Sewing or any craft projects require a stable platform that takes the job to another level. This is exactly what you get with a sewing table. This table gives great convenience, practicality, and functionality without sacrificing too much space. In fact, some of them come in a foldable design to help you save space even more. There are many types of sewing machine tables available today ranging from plain to those loaded with extra features.

Talking about extra features, you can get tables that have wheels for mobility, shelves or drawers for storage, or levers for height adjustment and better alignment. Planning on getting an ideal table for your sewing projects? Below is a roundup of the best sewing tables to help you in your decision.

Table of the Best Sewing Machine Tables Reviews

10. Arrow Sewing Cabinets 601 White Sewing Tables

Sewing Machine Tables

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This sewing table is specially designed for flatbed and freearm sewing. The top is made of tough, smooth melamine that gives years of use. The table is adjustable to match different heights of machines. It has an opening that fits sewing machines up to 17.5 inches wide and 7-3/8 inches deep. The top sits on sturdy steel legs that can fold for easy storage. This sewing platform has a weight limit of 25 pounds.

9. Sauder Cinnamon Cherry Finish Sewing Craft Cart

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

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This sewing platform gives plenty of storage space. It has a space-saving cabinet, slide-out shelves, 3 adjustable shelves, and storage bins. These hold accessories and the cabinet is large enough to fit a computer. The bins and slide-out shelves are hidden behind a door for secure storage. The table has a melamine top resistant to heat, stain, and scratches. This sewing table has swivel casters for easy mobility. A space is left underneath the center of the table to give more legroom.

8. Sauders Folding Sewing Tables / Craft Center

Sauders Folding Sewing Tables / Craft Center

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This table is a good option for giving your craft station an update. The table has plenty of storage to keep your tools and accessories organized. It has dual storage bins, two adjustable shelves, and concealed storage behind a framed door. A drop leaf lets the table expand to accommodate larger projects. This sewing table has a durable top made of melamine. Swivel casters make it easy to move in any direction.

7. Southern Enterprises White Sewing Tables

Southern Enterprises White Sewing Tables

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This sewing table gives a spacious worktop. The top includes a leaf that gives extra workspace for larger projects. The leaf folds down to save space when doing small projects or during storage. This table has 4 side shelves for storage. Underneath the table is a footrest for improved user comfort. This sewing table has an overall weight limit of 110 pounds. It is made of MDF and covered in melamine for long-term use. The table has swivel casters that let it roll away with ease.

6. Studio Designs Comet Portable Sewing Table

Studio Designs 13332.0 Comet Sewing Table

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Comet sewing table is a good upgrade from the standard sewing tables. It is a stylish, versatile table that can double as an office or home desk. The table has a sturdy, powder-coated steel construction for maximum durability and strength. Yet, it still remains lightweight for easy transportation from one room to another. The top has a drop leaf that extends the top dimension to increase work-space. This sewing platform can adjust to fit a sewing machine or a keyboard. There’s a bottom shelves that can accommodate storage bins and boxes. The feet have levelers to keep the table even and more stable.

5. Lifetime White Granite Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Lifetime 80160 Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

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This is a durable, adjustable sewing table that can last a lifetime. The table has a thick top made of high-density polyethylene. The top gives good protection against UV rays. It is resistant to stains and easy to clean. Such strength and durability makes the table ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The top is supported by a powder-coated steel frame that has adjustable legs. It adjusts the height of the top 24, 29, or 36 inches. The adjustments make it comfortable to use by both children and adults. The feet have foot caps that help protect the floor from scuffs.

4. Anbeaut Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing Machine Table

Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing Machine Table

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This is a versatile sewing table that can double as a computer desk. The top is made of MDF laminate while the frame is made of powder-coated steel. This gives a durable combination to provide years of use. The sewing platform can be raised or lowered for added versatility. A side shelf and a lower shelf come in handy to give plenty of storage space. The top has an extension leaf to expand workspace for larger projects.

3. South Shore Crea Pure White Sewing Craft Table on Wheels

South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table on Wheels

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This table adds more flexibility in your projects. You can use it as a sewing table or craft table. The table has a sliding shelf, 3 drawers, and a storage module to keep your items organized and within easy reach. The drawers have cutout handles for safe, snag-free pullouts. Lockable casters make it easy to move the table. The table is made of laminated particleboard, which gives a smooth working surface that is resistant to water and scratches.

2. Studio Designs Comet Sewing Machine Desk

Studio Designs 13333.0 Comet Sewing Desk

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This is a sewing table with a modern design and stylish storage. The table is made of heavy gauge steel for maximum durability. The steel is powder-coated for increased resistance to rust, corrosion, and scratches. The table has an adjustable platform that can be used to fit your sewing machine or keyboard. There are two folding side shelves, a drawer, and a lower shelf for storage. An extension leaf is included to help expand the work area. Six floor levelers keep the table stable and aligned.

1. Offex Comet Black/White Hobby and Sewing Desk

Offex Comet Hobby and Sewing Desk

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Offex Comet sewing table offers a contemporary sewing platform. It has a top made of eco-friendly board and a frame made of powder-coated steel. Thanks to an extension leaf, this platform can accommodate both small and large projects. The platform is adjustable so you can fit a keyboard. The legs are braced and widen at the base for maximum stability. Levelers keep the platform aligned. This table has 2 right shelves, a folding side shelf, bottom shelf, and a cloth drawer to accommodate your storage needs.

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