Every car owner understands the importance of owning a scissor jack whenever they get on the wheel. In fact, a car is never complete without one or two scissor jacks. The demand for top quality scissor jacks has been undergoing a rapid increment. And yes, the increased demand has seen some disgruntled and unscrupulous manufacturers come into the picture with half-baked and low-quality knock-offs.

Armed with the right information, it’s not hard to tell the difference between the show-off and the so-so scissor jacks. Unfortunately, most buyers are either ignorant or just unaware of the factors they need to consider before buying any of the items available on the market.

If you want to get the best scissor jacks on the market, don’t just go for the one you saw your old folks use on their old pick-up truck; get something descent. Below is the list that you should take time to consider.

List of Top 5 Best Scissor Jacks

5. Libra Scissor Jack

Libra scissor jack

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Libra set of scissor jacks opens our list of the top five products on the market. Let’s put it against every factor listed above and see how it performs. First, it comes with a wide bow-tie base which retains stability on soft surfaces. This means that its stabilizations and levelling abilities are cutting-edge. And yes, it also boasts a crescendo speed which makes it quite unusual.

Like earlier pointed out; this is a set of several tools which are designed to ensure that your car doesn’t get stuck in the middle of a journey. It comes with four jacks and a single crank handle.

The magnetic sockets which aid in the lifting and lowering of your car feature a power drill which makes the work even faster. And yes, it also comes with 16 pieces of screws to guarantee maximum performance.

We said that then lifting capacity is the most important aspect, right? Well, this jack cranks a large 5000 lbs capacity which is the minimum breaking strength. I mean, this is simply incredible. Its extended height of 24’’ makes it ideal for almost every vehicle while the retracted height of 5’’ to 26’’ makes it quite adorable. In a jiffy, this is a must-have.

  • It eliminates the need for manual lifting which is a back-breaking task.
  • It gets the work done in minutes.
  • It boasts an incredible lifting capacity.
  • None as of now.

4. Quantity Scissor Jacks

Quantity Scissor Jacks

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This is another incredibly amazing scissor jack designed for campers, trailers or RVs. This lift stabiliser ensures that you get your car in the correct position instantly whenever you want to change the tyre or simply want to check anything else out. Constructed using premium and water-resistant industrial grade material, this is a must-have item for any car or trailer owner.

It’s coated to ensure that you don’t have issues with rust which would alter its performance. And yes, if you want to have a product which will serve you for decades, then you can trust this jack to offer that. Of course, it comes in a kit which has the four stabiliser scissor jacks and two handles for a convenient and quick handling. What’s more, it works at a range of 13’’ to 23’’ height. 23’’ is an awesome lifting length given the fact that most jacks only work up to 20’’.

And yes, it boasts a height of about 5 inches when closed which is an ideal clearance height. With a capacity of 5000lbs which is like 2.5 tonnes, this is a jack you must purchase for your car.

  • It’s weather resistant.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has an impressive clearance height.
  • The crank handles are a bit wanting.

3. Husky 76862 Scissor Jack

Husky 76862 Scissor Jack

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Husky 76862 which outmuscles the rest in the lifting capacity comes in on the third tier position. It cranks a whopping 6500 pounds which make it ideal for large and heavy vehicles. The total lifting height of 24’’ makes it incredibly impressive while the fact that it has a broad square base makes it quite stable. If you are looking for an excellent, inexpensive and durable scissor jack which will be passed across generations, then you can trust this jack to do exactly that.

Its sturdy steel construction makes it incredibly durable and highly portable given its size. The fact that it can lift heavy trucks makes it quite versatile since it can be used on almost every vehicle. The black powder coated finish makes it rust and weather resistant. This jack stands the test of time and can be employed even in foul weather conditions.

  • It comes with an easy-to-use handle.
  • It has an impressive lifting capacity.
  • The fact that it can be utilised on almost every vehicle makes it impressive.
  • The speed handle isn’t so steady.

2. Eaz-Lift 48830 Scissor Jack

Eaz-Lift 48830 Scissor Jack

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The second tier position goes to Eaz-lift 48830 scissor jack, of course, for justifiable reasons. First, it offers both weld-on and bolt-on installations. What’s more, it can handle up to 7500 lb capacity which means that it can also be used on all heavy vehicles. Of course, this is a set which comes with two scissor jack and a jack socket to be used with the power drill.

With all these items and tools in place, lifting your car is a breeze. This complete package ensures that you’re fully armed and ready to deal with any issue which comes up as you travel around. It can be used on pop-ups and trailers conveniently. This means that you don’t have to buy many jacks for each vehicle since this can serve both purposes conveniently.

What’s more, it has an impressive lifting length which makes it ideal for your car. The stable base makes it quite reliable by offering enough stability even in uneven surfaces.

  • Its lifting capacity is unrivaled.
  • It’s quite stable.
  • It offers impressive lifting speed.
  • It’s a bit flimsy.

1. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack

Torin T10152 Scissor Jack

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Finally, Torin wraps up our list of the top five scissor jacks on the market this year.  It features on the top tier position because it boasts an incredible performance.

Its unique design with a broad and level base makes it quite stable. The rugged alloyed steel which is used in its construction makes it quite durable while the heavy duty steel saddle and frame make this a must-have gadget. Its protective layer of ultra quality impact-resistant coating helps in prevention of rusting and other undesirable elements.

Last but not least, the oversize base provides adequate support and stability for your car. With a lifting range of between 3 and 15 inches, you will love this product.

  • It’s fully certified.
  • Its impact-resistant construction makes it quite amazing.
  • The durable frame and saddle make it impressive.
  • The height of 15’’ is a bit wanting.

Consideration Criteria

The Lifting Capacity

Usually expressed in tonnes, the lifting capacity is a critical aspect which has to be considered before making any purchase. In fact, your scissor jack is as good as the lifting capacity it boasts. It’s worth noting that every jack comes with its specified lifting capacity. For that reason, ensure that you take note of the weight of your car and then try to figure out if the jack can lift it.

Again, you also have to understand that you won’t be lifting the entire weight of the car. For that reason, don’t expect the jack to have a large capacity than the entire weight of your vehicle since that would be outrageous. However, if you can get a jack which can lift the whole car, then that would also be perfect. In a jiffy, the weight of the car you drive or any other vehicle should dictate the jack you go for.

The Material

The material used in the construction of any scissor jack significantly affects its performance. We have the standard material being steel and aluminium. Steel studs are quite common given their affordability and great performance. On the other hand, we have aluminium jacks which are a bit expensive compared to their steel counterpart.

However, they exhibit a stellar performance which makes them quite amazing. Of course, the material consideration is substantially affected by various other factors like amount of cash you’re willing to cough as well as the size and weight of your car. If yours is a small car, then a steel jack wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, for those large vehicles, you have to get something like aluminium.

The Clearance Height

Before we delve into nitty-gritty details on the clearance height, I’d like to bring to your attention the fact that clearance height and lifting height are two terms with very different meanings.  It’s common for people to consider one of these factors and overlook the other. In the end, anyone who fails to differentiate between the two elements ends up being disappointed.

Away from that and back to our agenda, clearance height is the standing height of the jack in its normal state. Of course, the Jack has to get under your car before it can start working. For that reason, you have to consider the height of your vehicle from the ground so that you don’t buy something which can’t go under it.

The Lifting Height

Like earlier mentioned, it’s important that you take note of the lifting height of any scissor jack before picking it.  Of course, this will determine whether you will be able to work on your car or not. An ideal lift range should be between 18 and 20 inches. It’s important that you take note of this aspect to avoid being disappointed.

The Lifting Speed

The lifting speed is also quite important. No one wants to spend hours lifting their car up by one inch. For that reason, ensure that you pick a jack boasting a top tier lifting speed. This way, you can rest assured that you won’t be cutting your journey short because of a simple puncture. The rate can be determined by an actual testing. It’s advisable that you approach information retrieved from second-hand sources with a pinch of salt till you test the jack yourself.

The Price

When it comes to scissor jacks, the adage” you get what you pay for” applies squarely. If you want to have a nice jack boasting cutting-edge performance, you might have to cough a few extra bucks. Of course, it’s always good to go for the best products regardless of the price. Unless you want to take a flop home, please dig deeper into your pockets. This doesn’t mean that you should squander a fortune on a scissor jack. Let the price range be reasonable!

Final Words

In conclusion, if you want to have nice scissor jacks for your vehicle, then you have to be extra careful. Do not just follow manufacturer’s information blindly or listen to your friends describe their ordeals, simply do a test before buying. That’s the only way you can be sure to have an excellent item.

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