Ski boot bag are essential for anyone who loves to ski. You need a place where you can store all your gear, including other essentials. The advantage is that you may also end up using the ski boot bag for other applications. In today’s review, we are going to check out what the current ski boot bags are and go through them one by one. Skip to the best Ski Boot Bag on Amazon.

Top 10 Best Ski Boot Bags Reviews in 2017 & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Round Trip Boot Backpack – Black/Slate

RoundTrip Boot Backpack

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I loved how this ski boot bag was made with such thoughtfulness. It can turn into your very own standing mat. How? The ski boot bag has a back panel access door. When the door flips down, it can be used as a mat and will let you easily change into your boots. That is very cool considering you are practically getting a two for one deal.


  • The ski boot bag comes with a pair of side pockets.
  • It comes in a standard size.

9. High Sierra Pro Series Deluxe Trapezoid Boot Bag

High Sierra Pro Series Deluxe Trapezoid Boot Bag

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This is a professionally designed ski boot bag. What that means is that it has been made with the intention of enduring heavy duty usage, and will probably outlast most of the other ski boot bags. The ski boot bag has been made using Nylon which is 840-Denier and 400D Two Tone Nylon. This alone is enough to point out that the bag will be usable for a long time.


  • It can carry size 13 snow board boots.
  • The main compartment is quite large.

8. Transpack TRV Pro World Traveler Boot Bag

Transpack TRV Pro World Traveler Boot Bag

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The Transpack ski boot bag has a great system for storage purposes. This ensures that no gear, helmets or even the actual boots are left behind. The support system that the bag has is worth commending. The waist belt can be adjusted to suit you. For more comfort, the ski boot bag also has a sternum strap. All this ensures that there will even distribution of the weight and comfort all through your journey.

I have used this ski boot bag on several occasions and must admit that it’s one of the best products on the market. If you have been using one of those cheap knockoffs and want to try out something better, this bag would be ideal you.


  • The ski boot bag has a volume of about 3300 CU.
  • It is made using 1680 ballistic nylon.

7. Dakine Ski Boot Bag

Dakine Boot Bag

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The Dakine Ski Boot Bag has prints that make it stand out. The best thing about it, is that you get to pick the colors in which you want. If you are a fan of mixing it up, and you aren’t scared of a little dash of color, try it out. You will be able to order yours while looking at 7 different color options.

This ski boot bag also comes with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted according to what you want. The polyester material makes this ski boot bag really awesome and guarantees utmost comfort. If you want to have great results, then be sure to try it out.


  • This ski boot bag is made from polyester.
  • There is a zipper pocket at the front.

6. Dakine Boot Locker Bag

Dakine Boot Locker Bag

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Having a bag that you can readily access, when you are in a hurry is a must have. Let me direct your attention to the Dakine Boot Locker Bag. In order to achieve accessibility, this ski boot bag has been constructed with a design that is split level. The shoulder strap it comes with has been padded to ensure that you carry the bag without straining. The lined compartment makes this bag really tough and sturdy while the large capacity ensures that you carry your skiing accessories and boots comfortably and conveniently without much hassle.


  • It has a compartment that is lined with tarp.
  • The compartment can also be used a changing mat.

5. Transpack TRV Pro World Traveler Boot Bag

Transpack TRV Pro World Traveler Boot Bag

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A ski boot bag is also as good as its grip. This ski boot bag’s top handle is made using rubber which provides a very comfortable grip, and also has foam padding. I loved how this bag was designed, in that one has the option of using the vertical zipper at the front to get to the main compartment. This comes in very handy, not forgetting that the ski boot bag has side pockets too.


  • It also has a waist belt.
  • The ski boot bag is made from nylon.

4. Swix Budapack Ski Boot Bag

Swix Budapack Ski Boot Bag

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The Swix Buda pack Ski Boot Bag, has a really subtle look to it. My neighbor bought one for her daughter the other day and she can’t stop going on about the bag. It fits all her essentials comfortably and the fact that it comes in black, makes it easier to match up with any outfit that she wants.


  • The main compartment is fair in size.
  • The ski boot bag is comfortable to carry.

3. Athalon Everything Boot Pack

Athalon Everything Boot Pack

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This happens to be one of my favorite ski boot bags. What made it stand out to me was its shape. As interesting as it may look, the contoured shape makes it quite easy to carry around and perfectly fit your ski boots. This ski boot bag has zippered sections at the sides which provide entry in to the bag. In case you ever find yourself needing additional support, worry not. The bag has hidden backpack straps which are padded and re-enforced as well.


  • The ski boot bag has been constructed with polyester which is high density.
  • It comes with a 5year warranty.

2. Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag

Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag

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When your belongings end up being accidentally damaged, they can cause you some serious setbacks financially. This ski boot bag is for those who believe in taking pre cautions than regretting later on. The Trans pack XT1 Ski Boot Bag has been constructed with 600 Denier Polyester which is durable and waterproof.

The bottom of this bag Tarpaulin which is water resistant guarantees added durability and long service. The central compartment makes this bag even better since it’s big enough for adequate storage.


  • The ski boot bag has a back panel that has been padded by foam.
  • The ski boot bag’s storage system is Isosceles.

1. Athalon “Amped” The Heated Boot Bag #431

Athalon "Amped" The Heated Boot Bag #431

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This ski boot bag is the first I have seen of its kind. It has up to 3 temperature settings that are meant to keep your ski boots and belongings warm. The ski bag uses a wrap around type of heating unit and is so many levels ahead of its competitors. I was so impressed by this ski boot bag that I had to put it on my shopping list. It also has metallic drainage grommets at the bottom.


  • When not in use, its straps can be tucked away.
  • The ski boot bag measures about 15″ H x 15″ W x 10.5″ D.

Factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • Material: Some ski boot bags are made from materials that widen the number of applications they can be used in. for example; some maybe water resistant. The material will go a long way in determining how durable and reliable the whole ski boot bag is. If you want to get great service, ensure that you pick the right material.
  • Durability: A ski boot bag that is durable is one that will save you money in the long run. Durability is sometimes determined by the material as well as other factors like the overall design and stitching style. If you want to have great results, you need to carefully test the level of durability.
  • Design and accessories: ski boot bags are made differently, take your time and choose one that will interest and complement your style. The design and the accessories which come with the ski boot bag will determine several factors like the comfort and convenience. Unless you want to take a dud home, be sure to carefully check the design and the accessories which come with the ski boot bag.
  • Comfort: Choose a ski boot bag that will not strain you to carry around. Be keen on the straps and its entire support system. The level of comfort is significant since it goes a long way in determining how interested you are in carrying the ski boot bag around with you. Unless you’re willing to endure discomfort the whole day, be sure to take note of the level of comfort in any ski boot bag.

Buyer’s Guide:

The Athalon “Amped” The Heated Boot Bag is the top most recommended ski boot bag today. I am sure that after going through what the Bag had to offer, you understand that this is not your average ski boot bag. It has an outstanding level of innovation that was put in to its construction. It also has a front pocket that can carry extra needed items and can operate with a standard electrical outlet.

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