You’ll see most of the individuals packing up their precious bikes on top of truck beds, or even strapping them onto the roof of the vehicles. Paint getting off from both your bike and the car is unavoidable as they hit upon each other and scratch all over. On rough trails, the noise generated from your bicycle bouncing and hitting your truck or car is going to uncomfortably be intolerable, and the possibility of someone simply stealing your bicycle from the truck bed is very high.

Luckily, having a bicycle rack, placing the bike on your truck is simple, it lessens the risk of your bicycle being stolen because the bicycles are fastened firmly on your frames. If you like speed, you may often hit the gasoline as you need minus hearing a noise from the rear of the truck. Below, find the top 5 best truck bed rucks in 2022 for you to choose from.

#1. Front Runner Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Roof Rack/Full Size Aluminum Off-Road Slimline II Cargo Carrier

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This bike rack is extremely economical in terms of space because it attaches to the truck’s bedside railing minus any holes or tools involved. All you receive are 2 mounts having ratcheting handles and a few D-rings in case you choose to utilize the mounts for fastening tie-down leashes. This implies that you may conveniently keep these adapted every time to ensure the security of your bicycle and yet maintain the essential cargo capacity within your truck. This rack is particularly versatile. Together with providing a safe mount for the bike it can be utilized to guard heavy loads preventing them from slipping about the truck bed.

#2. Thule Bed-Rider

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This rack is created by aluminium and a telescopic rod at its centre. Consequently, the rod features smooth rubber feet which keep onto your side rails of the truck. This completely removes the requirement of drilling some holes. You further get three Thule One-key clamp cylinders once you buy, in order for you to comfortably lock your bike onto the carrier and later this carrier itself into your truck. The maximum amount load is 2 bikes, or approximately 70 pounds, although you may mount extra bikes in case you get the Thule fastening bed-rider add-on block (which is sells individually).

This rack is about 53.2” in width and 7.8 by 2.8”. This implies that it’s particularly convenient to store while not being used. It weighs only 9.6 pounds which makes it simple to manage and it won’t influence the fuel economy in the case left into your truck. But, this rack isn’t agreeable to the over-the-rail bed liners.

#3. Pipeline Racks Truck Bed Bike Rack – Holds 4 Bikes

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This rack is an excellent pick for any person who possesses a pickup having a truck bed of at least 58.4” of width at the cab, because of the rack’s dimensions. As most truck bed racks, there’s no bolting or drilling required in fastening it into the vehicle – heavy-duty frame weight alone is going to take care of that. The rack weighs a moderate 37-pounds. There are a few assemblies needed before the installation, though the entire process ought to take you nicely less than an hour.

But, this rack can’t accommodate a bicycle with complete fenders. It’s further not created with kids’ bicycles in mind. However, the rack can accommodate the majority of children’s bikes and is going to be beneficial as they trade up for huge bikes.

#4. Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack for 2 Bike Carrier

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This rack is created to be fixed in only 2 minutes; which makes it excellent for your last minute journey. It may be utilized with or minus bed liners. So, this implies you can utilize it in almost any truck. The track weighs only 4 pounds. It measures 11.5 by 21.8 by 2.8 inches. Though intended to accommodate only 2 bicycles you ought to find there’s sufficient room to have 2 of your truck bed bicycle racks; allowing you to put 4 bicycles into the rear of the truck! This bicycle rack is created so that it can accommodate any given size and kind of wheel. Therefore, you don’t require to extract the wheel prior to you slotting it into place

This bike rail unit can be put anywhere within the bed of your truck allowing you a big deal of versatility; in relation to what else you’re transporting. The second bike is fastened to the first one by a strong bar. You may even buy extra bars to fasten a third and yet fourth in position! The bike rack doesn’t require you to go drilling the truck bed. What you require is a passage to the bottom and to the top of your bed rail.

#5. Apex Rage Powersports TBBC-4 4-Bike Pickup Truck Bed Bicycle Rack

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This rack can support one to four bikes which makes it an excellent pick for your family or just meeting your friends. It’s essential to know that the rack can just be utilized if the truck bed ranges from 52.75 inches to 73 inches in width. This rack weighs about 31-pounds and it measures only 15 x 15 x 25 inches. It’s designed particularly considering your truck size.

Additionally, this rack is constructed of steel tube that has been painted black. In return, this causes it to be durable but offers it a premium-quality finish. The rack is exceptionally simple to set up. Also, this rack is furnished with flexible stoppers and bolts. Further, it stands onto your truck bed. All you require is to unwind those stoppers until they rest upon the side of the truck.


Picking the ideal truck bed rack may be a daunting task. There are numerous racks available in the market. For this, you don’t need to always keep on replacing them. This review is meant to assist you to buy the very best out there. The above are the most ideal ones currently accessible in the market; certainly, you’re going to find one to fit your requirements. Don’t be influenced by the racks your friends utilize; their requirements are distinct from yours. Think carefully about the different determinants and later you can be sure that you will choose the best bike rack for your track bed.

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