Being a DJ is not everyone’s task, and it takes talent and dedication to spin those disks and set the floor on the groove. Pair with that the right sort of equipment and here you have your DJ doing exactly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.If you own a club and are looking to make it big and attract more and more party folks on your floor, then you really need to check out the slick, sick and awesome DJ controllers of 2020.Here are some of the top and most preferred Starter DJ controllers this year has got for you.

List of  Top 10 Best Starter DJ Controllers in 2020 Reviews:

10) Hercules DJ Hercules Instinct P8 Party Pack

DJ Hercules Instinct P8 Party Pack

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This controller comes with eight LED switches that move synchronously with the music. It comes with an advanced effect controller and a dedicated sync. It has a touch-sensitive deck with each deck having a separate mode that comes along with a volume fader and a crossfader. You can easily mix as well as remix music files with the 2-channel digital controller. The user-friendly interface makes the job smooth as butter.

9) Pioneer DJ PK-STP02 DDJ-RB Starter Kit

DDJ-RB Starter Kit

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This is a 2 channel based DJ controller that comes with a special DJ software to tune and manipulate music files. It has DM-40 4 inch desktop monitor based speaks that are replete with front side volume control as well as headphone jack. The headphones have a coil cable that can be easily detached as well as a straight cable.

8) Pioneer DJ Starter Pack

Pioneer DJ Starter Pack

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Another DJ controller platform that provides you nothing less than the quality you expect. It comes with two woofer speakers, a DJ headphone and a powerful control panel that has most of the latest features ideally required. Not to forget it has two bases for placing the disks.

7) DMX D12 Stage Light Controller

DMX 512 Stage Light Controller

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This DJ controller is compatible with all kinds of lights that are usually used in clubs and stages such as laser lights, LED lights, moving lights, etc. It comes with 192 channels which enables it to control nearly 12 lights and ranges up to 16 channels. It is easily installable with dimensions measuring 20.8×7.6×3.5 inches. It is also equipped with USB memory which can handle 8 txt files which helps you to save your console data.

6) Casematix DJ Controller

Protective DJ Controller

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The Casematix DJ controller is built with a protective case around it, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of physical shocks or impacts to it. The external case is made up of a tough and durable material called injection plastic with a three-layer cushioning. With the dimensional size of 15.5x15x4 inches, the Casematix DJ Controller is very portable and easy to carry.

5) Numark Mix Track Platinum DJ

4-channel DJ Controller

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This DJ controller has LCDs built on its jog wheel surface for you to take a look at the critical information. It has a 2 channel based mixer with 4 deck mixing and layering capability. Its 100 mm pitch sliders are long and sensitive which help the DJ to match the beats perfectly. It comes with a built in the sound card and can be connected to a desktop computer through a USB connection.

4) Hercules DJ Control

super-mobile USB Controller

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Measuring only 13.4×3.9 and weighing merely 1.23 pounds, this DJ controller fits easily into any bag. It comes with 4 modes and 2 potentiometers for equalization. With 10 control buttons which also include a “shift” command, you can even double the pad controls. You can create awesome effects, loops and do many other functions that enable you to add maximum effect to the party. You can even begin new audio tracks on the go and even save your audio files.

3) Numark Mixtrack 3

All-in-one Controller

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This one comes with a USB controller which can be used for connecting to computers from where you can use your music files. 100 mm pitch sliders enable you to mix and match the music rapidly so that you can deliver your crazy track right on the spot, on the floor. With its touch-enabled jog wheels and multi-functionality touch-strip, your job as a DJ becomes even easier.

2) Numark Party Mix

Starter DJ Controller

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Another great controller from Numark comes with a connector for computer devices where you can download the DJ LE software with the download card. It is also equipped with a built-in sound card for a practice performance in the living room. With dimensions of 12.8×7.7×2.0 inches, a DJ controller cannot be any more compact than this. Eight multiple function pads help you in looping as well as sampling, making your work more effective. Also, the controls on the control panel are backlit which gives it an added effect of awesomeness.

1) Pioneer DJ DDJ SB-2

2-channel controller-Starter DJ Controllers

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This one from Pioneer comes equipped with a 2-channel controller and large-sized job wheels which make DJ’ing a fun experience. The manual filter coupled with tactile performance pads help you spin music more adeptly. The MIDI controller, coupled with USB powered sound card helps transfer a file from computer to the DJ controller. All you need to have are some very basic desktop software requirements. Given that this is a Pioneer product.

If you go through this exhaustive list of those DJ controllers, you will come to understand that they are all come with only the basic and most required features, but even with add-on functions that are absolutely necessary for being a DJ nowadays. They all lie in a price range of $97 to $500, and therefore you have a very wide range of controllers to choose from. After it all depends on what you need. No matter which one you choose, it is always going to deliver awesome performance.

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