I wouldn’t necessarily say that my driving skills are wanting but I recently got involved in an incident that made me analyze the way I did a lot of things in my life. Now that we are approaching winter, I thought it best to get myself some tire chains. The slippery incident I had encountered earlier had involved a muddy area.

Snow basically covers a wider area and lasts for a longer duration of time. It is only logical that once bitten, twice shy, I was not going to risk getting involved in another hard to drive incident that would risk my life. Make sure to go through my review below and see what kind of tire chain would work best for you. Better safe than sorry. Skip to the best Tire Chain Amazon.

Top 10 Best Tire Chains Reviews in 2017 & Buyer’s Guide:

10. FMtoppeak Universal Thickening Car Tire Snow Chains

FMtoppeak Universal Thickening Car Tire Snow Chains

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This type of tire chains can be used in areas where the temperature has dropped down to minus 50 degree Celsius. This is because it has great resistance when it comes to low temperatures. The other reason that made me take an interest in them was the special fastener that the tire chains had.

This makes one feel extremely safe as well. This tire chain features a unique and versatile construction which gives it added convenience since it can work with all tires of width between 165mm and 265mm. I have been using these tire chains for quite some time and would recommend it for anyone who wants to have great results.


  • The tire chain can be used with tires that have a width of about 165mm-265mm.
  • They can be used with a speed of about 40km/h.

9. Autool Car Snow Tire Chains

Autool 10pcs/set Car Snow Tire Anti-skid Chains

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These tire chains come in a set of ten. I find that to be quite reasonable compared to the quantities the others come in. the tire chains are made from TPU material which is high tech and mixed. The tire chains happen to be 360 degrees, which enables them to move in, different, if not all directions.

You won’t even experience cases of slipping, since they are made of nail that is high in rigidity. The fact that it can be used without even affecting the ground makes this tire chain highly reliable. If you have been using any of those cheap tire chains and want to change to something better, then you should be trying out this great option.


  • They can be used without the ground ending up damaged.
  • They have a tensioning system that is easy to operate.

8. Peerless Truck Tire Chains with Rubber Tighteners, #222830

Peerless Truck Tire Chains with Rubber Tighteners

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These types of chains are very versatile, and that is part of why they made it to this review list. The Peerless tire chains can be used with a variety of light trucks and SUVs. If you plan to use these chains, the company recommends that you pre-install them first, to avoid ill-fitting and risking your safety too.

With rubber tighteners thrown into the bargain to spice up your purchase, you won’t have to worry about things like having to spend more money in purchasing an additional tightener. If you want to experience convenience on a whole different level, I believe you need to check this one out.


  • Your purchase will include rubber tighteners.

7. Quality Chain Volt LT Cable Tire Chains (QV757)

Quality Chain Volt LT Cable Tire Chains (QV757)

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These tire chains come with rubber adjusters, which is a plus. They have a design known as the diagonal cross cable, which is responsible for their ability to maintain the ride in a smooth manner. To enable you to keep them properly and for ease of storage, the tire chains come with a convenient plastic box.

The fact that these tire chains are sold in pairs makes these chains perfect since you won’t be visiting the market any time soon. Of course, the tough and durable construction is something else we need to consider when choosing these tire chains. These are a great option for anyone who wants to experience convenience and comfort.


  • The tire chains are sold in pairs.
  • They are SAE class S.

6. Security Chain Company QG2228CAM tire chains.

Security Chain Company QG2228CAM Quik Grip Light Truck CAM LSH Tire Traction Chain

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This is a very good bargain. The tire chains can be used for regular activities, heavy duty operations and even during the lowest of temperatures. The security tire chains come with a cam tool which will be accompanied with an instruction manual.

The purpose behind that is to ease the installation process for the buyer. The fact that they can be used as an alternative to cable chains makes these tire chains perfect and highly convenient. With the tire chains, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


  • They happen to be a good alternative to cable chains.
  • The tire chain’s dimensions are about 12.5 x 9.4 x 6.5 inches.

5. Glacier Chains H2816SC Tire Chain

Glacier Chains H2816SC Light Truck V-Bar Twist Link Tire Chain

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If you are looking for something strong, then you may be interested in this tire chain. It is made from carbon steel which is really tough and has been twist linked with a V bar that is welded. You will not have any issues when it comes to mounting because of the tire chain’s lever end fastener.

The great thing about it is that the tire chains have met all requirements by the state, for traction devices. The lightweight and compact design makes these tire chains perfect while the strong and sturdy construction guarantees added convenience.


  • The tire chains are very light.
  • They are very strong.

4. Baabyoo car safety tire chains

Car Safety Chains Cable Traction Mud Chains Slush Chains Snow Tire Chains

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This chains happen to be quite affordable. They are best suited for anyone looking for great, versatile tire chains on a budget. The great thing about them is that they perform really well. This can be in areas which are; snowing, muddy, sandy, or you are climbing, the Baabyoo car safety tire chains, will not let you down.


  • The tire chains can be washed using warm water.
  • Can be installed or removed with ease.

3. KonigXB16 SUV/Truck Snow Chain, Size 267

Konig 16mm XB16 SUV/Truck Snow Chain

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When you buy this tire chain, you will have gotten yourself a 5year warranty by Thule. The tire chains seemed very thoughtful. The reason why I say that is because, to have greater traction, the tire chains have links which are D shaped and dual-sided. Awesomely, that same feature has been known to extend the tires useful life.


  • The assembly points of the tire chain are color coded.
  • It can be used by both commercial and household vehicles.

2. Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chains

Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain for Passenger Cars

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If you have a car that has an operating clearance that is limited; this type of tire chain will be good for you. Compared to other tire chains in the market, it has an exceptional performance all round. The Security Chain Company SZ143 tire chains also have a higher rate of compatibility with brakes that are anti-lock and control of the traction.


  • It is compatible with a high number of control systems which are monitored electronically.
  • The tire chains come in a set of 2.

1. Konig XG12 Pro Deluxe Tire chains

Konig 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe SUV/Crossover Snow Chain

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The first place position goes to the Konig XG12 Pro Deluxe Tire chains. They have on the tread clearance and are capable of self-tensioning. In order for the chain to be perfectly tensioned, it has its own system that specifically caters to micro-regulation. The tire chain is also designed with its own special pattern, and double traction plates that have been welded, to increase its grip.


  • They come with a 5year warranty from Konig.
  • The tire chains measure 12 mm on the inside.

Factors to consider before buying tire chains:

  • Type of car: There are different types of tire chains. Be sure to choose one that will be compatible with the type of car that you have.
  • Size: Tire chains are also made for different types of tires, some are small and some are big. In order for the tire chain to work perfectly it needs to fit your car tire perfectly. Be sure to check both measurements before making your purchase.
  • Temperature: If the tire chain is meant for snowy days, ensure that it can withstand your locations climate, in order to serve you.
  • Traction: A good tire chain will serve you well by giving your vehicle the proper traction it needs at the time. This is a very important factor so be keen with it.

Buyer’s Guide:

Out of all the tire chains we have come across in the review list, none of them have been customized to the letter, to serve and to prevent problems even before they happened, like the Konig XG12 Pro Deluxe Tire chains. As far as tire chains go, we would definitely advice anyone looking to buy one, to get it and immediately experience the change and ease when using them. These tire chains also come with an install for self-centering, and an external quick release removal.

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