Every household has at least one or two trash cans. Since a trash can is a used-daily item, why not get durable and timeless ones? You get the hint; we refer to stainless steel trash cans. Yet, with numerous models and brands available on today’s market, how do we distinguish between good quality and bad quality ones? How do we find the one best suited for our individuals’ needs?

To answer these questions, our team has done the legwork for you. We have scoured the Internet and rounded up 10 of the best stainless steel trash cans of the year. Now, let’s explore these outstanding options below.

List Of Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Trash Cans in 2020

10. Organize It All Trash Can for Bedroom

First off, this is a highly recommended stainless steel trash can that is not just eye-catching but also high-performing. The can comes with a compartment on both sides (2 compartments total). And, it carries a weight load capacity of 10 t0 14 gallons. The can is made of stainless steel and lined with plastic for stellar durability. There are foot pedals, lids for each compartment and handy handles. With handles, you will not get yourself dirty when recycling. To open the compartment, simply step on the foot pedal.

It also features colors that indicate different kinds of waste/recyclables. That affirms neatness. The bin is about 19 inches wide, 26.25 inches deep and 18 inches in height. It is compact enough to store under a kitchen sink or a counter. To keep the can clean, simply wipe it down with damp cloth. Hence, the can is always within reach.

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9. iTouchless Trash Can for Bathroom

Looking for a stainless steel electric trash can? Here’s an outstanding pick. This trash can boasts a touchless sensor for great ease of use. Coming with a sensor, the bin’s lid can be opened by just swinging a hand on the lid. The bin is sized around 16” x 11.75” x 25.5”. Featuring a very wide opening, even larger wastes can fit into the bin with ease. Its capacity is 13 gallons. With this capacity, no frequent emptying is needed.

The stainless steel used is a top-quality one. The bin comes with an anti-fingerprint body which really simplifies the cleaning process. As of operation, the can uses 4 D-sized batteries. It can be powered by an AC power adaptor as well. Be noted the can is controlled manually.

Once the used garbage bag is full, simply remove the can’s lid and replace the bag. It makes little to no sound when the lid opens or closes. And, there is an anti-skid base, too.  For its look, the bin looks great just about anywhere – office, living room, kitchen, etc.

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8. Kohler Stainless Steel Trash Can

Over here, we have another appealing stainless steel trash can recommended for you. It is from the brand, Kohler. Coming in 3 color options, black and stainless and white, you can pick the one best suited for your space’s décor. For this one, 3 sizes are available. Those include 8 gallon (compact), 8 gallon (loft) and 13 gallon.

Any trash bag of the can’s size can fit in the can. Thanks to the anti-fingerprint design. It is simple to keep the can clean and looking new. To operate, the can features a hands-free operation for a clean using experience. The sturdy metal foot pedal is added to open the can’s lid.

The liner is raised for ease in changing garbage bags. It also comes with the convenient silent-close lid. To store in a space-saving manner, you can place it against cabinets or a wall. And to clean the can, just wipe it with damp cloth.

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7. SONGMICS Trash Can for Kitchen


Songmics is another ultimate option to try. This stainless steel trash can from them is a simple yet smart solution for everyday use. The can is available in 2 colors – silver and black. It boasts 2 independent compartments along with 2 separate lids. This 16-gallon trash can is ideal for sorting different trash types and recyclables in a neat, easy way.

The foot pedals (one for each compartment) are simple to use, in addition to offering a hands-free opening experience. It seals odor nicely; that makes this trash can a great stainless steel trash can for diapers while keeping germs spreading to its minimal.

What’s more, coming in a rectangle profile, the can can be placed against the wall to save space. There are also side handles for ease in moving the can. Besides, we also love that the can has inner buckets on the inside which allows for simplified waste disposal.

To clean the bin, simply wipe it clean. Each purchase is backed by a 100% satisfaction policy; hence, you can purchase this can with confidence.

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6. Tramontina Trash Can with Lid


Getting a smart, stainless steel trash can is a great, easy way to upgrade your home. This can is a good value for your expense for a number of factors. First off, it is fingerprint proof and stain proof for easy maintenance. The can is well-made, equipped with a sturdy pedal for an easy, hands-free way of opening the can’s lid. The can’s weight load capacity is 13 gallons.

As of durability and resistance, the can is corrosion-proof. It also features a freshener system which enables great odor management. The lid closes softly for the user’s peace of mind. And the removable liner plus the plastic base is ideal for preventing potential damages from happening to your floor.

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5. Alpine Industries Stainless Steel Trash Can

Alpine Industries

Another rubbish bin that certainly does not look rubbish is this superb stainless steel trash can from Alpine Industries. The can has an impressive capacity of 17 gallons which allows for less trash emptying needed. With this capacity, the can is not just ideal for home use but also for using in areas of a high traffic like the hospital, school, canteens, etc.

Promoting convenience, the can comes with a stay-open top opening, large enough to fit bigger wastes. Yet, it can hold plastic bags securely just like a closed lid one. The handy handles on the side ease maneuverability. And, the anti-fingerprint feature as well as the smudge-proof feature combined with the non-skid base makes keeping the can clean a breeze.

Searching for durable stainless steel trash cans for day-to-day use; especially one for high-traffic area, we do recommend this outstanding pick.

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4. BestOffice Stainless Steel Trash Can

 BestOffice Automatic

This BestOffice trash can is just as desirable as the above picks. This is one of the outstanding stainless steel trash cans that comes in a tough body in oval shape along with a sloping lid, making it an ideal option for use in the bathroom as well as kitchen and office. The can is guaranteed to make no noise – great for using in an area where disturbing noise is prohibited. This can has the capacity of 13 gallons, suitable for daily use.

The can opens and closes by requiring the user to press the open button. Then, the lid will open for about 1.5 minutes unless you touch the close button. The can seals odor well, making it a nice choice for household use; especially for homes with little children.

What’s more, it will never rust or corrode. Plus, each unit is backed by reliable quality assurance. For the price, you really shouldn’t miss out on this great offer.

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3. Glad Stainless Steel Trash Can

 GLAD GLD-74507

Moving further, the next stainless steel trash can is from Glad. The sizes available are 13 gallon and 20 gallon. This pick is a step can, meaning you need to step on the foot pedal to have it opened. Be noted that the sensor can style is available, too.

The can puts odor away very effectively – thanks to the Clorox odor protection equipped to the can. The protection works by offering antimicrobial protection to the lid frame as well as the lid, suppressing the growth of bacteria.

The capacity of the can is 20 gallons. So, if you are opting for a can that requires less frequent emptying or one that is suitable for a household with many family members, this one should do. As a family friendly product, the can also features a soft closing lid and a fingerprint proof profile, keeping the can low-maintenance.

Customers commented that they find the wide opening and the lightweight body really useful when disposing trash and transporting the can. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back policy as well as a 5-year warranty to eliminate your worries.

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2. iTouchless Trash Can Automatic

 iTouchless 16

Another trash can that has plenty to love is from this sought-after model from iTouchless. This can, is most special, for its unconditional, unlimited warranty, which allows you to get a full-service responsible for all parts of the bin. The bin, just like other bins above, provides the user with an easy disposal experience as well – thanks to the always-open top.

And, if your goal is to get the ultimate odorless stainless steel trash can, look no further than this one. Plus, the stainless steel used is antimicrobial. This is one of the best stainless steel trash cans that comes with 2 high-performing odor filters that are capable of absorbing even the toughest waste odors. As of the user’s added convenience, the can is smudge/fingerprint proof.

For the look and quality, we really adore this trash can. We almost forgot. For your info, this can’s capacity is 16 gallons.

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1. Simplehuman Stainless Steel Trash Can


Now, it is time to unveil the item that tops the list. This trash can comes in a rectangular shape and a number of color options including white, black, rose gold, stainless steel, brass stainless steel, white and dark bronze. Plenty of capacity options are available as well, but the most popular one is 12 gallons.

Delving deeper into the trash can’s features, this guy let you dispense garbage bags one bag followed by another (at the back of the can) which fastens the liner changing process. The user can open the lid using the attached pedal. This foot pedal is ultra-wide, designed to work effectively at least 150,000 steps.

The lid will never slam close; it closes slowly and silently. The can is anti-fingerprint for a hassle-free cleaning experience. Plus, Simplehuman is always responsive towards all of your issues or concerns related to their products.

Make organizing trash simple yet neat, convenient and sanitary with Simplehuman. The price tag is kind of steep, but the investment will be worth it.

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Buying Guides for Stainless Trash Bins:

We have just enlisted the top 10 best selling stainless steel trash cans worth buying in 2020. Up next, here is another essential part: the buying guides. With buying guides, you will be able to make your decision on what trash can to go for informatively and get the one best suited for your purpose. Let’s delve in to these points.

Size: Opt for a stainless steel trash can that is of the size that you want. That goes without saying. But, we want to emphasize on size because you need to think of where to put the can. You may want it small; compact enough that it fits under the kitchen sink or you may want it larger, so that there will be less frequent trash emptying needed. That’s your call.

Number of Compartment: Some people want a trash can with 2 compartments. With 2 compartments, the can is designed to divide types of waste; recyclables or non-recyclables more effectively. But, for some, they find this feature unnecessary. Hence, know your needs.

Capacity: Along with size, trash cans come with different capacities. As of our picks above, the capacity options include 8 gallon, 13 gallon, 16 gallon, 20 gallon, and 30 gallon. Know your household or office or restaurant’s daily needs, and determine the size needed accordingly.

Other Features:

How to Open: There are many ways that these trash cans can be opened. Some operate by sensor by requiring the user to swing a hand on top of the can for it to open the lid. For these touchless, sensor oriented trash cans, you need to check how it is powered. The power source could be a battery or using a cable adaptor. Check if the adaptor and batteries are provided or not, too.

Another popular option is a foot panel. Alongside with the lid is opened, know if you need the lid/opening to be extra wide. For a can with an extra wide opening, it is ideal for using in a high traffic area like in a hospital, canteen, cafe, etc.

Silent Closing: Another shopping criteria every shopper looking for the best stainless steel trash can should keep in mind is “Silent Closing”. With a lid that slams shut, that can be really annoying and frustrating.

Sealing Odor: If a trash can can seal odor, that makes it a great option for keeping used diapers. For a trash can to put odor away well, it features some methods like air-tight sealing, a fresher system, or deodorizers. Some methods may be more effective than others.

Ease of Waste Disposal and Cleaning : For the user’s enhanced ease in disposing the trash, the can may come with a carry handle, removable plastic inner buckets, a method of dispensing trash bags one by one at the back of the can, etc. And, to make cleaning the can simpler and quicker, the can may feature an anti-fingerprint or a smudge-proof body. That allows the user to just wipe the can down with damp cloth to keep it clean.


As you can see, there are plenty of great trash cans in the market today, but they vary in terms of price, size, functionality, etc. So, have you found the perfect trash can that’s got all you need? Don’t wait any longer because you are about to make the best decision ever by purchasing any of the trash cans we have reviewed.


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