Everyone knows how important a range hood is in the kitchen nowadays for many reasons. For example, keeping the kitchen clean and tidy among others. Anyone who has ever had to clean its kitchen knows the importance of having a range hood in the kitchen. It is unavoidable for grease, smoke, odors and bits of food to be released in the air when you are cooking. This is where range hoods help the most. But, there are literally thousands of varieties of range hoods available in the market. Which one to buy and which one to ignore?
Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of 10 best under cabinet range hoods today to help you choose the best range hood for your kitchen easily. Let’s see who made it to the top.

List of Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods 2017

10. Broan Evolution QP4 Series QP430SS

High Performance Under-Cabinet Range Hood

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This 30 inches 630 CFM Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood from Broan is super-quiet producing less than even 0.3 sones at normal and around 5.0 sones at higher velocity. This feature helps you in clearing out the smoke and all the unwanted odors in your kitchen without disturbing the peace and ambience in it. This range hood comes integrated with an LED clock-timer allowing you pace specific dishes along with providing delay-off and operating the hood to run 10 extra minutes after cooking. A 2-level medium light sensor turns on after sensing low brightness just to give convenience to the chef in the kitchen.

9. Kobe RA2830SQB-1 Premium Ra-028 Series

Under Cabinet Range Hood

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The RA2830SQB-1 Premium Ra-028 Series from Kobe is an under cabinet range hood that will ease your kitchen maintenance job. The range hood features high efficacy LED lights along with double horizontal squirrel cage Blower. The filter unit in Ra-028 is duct-free included with charcoal. Kobe RA2830SQB features an innovative design and can be easily installed under the cabinet. It also comes with a completely covered bottom casing to protect its interior from dust smoke, oil and grease. There are three fans in it with CFM between 280 and 680 and is perfect for a stylish kitchen.

8. Miseno MH70230AS

Professional Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range

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This simple yet classy range hood from Miseno gives you Dual Halogen Lamps which offers point-source lighting to shed bright shining light on your kitchen stove. The easy-to-install Miseno range hood allows you to install it yourself as it comes with trinkets like Quick-Lock and Keyhole mounting making installation a piece of cake. MH70230AS’s baffle filters last long and are brilliantly efficient. The filters don’t clog allowing optimum efficiency amid washings where dishwashers can also be easily cleaned. Miseno’s powerful 750 CFM variable-speed motor makes this range hood ideal for quick ventilation while also offering quiet peaceful operation along with powerful performance.

7. Broan RP230SS 30″ Rangemaster Elite Pro-Style

Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood

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This simple yet classy range hood from Broan packs powerful feature making it easier for you to maintain your kitchen. Its Dual-speed Rocker switch facilitates suitable speeding according to what you are cooking. The two halogen lamps provide bright light right above your cooking area and its surrounding. It also features mesh grease filters complete with Antimicrobial Protection which is safe for dishwashers too. RP230SS’s coating doesn’t let odor or odor causing bacteria to harm the filter and protects it to keep it cleaner in between cleanings. All this helps to keep your kitchen fresh for a long time.

6. Cosmo 30 in. Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

Vent Cooking Fan Range Hood

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This under cabinet from range hood is a beast by design, look and every other sense. It comes equipped with odor removing filters with carbon charcoal and best in class fans with a speed of 760 CFM and 3 motors. Cosmo’s ventilation hood dissipates all the bad odors being unbelievably quiet at the same time. Its 2 dishwashers and safe permanent stainless steel filters save all your money to be wasted on replacements. Cosmo 30” also comes with coated stainless steel and lightened touch controls along with LED lighting, digital display and 6 inch round exhaust vent included with a range of hardwares.

5. Blue Ocean 30″ RH76TUC Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Kitchen Range Hood

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The brand new Blue Ocean 30 inch RH76TUC Stainless Steel under cabinet range hood comes furnished with two motors increasing its suction considerably compared to others. The refined design with halo lights is perfect for a classy kitchen. Blue Ocean range hood holds the C-ETL-US certificate and is composed of optimum quality stainless steel. It also contains two stainless steel stump filters which are proficient in grease filtering. It is extremely friendly to dishwashers keeping your kitchen, its walls and carpets cleaner thus for saving huge in maintenance.

4. Broan APE130SS Energy Star Qualified Under-Cabinet Range Hood


 Under-Cabinet Range Hood


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Specifically designed for meeting the performance standards of today’s higher BTU traditional cooking appliances and the customer’s desire of an ENERGY STAR qualification, the APE Series features Broan’s latest pro-style range hoods which hold Energy Star qualification. This Broan product features combined Microban antibacterial protection with superior AP1 mesh filters for unmatched performance. The Microban tech helps to prevent the increase of odor causing bacteria which keeps the filters fresh for a longer time while also protecting the filter so it remains tidier in between cleanings. Broan-NuTone LLC has led this industry since 1932 and this range hood justifies their name and reputation.

3. Broan RP130SS Pro-Style Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Under-Cabinet Range Hood

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The RP1 series the latest addition to Broan’s stylish under cabinet range hood collections combining style with value. The RP130SS features duct only hood along with covered multi-speed blower control. Its deep 9-Inch height helps in excellent grease and odor entrapment while the dual-speed aficionado switch control helps in proper selection of speed according to what you are cooking. It provides superb illumination with two halogen lamps in it and its micromesh grease filters are safe for dishwashers too. An additional smart feature in RP1 is Heat Sentry which can detect disproportionate heat and adjust the speed accordingly by itself to ensure longer product life.

2. Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood


Under-Cabinet Range Hood


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Another Broan entry in this list, the 41000 series has been made to tough standards of Broan. It provides efficient filtration along with high performance and value. This range hood is available in a range of colors & dimensions and features a removable grease-charcoal filter for cleaner indoor ventilation. Its fans have been designed to last years with low maintenance and a protective lamp lens facilitates even distribution of light. Broan 412004 also contains control switches for activating lights and regulating fan speed. This range hood is capable of functioning in an ADA-compliant application.

1. Blaze Grills 42″ 2000 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood

Under Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel-Under Cabinet Range Hoods

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Taking the Numéro Uno spot here is the BLZ-HOOD from Blaze Grills with features such as canopy depth for maximizing the entrapment range of the hood and independent 1000 CFM 4 speed motors for unmatched removal of smoke. The adjustable halogen light lightens up the cooking surface. If you are looking for the best-in-class under cabinet range hoods, stop your search right here and order Blaze Grills BLZ right now. It deserves the spot of number one in this list as it is the best. Period!

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