Kids need a good place

To store their toys. Every birthday, Christmas or special event, has their toy collection growing by leaps and bounds. One smart place to store your child’s toys in in one of the top 10 best toy chest storage boxes in 2020.

These toy chests bring lots of storage space. Your child can pick up all their toys when they are to clean their rooms. Plus, they will have no excuse for why they can’t pick their toys up and put them away.

Our toy chest storage box review

List Of Top 10 Best Toy Chest Storage Box in 2020

10. Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Chest

Melissa & Doug Wooden

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Nothing beats a good wooden toy chest storage box to house your child’s toy collection. Its 8 ½ cubic feet will handle the smallest and largest toys your child owns. Plus, its safety hinges protect their hands from any possible pinching.

After purchasing this toy chest storage box, all you need is a Phillips screwdriver to assemble it. In addition, its white color should not clash with your child’s bedroom décor. The solid wood construction makes this toy chest storage box durable and long lasting.

9. SONGMICS Lift Top Entryway Storage Chest


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With its safety hinges, the lid does not slam shut, hurting your child’s hands. The lid goes up and down slowly for safer use. Plus, for easier relocating to handle cutouts are on each side. These make carrying the box a lot easier.

Also, its simple but sturdy design fits right in with your interior decorating. Measuring 30 by 16 by 19” approx. in size, your child can fit more than toys inside this toy chest storage box. Clothes, and other items can find a good home as well.

8. KidKraft Austin Toy Box

Austin Toy Box - Espresso

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The chocolate espresso coloring adds a little depth to your child’s room. But if that isn’t your color, you can choose between a variety of color options. Beside being a toy storage box, your child can use it as a seat. The bench is strong enough to hold most children.

Also, the wood construction is both sturdy and durable an comes with a safety hinge to protect your child’s hands. Measuring approx. 30 x 18 x 19 inches in size, there should be enough room for all your child’s toys.

7. KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy

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The high back support provides good posture habits when you need to use this toy chest storage box as an extra seat. Or your child’s favorite stuffed animals can rest easily on top of the toy chest.

Also, measuring 33 x 29 x 17″ in size approx., your child should get most of their toys inside with ease. Removable castor wheels make relocating the box very easy to do. Plus, the solid hinges should last your child a long time even after frequent openings and closings.

6. Dibsies Modern Expressions Toy Box

Personalized Dibsies

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Make your child’s day by placing their name on their toy chest storage box. It is these little things that go a long way in raising your child. Plus, the 30 x 18 x 19” approx. dimensions provide plenty of storage space for your child.

Also, rounded corners help protect your child against accident falls against the toy chest. You also get safety hinges to protect your child’s hands when the open and close the lid. Plus, the wood composite construction materials meet American safety standards especially for lead and toxins.

5. Dibsies Modern Expressions Toy Box

Dibsies Modern Expressions

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This beautifully decorated toy chest storage box looks good and handles a lot of toys at the same time. Measuring 30 x 18 x 19” approx., the toy chest has round corners for safety.  Plus, the safety hinges work to keep your child’s hands safe.

In addition, the composite wood construction is strong and should last your child for many years. There should be no excuse for your child not to pick up their toys with this toy chest storage box around.

4. Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest

Little Tikes Primary Colors

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Made from durable plastic, this toy chest storage box has two removable bins hiding underneath. If your child needs extra room, these bins provide that extra storage space. Plus, the plastic construction should handle any treatment your child throws its way.

Also, the 6 cubic feet of space leaves your child to much room to pick up their toys and put them away. Then, the lid will come off if you want more open space for toys and protect your child’s hands.

3. SONGMICS Lift Top Storage Chest

SONGMICS Lift Top Storage

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Measuring approx. 20 by 16 by 23” in size, this multi-use toy chest storage box may be the right fit for your family. As your child grows, they can remove their old toys and use this box t store back packs or other older child things.

Also, its versatility means you can place this in any room or hallway where you need it. A safety hinge protects hands and the lid can double as a seat. Your children can take their shoes off with ease.

2. Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box

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Versatility is the key to being one of the best. This toy chest storage box can store toys and act as a table. Just take the removable lid off and your child can use it for a drawing table.

Plus, two removable bins provide more storage space and a lot more flexibility in your child’s storing habits. Inside, the box offers 4 ½ cubic feet of storage space. The top of the bin is divided to give your child even more storage room.

1. DIBSIES Dibsies Kids Toy Box

DIBSIES Personalization

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Show your child you care by putting their name on their very own toy chest storage box. These are not stickers but a very specialized way of adding your child’s name to the toy chest. You get up to 12 letters to use.

Also, the 33 x 18 x 16 3/4″ toy chest provides plenty of room for your child’s special items, including toys. A side magazine rack holds both over-sized books and magazines.

Some final words

A good solid toy chest goes a long way to making any childhood a little e more special. When you choose to go with one of the top 10 best toy chest storage boxes in 2020, you are making a statement to your child. They are worth the best.


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