Having durable and quality soccer bags to accommodate your things and help you carry everything while coming and going to and from soccer practices and games is highly imperative. Soccer bags were especially designed to help you properly organize your things during soccer match or practice sessions.

These bags can actually hold your shin guards, water bottle, balls and other important accessories you might need for your soccer game. For the best service and experience as well, choose a durable and spacious soccer bag to help you in all your practice and game activities.

List Of Best Soccer Bags Reviews That Can Help You Decide Which Bag To Take:

10. Athletico Youth Soccer Bag – Soccer Backpack & Bags for Basketball

Athletico Youth Soccer Bag - Soccer Backpack

  • By: Athletico Soccer Bags

Athletico soccer bag has enough space for your kids to carry all their school games kit and accessories. The large vented compartment creates enough space for the ball. Given the size, it can be used to store volleyball, basketball, football or even soccer ball.

Furthermore, there’s a separate vented compartment on the outer section which is ideal for storing cleats and shoes. The perfect ventilations keeps your shoes fresh and odor-free. Also, the rugged ergonomic construction makes this a perfect option for your kids. It’s made using a tough polyester material strengthened with a nylon fabric to offer extra comfort and durability.

Extra features:

  • The water resistant construction makes it perfect for all weather.
  • It’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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9. Soccerware Soccer Bag/ Equipment Backpack

Soccer Bag With Ball Holder Pocket

The Soccerware soccer bag or equipment backpack allows you to enjoy the convenience of drawstring bag ensuring easy and convenient access to your gear. This soccer bag also conforms to your size. Great features include full size soccer bag, ventilated compartment, enhanced comfort, unmatched durability and more.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Hassle-free and convenient carrying
  •  Sturdy construction which outlasts other brands
  •  Thicker straps that can be adjusted to strap
  •  Crafted from finest materials to guarantee durability


  •  Might be too big for younger soccer players

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8. Soccer Backpack – Basketball Backpack

Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpack

  • By: DashSport Soccer Bags

This basketball backpack is ideal for a novice player. First, it comes in a size which creates enough space for almost all sports and school gear. And, at the same time, the backpack isn’t too bulky to cause discomfort for the user. Also, there’re compartments for almost all items including water bottle, cleats, socks, jackets, shin guards and snacks.

So, your kid won’t lose anything on their way back home. Of course, with space for everything, you organize the items in an orderly manner so that your kid accesses them easily. The durable and top-grade 420D nylon material backed with a strong PVC material makes this one of the toughest bags on the market.

Extra features:

  • The bag can carry up to 5 balls for soccer and a full basketball
  • The ventilated pockets on the sides are perfect for cleats

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7. Vizari Taranto Backpack – Soccer Bags

Vizari Taranto Backpack with Mat

This backpack with mat is also another ideal bag option for soccer players. This is an imported polyester backpack that also features 600 acquard/poly blend with front pocket that can securely hold a size 5 soccer ball, side pockets with one being vented, unique foldable mat for ultimate players’ convenience on dirty or wet surfaces, looped zipper pulls and padded shoulder straps and more.


  •  This is an excellent backpack for sports like soccer
  •  It offers a good size
  •  Crafted from finest materials so this is guaranteed to last
  •  Great quality and durability
  •  Less expensive than other brands of soccer ball bags


  •  Only available in black color

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6. Athletico Youth Soccer Bag

5. Athletico Youth Soccer Bag

By: Athletico

This is atop-grade soccer ball fitted with extra-large vented compartments. The front main compartment holds volleyball, soccer ball, basketball or football. In a jiffy, this is a versatile bag ideal for carrying almost all types of balls. It also comes with a separate cleat compartment designed with vents for ultimate breathability.

Consequently, the vented design keeps your cleats fresh and odor-free. Besides the large storage capacity, this bag also features a rugged, ergonomic, and comfortable construction. The padded design offers comfort for the user. Additionally, the adjustable straps add to its soft construction, making it a perfect bag for everyone. On durability, the bag features a sturdy polyester and nylon material. The robust material resists rains, dirt, and mud.

Extra Features:

  • This is an ultra-light soccer bag
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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5. DashSport Soccer Backpack – Youth Kids Ages 6 and Up – All Sports Bag Gym

6. DashSport Soccer Backpack - Youth Kids Ages 6 and Up - All Sports Bag Gym

By: DashSport

This is a perfect soccer bag designed for young players aged above six years. First, the bag offers enough space for all the accessories and sports gear. Despite offering enough spec for everything, this bag comes in a compact size, making it perfect for your players. It boasts dimensions of 18″ L – 12″ W – 10″ H. Additionally, this bag offers compartments and spaces for cleats, socks, water bottles, jackets, shin guards and snacks. In a jiffy, the bag is a one-stop-shop for your kid’s accessories and sporting gear.

The sturdy 420D nylon material backed with a tough PVC material guarantees durability and years of performance. Something else, this bag holds size-5 soccer ball, volleyball, and basketball. It features ventilated pockets ideal for organizing shoes, cleats, socks, and shin guards. Due to its ventilated design, your shoes remain fresh and odor-free.

Extra Features:

  • The padded design makes it comfortable
  • This bag comes with adjustable straps making it ideal for kids of different sizes.

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4. Diadora Squadra Backpack – Soccer Bag

Diadora Squadra Backpack

This is also one of the best soccer bags available in the market today. This durable and quality backpack is ideal for both men and women soccer players.

This backpack’s great features include slant side zippers, jacket straps in front, side-vented shoe tunnel, front-vented ball pockets, 420 denier nylon along with good PVC backing.


  •  Two choices of colors are available to choose from; black and neon
  •  This backpack can efficiently hold your ball and other essential soccer game items


  •  Side pocket has zippers and are not really designed to hold water bottles.

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3. Vizari Sport Solano Backpack, Soccer Bags

Vizari Sport Solano Backpack

Another best soccer bag that features larger main compartments backpack, rubber mesh pocket, 600D jacquard and poly blend and morel. The Vizari backpack can conveniently fit a size 5 soccer ball.


  •  Great backpack with lots of space for your things
  • This is built to last


  •  Main compartment does not give sufficient space
  •  More soccer pleats cannot fit in a single pocket

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2. Adidas Defender II Duffel Soccer Bag

adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

This backpack is especially designed for soccer. This features laser-cut freshPAK ventilated cleat compartment ensures that cleats are separated from your gear. This backpack also comes with extra padded strap to help you bear with the weight with complete comfort.


  •  Easy and comfortable to use backpack
  •  Made from durable materials so this can be used for longest time
  •  Comes with valuable pockets to properly accommodate your stuff needed for the game or practice

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1. Thule Chasm Soccer Bags

Thule Chasm Bag

  • By: Thule
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
  • Color: Black

This soccer bag comes with zippered pockets which ensure that your valuables don’t fall off at any given time. The lockable and zippered smaller pockets also keep those smaller items such as phones and wallets safe as you go to the field. What’s more, it comes with external stash pockets which offer quick access to smaller items which are frequently use.

Additionally, it comes with an oversized wide opening for easy storage and access of items. It can also be carried in two ways either as a duffel bag or a backpack which gives you the freedom to explore your comfort without limitations. And yes. The straps can be tucked when the bag isn’t in use thus making it quite convenient. Finally, it also features a waterproof tarpaulin fabric which keeps the interior dry thus ensuring that your sporting items don’t get destroyed.

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One thought on “Top 10 Best Soccer Bags in 2022 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

  1. 10. ProGear Soccer Backpack

    This is also one of the best sports gym and soccer bags that holds cleats, shoes, water bottles and other athletic equipment. One of the many good things about this backpack is that this delivers unisex designs and guarantees comfortable fit.


     The straps can be adjusted to ensure your comfort
     Pockets can be access easily
     Individuals are assured of the backpack’s guaranteed durability

     Zippers might come off track
    These are the top 10 soccer bags available in many different markets this year. If you are a player wanting the best bag, you got to choose one of the brands mentioned above.

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