right away on your salad plate or store it in your fridge some time.

Anyway, it is a glass shaker so you can check it out easily whether your ingredients are fully mixed or not. Its size is not too big and not too small, so you can hold it and shake it with your hand. No need other additional accessories for shaking.

8. Leifheit Shaker

 Leifheit Salad

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Do you know that eating salad is very good and healthy for your life but we cannot eat salad without its dressing at all? You have to at least fill your salad with a little dressing to get a better taste. Moreover, in order to define whether your dressing sauce is best for your salad you need to have a good mixture as well. A true dressing shaker will blend all of the ingredients very well and tastefully.

This Leifheit shaker is a high quality one which is made out of plastic but it is very durable and has the ability to blends ingredients very fast and well. Capacity loading of this one is about 300 ml. Its height is about 20 cm and it is clear plastic shaker. You can shake your dressing with your own hand.

7. ClipFresh

 ClipFresh CFIB9307B

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If you are looking for any cute and good shaker for your dressing, you should consider this type. Our ClipFresh shaker is designed very cute and suitable for hand shaking. It comes in two colors, blue and orange. The creation of this shaking bottle is very perfect as they specially made it simple and small so that you can bring it along anywhere. They can make sure that you have a nice salad dressing for your favorite meal anytime and anywhere. About its size

it can fit 660 ml. As it is used for shaking, this shaker got its leak-proof function so that you won’t spill any amount of your delicious dressing. The material used is very durable, made of clear plastic and is safe to be put in the freezer.

6. Zalik Shaking bottle

 Salad Dressing

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From Zalik brand, we would like to make sure that can have a delicious bowl of salad with perfect dressing. As we know that good dressing can be made by good quality shaking equipment or mixture bottle. For Zalik, it is a heavy duty shaking bottle vailable for 400 ml of ingredients. It is made with a strong and thick plastic material that can support heavy duty  shaking.

Moreover, inside of the bottle, there is one blade to fasten the mixture process. It is the best place to keep your salad sauce or salad dressing inside this bottle. Besides hand shaking, you can also click on its mix button and let it be. You will get a fully-blended dressing after a minute.

5. OXO

 OXO Good Grips

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Another high-quality salad dressing mixer is from OXO. It is a little plastic shaker with a very cute shape. If you are in need of a light and convenient dressing mixture, you can consider this type as well because it comes in only 4.6 ounces with a small shape that very easy to hold. The OXO dressing shaker is ideal for mixing your salad dressing and sauce very well because of its closable cap so you don’t have to be concerned about spilling of your sauce.

Besides from mixing the dressing, this salad dressing shaker OXO can be a storage of ingredients as well and you can put it in the fridge just like other bottles as it is break resistant, too.

4. Kitchen De Lujo

 Salad Dressing

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With the kitchen de lujo shaking bottle, you will have a chance to impress everyone with a bowl of appetizing salad. Just so you know, the salad will become more tasteful with best dressing ingredients. Also, the tasteful salad dressing is also because of the ingredients and how is it made as well. This shaker comes in a slim body bottle with crystal clear view with the loading capacity of about 20 ounces.

To ensure hygiene, the product is made with zero risk and very tight sealing, you don’t need to worry about having dirt on your dressing anymore. With washing friendly design, you can also find this salad dressing shaker bottle very easy to use and clean. When purchasing this salad dressing shakers, you will also get a full-year warranty too.

3. Whiskware

Whiskware Salad

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As we are care about the taste of your salad, we would like to bring you this high-quality dressing shaker that can support its taste. From Whiskware, we can ensure that you will have a full blended dressing for your salad. The Whiskware dressing shaker is made out of high-quality plastic. This shaker can put up to 600 ml of ingredients. Moreover, this shaker is very resistant which can protect your sauce from spilling when mixing.

This bottle can be used as a hand shaking one because it is very light in weight which you can hold it in your hand and shake your dressing or mix it with your own hand in a very effective way. All you need to do is just blend all of your favorite elements inside this bottle and start mixing it.

2. Kitchendao

 2 in 1 Salad Dressing

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If you are looking for a portable bottle as your dressing shaker, we can have this environmental friendly shaker from Kitchendao coming in green color. This type of shaker is very convenient for most chefs who love making salad because it provides them with suitably sized and durable equipment along.

The amount of ingredients can run up to about 350 ml. You can just put all appetizers in one and start mixing it. You can have two styles of pouring include the dripless style and wide opening one.

1. Anolon

Anolon Food Prep Sauce

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Here, we have the last shaker for you today. Our last choice of suggestion is from Analon. The Analon has quite a different design from other previous mention shakers. It has a very cute shape with glass style allowing you to see everything inside it. Our dressing specialist will bring you with a bottle of tasteful sauce for your salad menu.

You can also mix your dressing with your own hand or one-click button to mix all the ingredients into a blended sauce. It is very small in size so you can place it anywhere and the shaker is very convenient when it comes to washing.

Buying Guide for Salad Dressing Shakers

We know that many customers find it difficult to decide among these salad dressing shakers. In order to ensure that you can have the right one, we have listed down below the important criteria needed to take in consideration when choosing the perfect salad dressing shaker for your pupose.

Size: First thing first, we would like to talk about the size of salad dressing shaker. When you start thinking of buying a shaker for your sauce, you should choose the one with appropriate size which is not too big or too small that allows you to hold it in your hand. This way, it is simple to   store the shaker or/and the dressing as well.

Material Made: We can see that for most products, before purchasing, we all always consider its strength and weaknesses. So, for a shaker, it is the same. You have to know what it is made of. Is it made of a strong material or not? Check whether or not it can support your shaking or mixing activity or not. Check if they are prone to damage or breaking or not, too.

Multi-purpose shaker: Salad dressing shakers in the market now are very competitive. Some are suitable for shaking or mixing purpose only while some can also serve as a storage for your dressing or sauce in the fridge as well. So, you have to think wisely on how it can be used.

Spilling Proof: As we will use a shaker to mix all the liquid and other small ingredients, when it comes to shaking or mixing, it is very keen to spilling out. Thus, this is also a point for you to think, whether the shaker is spill-proof or not. If you get a spilling-proof one, it won’t waste your important ingredients as well.


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1. OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker


Making, mixing, serving and storing dressings, marinades and sauces are easy with OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker. This shaker’s design allows you to easily use for making your salad dressings. When you unscrew it, there you can see the wide opening that makes OXO salad dressing shaker ideal for adding a range of ingredients.

At the sides of the shaker, there are also cup, ounce and millimeter markings so it will be easier for you to measure your ingredients. When you’re done adding your ingredients, you’ll see how watertight the shaker allowing you to quickly mix your dressings. Other features of OXO shaker include being highly durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and ideal for serving.


  •  Seals very securely
  •  Cleans easily
  •  Lightweight
  •  Well-priced


  •  Thick dressings sometimes coat the stopper, lever and spout

2. Whiskware Salad Dressing Shaker


With Whiskware Salad Dressing Shaker, you’ll be able to easily create the creamiest salad dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes. Whiskware shaker is a stylish and table-ready carafe that allows you to simply add your ingredients then the Blenderball and shake it to your heart’s desire.

Using the Blenderball, you can keep your oil and vinegar mixed for nearly an hour. Using the shaker is a one-handed operation and can be easily done by pressing the back of its lid. To eliminate spills, Whiskware also has unique auto-closing spout for sealing the lever once released. It’s also stain-resistant and BPA-free.


  •  One-handed operation for using
  •  Stain-resistant and spills free


  •  Doesn’t emulsify
  •  Tight spring top, not ideal for when you have weak hand strength

3. Prepworks by Progressive Dressing Salad Shaker


Prepworks by Progressive Dressing Salad Shaker is an easy to use shaker for your salad dressing. It has features that make making salad dressings even easier. As it includes an agitator, you can pour, mix and store all in one. You simply add your ingredients, then shake and pour – it’s an easy way to use this shaker.

For making creamy dressings, using the wide pour spout is ideal. For easy and quick mixing of all kinds of dressings, there’s the gliding paddle wheel which mixes and emulsifies when shaken. For mess-free transportation and storage, there’s also the silicone seal that you’ll surely like. Prepworks shaker is also dishwasher safe and BPA-free.


  •  Easy and quick mixing
  •  Mess-free storage and transportation
  •  Perfect for all kinds of dressings


  •  Some users complain it wasn’t really dishwasher-safe

4. Blümwares Salad Dressing Shaker


If you’re looking for all-in-one container for mixing, serving and saving your salad dressings, Blümwares Salad Dressing Shaker is designed to be just that. It has ergonomic design that comes with top knob and sturdy mini propeller which emulsifies liquids. It makes blending real easy for you.

This shaker also comes with wide built-in spout that seals tightly and enables instant pouring of your salad dressing into your dish. The shaker has very sleek designed that has convenient measuring scales and even recipes printed on the back. You’ll also love the airtight anti-leak seal which is perfect for everyday storage, travel and more.


  •  All-in-one container
  •  Easy and quick mixing
  •  Convenient and doesn’t leak


  •  User complains impossible to get good emulsion
  •  Doesn’t pick up chopped spices or herbs that sink at the bottom of the container

5. Oxo 2178300n1 Green Salad Dressing Shaker


This salad dressing shaker is ideal for doing a lot of things. You can use it to make, mix, serve and store your salad dressings, marinades and sauces. With its wide opening design, it can accommodate an array of ingredients. It’s made from Tristan, high quality and durable with features you will love including being airtight and watertight, has leak-proof seal, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.


  •  Accommodates wide range ingredients
  •  Seal keeps it leak-proof
  •  Durable and safe for dishwashing


  •  Thick dressings sometimes come out of the back of the closing
  •  User complains after using a few months, the top twisted and doesn’t seal properly now

6. THERMOS Shaker Bottle


When it comes to optimal blending, THERMOS Shaker Bottle is one of the best. Its design features removable and integrated stationary mixer that ensures mixing it as its best. To ensure of its high quality, THERMOS Shaker Bottle is made of Eastman Tritancopolyster that’s BPA-free.
The bottle is also integrated with capacity markings so measuring your ingredients is easy and monitoring your intake is possible. Other notable features of this shaker bottle includes integrated flip-flop carrying loop, hygienic flip-flop cover that has one-hand push button operation and 24-ounce capacity.


  •  Durable, well-made shaker
  •  Great at mixing
  •  Spring loaded cap for secure shaking
  •  Extra hook for holding cap down
  • Uses stationary grate for mixing


  •  A little expensive

7. ZingAnything Salad Zinger White


What’s great about ZingAnything Salad Dressing Shaker is it being designed to replace disposable plastic bottles. ZingAnything Salad Zinger White is a reusable salad dressing shaker that can make perfect, waste-free portions of your homemade salad dressings, sauces, marinades and more. Using the shaker is easy with you simply adding the ingredients onto the grind cup then pour in the oil and vinegar then begin mixing to make your homemade dressing. Other notable features include dishwasher-safe, toxins and BPA-free.


  •  Doesn’t leak
  •  Mixes salad dressings really well


  •  Hard to clean
  •  Bottom is too small

8. Cuisinart Shaker with Whisk


For family cooks, the Cuisinart Shaker with Whisk is the item that lets them easily create elegant dishes and family favorites at home. With this salad dressing shaker, you can add a splash of color and flavor to your favorite dishes that will certainly brighten up your kitchen. Made in China, Cuisinart Shaker is ideal for modern cooks and a certainly great addition to their kitchen utensils collection. With Cuisinart Shaker, making your favorite salad dressing is easy every step of the way.


  •  Makes quick blending
  •  Real good quality


  •  Tad expensive

9. Zyliss Quick Blend Shaker


Zyliss Quick Blend Shaker is ideal for blending and mixing homemade salad dressings, sauces, marinades even drinks and protein shakes. For those who like attractive kitchen utensils, Zyliss Quick Blend Shaker is one attractive green, translucent shaker bottle they would surely love to add to their collection. The shaker bottle has 16 oz capacity. To use the shaker, the bottle has to be attached directly onto the blender for easy blending of shakes and smoothies.


  •  Bottle design is great
  •  Easy to use for making, storing, shaking and pouring salad dressing


  •  User complains the shaker still spills even when sealed properly

10. Sunkist Salad Dressing Mixer


Sunkist Salad Dressing Mixer is a unique non-glass shaker bottle for making healthy salad dressings, sauces and marinades of your making. It is the perfect way for mixing and storing marinades, sauces and dressings. Used easily for combining oils, vinegars, lemon juice and seasonings and a range of other ingredients.

Sunkist dressing mixer also comes with a built-in reamer or citrus juicer for adding freshly squeeze lime, orange or lemon juice to any recipe. Along with that, other important features of this shaker include the closeable cap, non-drip lip, soft-grip strip for secure hold and measurement markings.


  •  Shakes and mixes well
  •  Great for storing and transporting


  •  Thick dressing can sometimes coat the lip and it’s messy

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